Evidence to suggest that all we know maybe not as it seems, all we’ve learned maybe not be “as it is”, and all we know could just be the imaginations of the ruling elite in the name of control, greed and power. The ALTERNATIVE TRUTH!


Democracy means the bludgeoning of the people, by the people, for the people. –  Oscar Wilde: 1854-1900 Writer, poet and freemason.

The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting. – Charles Bukowski: 1920-1994   Poet, novelist, short story writer, playwright.

The government which was designed for the many has gotten into the hand’s of the bosses and their employers, the special interest’s. An invisible empire has been setup above the form’s of democracy. – Woodrow Wilson: 1856-1924  28th president of the United States.

It is not death or pain that is to be dreaded but the fear of death or pain. – Epictetus : AD55-135  Greek sage, Stoic philosopher ,  Roman slave.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. – John 1:1 ( a word is actually a sound, a frequency wave measured in Hz.)

                   Quick foreword : I have never been religious at all but If you happen to be verily religi0us to a devout  extent and are convinced and are happy with your faith then this blog and it’s info may not be for you to read and reference, on the other hand if you’d like to continue with your reading and find some fascinating info pertaining to a brief history and arrival at the future via orthodox judaism/christianity, reform judaism/christianity and the mystery religions (secret societies) and what it means please don’t take any comments made herein personal, they are just opinions; of someone who God refuses to save. I’m not against God, I’m actually all for him (he is a he isn’t he? or is he a she?hmmm, lets think about this; God, man, own image, yet it’s women who give birth, right. Yeah  well, God made Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden at first then a few days or so later he created Adam and Eve? (What? Again?. Genesis 1:27-So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. And then  a few pages later –  Genesis 2: 21-23 we have -And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof ; 22-“Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man 23-The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man. So you see, two Eves, amazing, da-da! now that’s magic….. but the Jesus story, well it doesn’t quite hold water does it these days, I’m sorry. And the new testament, well it is debatable at least in my opinion.  And in many others too I believe. Anyway I cant take credit for any info found on any links provided through any of my posts because I did not write or record that info, I am merely using this blog to direct you toward that info because it is relevant and essential for you to consider. Also in my topics of religion I have left out Islam, Hinduism and all the other eastern religions because they simply do not have control of the world in the same way as Catholicism and Zionism does along with the mystery religions. Mormons and Jehovas witnesses however are not even religion so I cannot take them seriously although they probably do have an effect on the balance of power somewhere and somehow through mystery religion so I would just regard them as occultic societies and never mention them again from now on because they also are not relevant; more of a joke I think, or some twisted Idea of some ancestral Freemason who wanted to be seen as deity styled incarnations by the gullible and the naive.      

Hmmm, The Pope/s, innocent pious old men of stout religious belief, or perverse old conmen living off the suffering of the many, and invented byone of the most ruthless of civilizations to represent the messiah that they had said they murdered in a sad moment of haste. Who knows? There is after all much evidence against Jesus Christ the son of our God (although it was only man who gave him that title in the bible, he never claimed that to be so himself, but he did call God his father, so does everybody who goes to church these days too) and absolutely no evidence for him except the word of some people whose apparent written words about the life of Christ only appeared in text on the scene some 200 years after the death of Christ. The proof is that the written word of the apostles (all different men) absolutely correlate and corroborate with one another although it’s not actually clear which John the three books of John were about as there where many Johns in the area during those times (according to the new testament that is , hmm maybe Obama might add what we could call “Another Testament” to the series, it sounds more original than the” Third testament” I think ). There is also uncertainty as to  who actually wrote the books of Timothy too. However, I don’t mean to sound blasphemous or anything but if a dictatorship wanted to control It’s people through a monotheistic religion using one of a multitude of messiahs, of that time, as the special one, 200 years after the special ones death then the scribe for the dictator could absolutely write what ever the hell he wanted, could he not? Furthermore he could write a whole volume of books and sign each one with a different name and say to the crowds, “wow look I’ve just found all these books but guess what, they all have the same story but are written by different people wow, scary shit man, look see, all the different names, now hurry up and do as your told or God is gonna get you,- look here it says in the other Bible that  also states don’t ever add anything to it either just like this new one does that  God said – “I will execute great vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes. Then they will know that I am the LORD, when I lay my vengeance upon them. Ezekiel 25:17-  now hurry up and go and get some more wine I’m gagging for a drink you scoundrel, and don’t forget what that big book says you hear, or there’ll be trouble I’m telling yer”… however the gnostics of the same period that had recorded everything they had learned and knew about the science of and the meaning of the olde testaments messages and of  their monotheistic religion of the time (hebrew) can actually be traced back to them at that time when they would have been written and that have a different message altogether yet nobody seems able to produce an original written copy of the gospels of Jesus, the most important documents possibly in the world ever, nobody can even produce copies of them from the time they are purported to have been written either, surely some of those documents would have been under lock and key and the stories within them not left to the realms of myth, you know being that they where fundamental (apparently) to the future existence and the past history of the entire human race and the planet he lived on.  It is said however that the original new testament scriptures that appeared where written in Greek and that Jesus spoke in his native tongue of Aramaic so what messages where there actually in the Bible that we could have understood anyway: Aramaic as a language has multiple meanings for it’s words so which meanings of Jesus’ words was the Bible compressed into and for who’s agenda? God’s, Jesus’ or the scribe that originally would have had to record them, and was the translation into Greek a smooth one? As for the gnostics, a splinter of Hebrew/Judaism, well that’s where the Qabala comes in to being and is said to be the scripture of choice adopted by many of the mystery religions so I would have to classify the gnostics as mystery religion too, not orthodox Hebrew/Judaism but more on that later. The point there is that the gnostics weren’t an original religion unlike Hebrew and Christianity.

 It was Pope Leo X who made the most infamous and damaging statement about Christianity in the history of the Church. His declaration revealed to the world papal knowledge of the Vatican’s false presentation of Jesus Christ and unashamedly exposed the puerile nature of the Christian religion. At a lavish Good Friday banquet in the Vatican in 1514, and in the company of “seven intimates” (Annales Ecclesiastici, Caesar Baronius, Folio Antwerp, 1597, tome 14), Leo made an amazing announcement that the Church has since tried hard to invalidate. Raising a chalice of wine into the air, Pope Leo toasted: “How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us and our predecessors.”-

The catholic church also preaches that it is the only correct Christian (Christ =The incarnate Son of God and the redeemer of the human race.) faith and that it is the original one yet this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIvbCoaRr7w– and that the Catholic church is here to help save mankind yet this-



 JERUSALEM (CNN) — Jewish officials in Israel and abroad are outraged that Pope Benedict XVI has decided to lift the excommunication of a British bishop who denies that Jews were killed in Nazi gas chambers.   “I believe that the historical evidence is strongly against — is hugely against — 6 million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler,” he said in the interview, which appeared on various Web sites since its broadcast. What do you think? “I believe there were no gas chambers,” he added. He added: “I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps, but none of them by gas chambers.” See this remark was later condemned by the Pope who later had to apologise to Jewish leaders on behalf of this once banned bishop but the fact that it was made and that the Pope seemed to not care that it was made until he was pulled up about it and that it has now enraged anti semitic accusations from Jewish officials and placed a bigger divide between these two leading western religions (apparently, supposedly) makes you wonder.

Before I introduce this presentation here are a few links (as seen on my profile page) for you to quickly flick through and get a rough Idea of the Interglobal plans of the PTB for our future with, in some cases as in the UN’s “Agenda 21 document, definitive timelines for specific phases to be completed in or by. At first glance the words you read can be taken with innocent intentions of well being but when you consider the direction of our global education, the economy, agriculture and environment, the flavour of big commercial business  along with it’s direction also and the merciless corruption within our banking systems and political agendas whilst all the time being glued together by a religion, a somewhat seemingly fanatical, aggressive, fantasy styled nonsensical drama that could have been developed by the likes of Walt Disney. I don’t recommend that God is unreal and religion is false in anyway here but as religion is laid out for us to see and possibly believe it almost tastes like some kind of fantasy adventure novel that opposes any realistic thoughts of seriousness and acceptability, religion has left itself open to attack and should therefore be prepared to accept other views and opinions that understand not the views that may be posed or purported by religion itself  and which may appear to undermine it whilst merely seeking more solid concrete and definitive answers as to what religion really expects and why the path to enlightenment can only be taken via a proxy servant of the lord such as a saviour, pope, reverend, priest/high priest or other adepts in the prevailing cults of westernized society:

John 14:6-Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”.

I have questions for our western godhead, if he is who he is surely he cannot blame a person for being a sinner because of the DNA they have inherited which may or may not have been tainted because of the actions of a common ancestor immediately after the time of purported creation some thousands of years ago, a person who had never came to know the saviour but may may have lived a good life like an angel but has been denied access to some special existence of glory and therefore condemned to eternity in flames for not ever knowing there even was a God whilst on the other hand you have experienced rapists, murderers, warlords and the like who have been accepted because they may have gone through their ministers or the saviour himself (god is a man,,,,,right?) in order to be saved from persecution by accepting God/Jesus/Holy ghost (crumbs!!!) as the supreme creator and agreeing on his special terms. I say if there is a God then his message has been severely corrupted  and tampered with and that what we now get taught about him is simply not true. Why should anybody be expected to have to pay to see God or to live in heaven if God loves all no matter what they have done? The story just doesn’t hold water for me but it is the story that has been thrust upon the world (often against it’s will causing the brutal death of countless millions) by the dominating forces of the most developed nations that claim to know that God exists and that he is good. Also are we now to believe that modern documentations and doctrines (Agenda 21 could be viewed as  a bible in a few hundred years from now), just like the bible and other works written throughout history, are the truth just because they are written? Are our rulers now in the 21st century all of a sudden truthful and pure and just, and think of the future of others and not of the profit they can glean from others so that they can live high lives in control of others just like the rulers of the thousands of years that came before them? It’s obvious that Judaism came first as a religious philosophy and Christianity came into being a lot later with a messiah claiming or being proclaimed to be the king of the Jews, maybe as competition to Judaism and maybe because the old testament left such a loophole in it’s teachings that this competition was allowed and thus gives credence to the will of the state to control it’s people. Because Judaism did come first and is arguably the original religion that supports one God then the accusation that state control of some form was practiced by the originators of such a religion may ring true. Early evidence of mass mind control in action you could think. Or this is the story we are told at least by the very inventors (or so it seems) of God, or the chosen people whom God decided to take under his wing and look after and give the secrets of all things including promotion too (as long as they spend all their time with their heads buried in a book giving themselves no time to form any sort of resistance). Maybe God did talk to Moses or even the Pharaoh Akhenaton and tell them some stuff, let’s look into this.

It’s not hard to be cynical about certain report’s when it comes to religion/theology and if you view them with any amount of scepticism will soon be able to read the potentialities of these seemingly innocent reports by reading between the lines and trying to understand all possible outcomes and scenarios other than the ones handed to us, remember that red  sweets taste a lot like strawberry on account of their colour, were they yellow in contrast then one may be confused as to what flavour they actually were without some sort of  a hint. On the other hand, if you trust the world financial organisations, your governments and religion then this post is not for you to read unless you seek to try and more understand reality as it REALLY is.

The Powers That Be-PTB:-


Agenda 21: UN report for sustainable global development (remember that the UN was created by the west, namely US & EU before being introduced to ( forced upon) the world):-



What does Agenda 21 mean to you?:-


The official report-http://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf

The Tavistock Institute: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is a British charity concerned with group behaviour and organisational behaviour.


Notice the funding by the “Rockefeller Foundation” in this Wikilink:-


Official Tavistock report concerning education, the area needed to be exploited in order to have control of a future (for those unaware pedagogy = the art and science of education):-



This one is important, please take the time to study the next two link’s carefully, nothing needs to be read between the lines here. It is blatant.


Now tell me this link doesn’t scare the hell out of you, bearing in mind that eugenics has (apparently) been abandoned and has (apparently) been outlawed and shunned because of the crimes involved in it’s implementation, and the inefectiveness in forwarding humanity anyway thus causing it to be (apparently) internationally prohibited on the grounds of genocide and mass murder among other things. And now think about the world you see around you and what the direction of that world is leading towards.

Official eugenics website:-


I won’t bother linking you to the interglobal plans to fit every developed home around the world with smart meters for utilities, you could just google that, it’s widespread knowledge, and that these smart meters are going to be one day- public access wi-fi hotspots although you don’t HAVE to have one yet. Their pushing them on us but as of yet you can refuse to have one until you’ve learned a little more about them. I’ve only really mentioned them to raise a little awareness because the surprisingly striking thing about them is that it’s a worldwide global operation, it almost seems like their trying to create some sort of network for some reason. Anyway see my link to “Resonance beings of frequency” for some very interesting but startling info on wi-fi implications. Hit this link for the trailer –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtn6guAjGY4 – the full documentary is somehow surprising but in another sense not surprising.


My story will take us from the beginnings of  religion, which is where our modern life of so called civilization started,   and briefly as well as comprehensively tell us the real real story of our history. What achievements we have made are indeed more than remarkable, what uses we have made from our achievements are not less than sinister. We (meaning the PTB of the ages supported by us, or at least the majority) have allowed our world to be shaped by the despots, the wrong doers, the ones that would sacrifice us in an instant without revolution. The script is being played out as purported by the script (why would you suppose its called the” script”-ure ) of a BOOK  that was written millennia ago. This book surely wasn’t predictive, think about it, how could it be, by magic? I’m not saying there is no higher intelligence than us, or there is no creator or whatever or that spirituality doesn’t exist and can’t be used, maybe it does.  I’m suggesting the logical fact that we make our own doing but I’m not taking away from the spark of life or energy that exists within us all, for all we know that surely is magic, hmmmm consciousness. I’ve wanted to say this for ages but think about it, our spark is obviously energy and we all know that energy is heat, we go cold when we die, that energy of us is lost, but where to? we all know that heat rises, so when we die where does our heat go? must be somewhere, that remaining dispersing heat of us must have something of us within it, so I am open to spirituality or super consciousness or the great consciousness of the one, as some have put it, this is our mystery. We know  if we’re being good or bad so that is up to us. We feel good when we’re good and bad when we’re bad so it doesn’t take much thought on what we should do as people. Be nice that’s all. Everything that has ever happened happened in cycles, FACT. You or anyone could make a prediction now (judging from past events over known past events) that you could safely assume may happen again in the future, you don’t have to name a date, but you would have to have support to see your imagination makes it  into the future. Better still if you’re already a figurehead, you could powerhouse you’re thoughts through the people that already believe in you, you could just be what we call in our modern day “a Blagger”,  or an imaginitive liar, or an out and out daydreamer, but with power and popularity that “blag” could become the truth as seen through the eyes of a people who are looking for explanation, a people who through insecurity wish to be led and are willing to accept a reason, a people who would accept fear as something to be reckoned with and something not to be questioned. Make your people afraid and they will do whatever you want if you have the answers to their fears, if you can postpone their fears and if you could cure their fears (or at least tell them you can), although the answer would only truly be revealed at the end of ones life, so with faith and belief in this suggestion fear not as your just reward will come in another life, in another dimension with other laws of physics for ever and ever and in a different time if you obey the laws laid out before you. With this you can enslave a group, with a group you can witness to the masses, a nation, a civilisation and a population. Your ideas can become radical but revolutionary and popular. Many groups have already done this in the past, the Egyptians, the Hebrews, the Romans and the secret societies, but many more groups have splintered from these groups into the world’s religions and faiths, the world’s beliefs and knowledges and ideas have been mashed together and then torn apart, torn into little pieces in a way that trust between the populace has been breached, we’ve created allies and enemies and nobody knows the real truth although all civilisations will fight to the death to prove that they do. Superiority becomes a desirable state for the wealthy and the greedy and the power mad despots of the world, inferiority becomes an accepted  state for the meek and the weak and the mild and the hungry and poor, the desperate, all in the name of control and survival. I would further suggest that few peoples exist where the lost knowledge of ownership has been recollected or reformed and that that few people wish to exert their newly restored knowledge upon us through control and power. Social engineering is a way of life for the power mad dogs, the despots that simply wish to sit at the top of a pyramid of poor hungry slaves of deprivation, to suck the energy from this pyramid in order to feed their greed and the need to be revered as gods at the cost of peace and harmony. It’s simply that simple. With that i’m also not saying  that  the bible (old testament) was wholly wrong either, modern science has proved it to be a true document of historic events together with the consistent stories of the bloodlines of people (along with archeology and theology and philosophy plus theory [science by the way is only theory]) during the times it was actually documented. The olde testament it seems was made from the ideas and stories and beliefs of a people and a system that preceded it as most beliefs are, it is an idea and a story that has been somewhat modified with newer ideas and beliefs. Whether or not any of these ideas where divinely inspired by gods or devils I cannot tell you, or even tell you just who these supernaturally supposed other worldly, other realmly deities may have been. I can say though “just be good” and you will be treated as such for the most part and if you are to be “bad” you will be treated as such for the most part also. That is the truth and if there exists other desirable or undesirable dimensions for us to be given abode in after our physical lives then we can safely say that at least we made OUR OWN BEDS. If their are no other dimensions or lives but this one then at least we’re treated as we treated others. Simple, but according to our knowledge of the laws of nature then everything has an opposite, every action a reaction and we might assume confidently that karma indeed will be a factor in our lives natural or supernatural so the intent for us has to be to be good and just and truthful to get the most out of our lives or afterlives (should another life exist). So you see, it doesn’t matter that there’s a heaven or not, if we all are good then there is nothing for us to worry about, but now it’s not so simple because we all are not good are we, nope, and now we are lost but not without hope. The PTB now need to consolidate all our fractured splintered insecure societies and civilisations into one (just as the Romans attempted to and had/have very nearly succeeded) in order to reign supreme and truly divvy up their post’s as god’s, demi- god’s, leaders, rulers, emperors, ministers, priest’s, high priest, viziers, controllers and so on etc. That Idea is humanities ultimate goal and it’s sick, we’re sick (mentally, socially unhealthy that is), we have left the beaten path and to that path we need to return but have lost it somewhere, it’s frightening. Everybody want’s to be somebody’s boss nowadays so to speak, WTF? And that is how the individuals who make up the PTB of the ages have survived, because it’s a big competition to see who can make it to the big time, who can become the boss (again so to speak), or at least a supervisor, wholst most would be more than content to be the team leader or even employee of the month if it meant they’d be a part of the PTB syndicate and remove themselves from the helpless majority of  society that are forced to prop these PTB up, the ones that suffer. I know people with 2 or 3 jobs, people who are nearly kiling themselves (literally) by racking up 80-90 hrs a week in order to receive the income that’s going to keep their head’s above water (so they seem to think) and keep their families lives afloat in the tsunami that is life-modern life, and it’s only going to get worse because the consolidation of societies can only mean a New World Order in order to be workable, with this our choices would have to diminish even further, our liberties would have to be even more capped and what freedom is left will have to be reigned in and monitored. It’s horrible when you think about it, with all our hours of work there really isn’t that much freedom left and the nations that can’t sustain a workforce well, they’re starving to death and religion gives us hope there because God loves poor poor struggling oppressed people doesn’t he so it’s alright, this is what we’re being spoonfed but remember there can be only one God, he doesn’t like to share power so we need to think about our religions wisely. Poppycock. Me, I’m a non believer but i’m trying to be as good as I can, i’m satisfied with the way I’ve lived my life, a few ups and downs, it’s my thoughts I can’t control though, but nobody can (or can they? even more to the point, do they?). It doesn’t matter what you think, it’s what you do that makes you good or bad, your thoughts are extremely powerful and difficult to control. You can’t be nasty because of your thoughts, only because of your actions just like thinking you are good doesn’t necessarily make you good, it’s your actions that determine your goodness. With my life I have no enemies apart from my government the same as everyone, but people on the otherhand who don’t strive to be good will have many enemies, it go’s without saying, and with this will undoubtedly have many problems whereas I, the only problem I have is my job. However if God is as just as the world says then as a bonus, at the end of my life and after I’ve died then surely i’ll be invited to heaven, what a plus, to have a nice easy life (i’m by no means rich, I have a job that pays just above minimum wage, I’m not greedy so I don’t bother with overtime, me and my family have simple lives so don’t need lot’s of money to keep  us clothed, fed and warm, we get the basics and live well, we have treats from time to time, we are not in debt and don’t purchase what we can’t afford) and receive nice easy treatment and then get invited to a paradisical utopia to carry on living even after I’ve died, although I would in this paradise have to worship, pray and offer benefit’s to my master in order to earn my keep and be loved, hmmm, is that better than burning for eternity, have to think about that because I’ve been told before by a firerescue worker that when you burn you apparently only feel the pain for 3-4 mins and after that your entire nerve system has been destroyed so would no longer feel any pain before you died altogether. I suppose heaven is the place to go though because at least i’d be loved.

I would however say our history has within itself mysteries known only to a few. It is mind boggling, Do your own research and see for yourself. Then tell everyone else!

Our known (told) history is very strangely and unbelievably peculiar, tangled beyond recognition and even more so our modern learned and seen history that we seem to have immersed ourselves into almost ignorantly, it  is bizarre and our modern reality too is bizarre. Where did it all go wrong? I think you’ll be the judge of that once you’ve been informed with the info laid out before you on this post. I can give you the facts, the ideas and the links for you to help you start your own research  and reference the available material for yourself (although soon the internet, with it’s unlimited sources of  information, misinformation and disinformation will soon probably be censored in the name of putting to an end the copius amounts of pornography that the PTB have washed it with just for that purpose but for now good and bad info is available) but I cannot judge for you, however,  I can tell you what I think though  or what I don’t. The biggest and most absurd  question is – does it have anything to do with ALIENS or E.T.’s? Answer NOOOOOOooooo! or at least I don’t think so, you decide, or maybe there are aliens and there is God but that I am simply too unfortunate to have had those experiences or I’m the only sane person who has never had those revelation’s. There are just too many questions with no answers and even more questions with poor answers, so why is this? I would suggest that our whole lives are being lived at the mercy of smoke and mirrors  that are projected at us by the ones that want us to keep the ball rolling for them. I should also suggest that we “believe the lies rather than the truth” but having said that let me try to show you “the real truth“.

Unbelievable stuff      –     http://bluebrain.epfl.ch/page-56882-en.html

Synthetic brains and brain simulation. Very clever. I’m sure someone deserves a pat on the back for this. Some very interesting links here and a short history of how we arrived at todays problem.

Mind transferal is big money should it be achieved! Or should it?

Exciting you would think, but but could it be more sinister than it sounds? Possibly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Brain_Project   Programmed and carried out on the very excellent I’m sure, but safe to place our future in i’m not so sure, “Project Blue Gene” the supercomputer series that mapped out the human genome in it’s infancy, it’s now on it’s third model. –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Gene You see, I fear the craziness and the absolute evilness that some of the U.S. governments top scientists (not to mention those happy folks at the Pentagons DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency) will not be able to control themselves when thinking about the applications of such projects -DARPA>? http://usahitman.com/dchecmss/ – It’s hard to imagine the Implications beyond our control that are happening now as I type this (these links are old btw, google yourself to see whats what in  realtime) – http://usahitman.com/dwetm/. Digitization of the mind, trans-humanization of our people. We have insane people all around the world that are just cackling behind the scenes with the stupid ideas they are bringing forth to be used by such powerful technology as the Blue gene project (this is  random I know but one little thing that could be done by the use of a regular everyday PC  (let alone a supercomputer) is this as well by the way , if you have the know how- http://www.popsci.com/technology/gallery/2013-04/10-ways-hackers-could-ruin-your-day-right-now – I know, pretty mind blowing). Their gonna tell us they’re just doing some safe, watered down useless stuff really with this modern super fast processing power at the cost of millions and that they only   hope to find out stuff like “errr yeah this computer sure is powerful folks, yeehar!”. Through “Blue gene” they have created impossible technologies, magical technologies – http://usahitman.com/ctcarjpo/ and what about this – http://usahitman.com/nsobpammc/ And “don’t worry” they’ll say, we wont understand, can’t understand what they’re doing for our own protection –http://usahitman.com/tattomc/ . All the stuff they learn’t about the human mind from mind control experiments, evil tests, on the public and military, unwilling and unsuspecting victims that have trusted these people, these monsters. Tests on people they went as far as to literally kidnap, whip them up from the streets, the vulnerable and the frail, the children they used, it makes you sick, people who made regular visits to their local doctors and got mixed up in some lunatic government experimental project unwittingly, prisoners that had national debts to pay and so were less than human anyway and had these people known the whole program and it’s implications, the idea behind it’s method, they would have probably said no if they weren’t very learned and definitely said no if they were learned, people who offered to give their lives for their country and who’d survived the tortures of war, had proud stories to tell of their survival and then ended up losing the life they knew anyway after being caught up in the “necessary“? whirlwind of “routine”? postwar practice that the ever-caring CIA (formerly the OSS-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Office_of_Strategic_Services-) had in store for them. What these so called psychiatrists of the CIA bestowed upon these people is far worse than torture surely.  Beyond evil with no mercy, we couldn’t imagine the feelings of some of these poor people (other experiments would have gotten away with nothing more than memory tests, injections, and forced or unwitting minor drug use but these wouldn’t have been the majority). It’s disgusting, it’s inhuman surely – http://usahitman.com/nsobpammc/. It is evil. And all the info they gathered from frantically experimenting on all types of people from all walks of life for over 20 years (what? and then knocked it on the head? all of a sudden? after pouring all that money into it? hmm that makes sense) and they’re just going to upload it onto these insanely powerful and super fast supercomputers with projects and programs and applications so far ahead of their (our) time it’s unbelievable – http://www.artificialbrains.com/blue-brain-project. Along with all the info from the reality tv shows like Big Brother, which is filmed in many many countries, a large slice of the population of modern civilization, and along with all the info and personal details of social network sites like Facebook etc and through the ever bulging, pulsating, controlling, surveying monster that is Google, their computer needs models of actual people with actual habits and ideals with which to base it’s artificial brains lifestyles on. Then their gonna turn to us and say  “look you mere inferior people, at what we’ve created, what we’ve achieved, yes we are the gods! and it’s thanks to  you, we couldn’t have done it without you (literally) and your taxes so keep working, keep miserable and be stressed out, get depressed and we’ll give you chemicals that will take away the aches and pains, we’ll give you healthcare to make you feel like we’re making you feel better but keep working, come home to your pigeon hole at the end of your working time and have a little me time, fixate on the square box that you bought and watch the programs we’ve set up for you (emphasis on the word program), yes we’ll tell you how to live, we’ll nanny you ‘cos we care, we will control you for you so you don’t have to bother, we love you, join the club and p.a.y.e. your way, collect your wage and  keep spending, we’ll give you toy’s to play with in exchange for your wealth, our wealth, and we will march into the future together – http://www.humanbrainproject.eu/vision.html – , and if it stinks we’ll make sure we’re alright cos we got paid well for doing it, with your money, cackle!” All around the globe now in many countries I can see technologies emerging that are gonna require more than just simple buttons to operate, more even than simple speech. I’ve seen PC tablets that are actually brain powered, no word of a lie. Already chips and microchips and the like are being designed and made to aid us with things like extra sensitive awareness and alertness, neuron connectors and cortex  nodes, goggles and hats, eye pieces and touch pads for the skin, sensors for your hands and synthetic muscles, crazy accessories that we don’t need before everyone is fed surely, and these are just the commercial gadgets that have come to light along with the new breed of data collecting smartphones,that are being touted as “personal life companions” or “assistants”,  the military have far more advanced stuff – http://usahitman.com/ctcarjpo/ – and robo-soldiers yay – http://usahitman.com/dchecmss/ ( and what we can observe now is tech that the military was using about 30 years ago so our tech goes way beyond the observable)- Oh and we’ll buy the commercial gadgetry. We’ll risk our homes and other necessities to make sure we have the things that we don’t need, the most expensive things that would have rendered us as gods in times gone by. And the people  that can afford them will goad us with them for their own ends and their own power trips as part of the class system that has been set up in order for us to compete and establish ourselves as superior and to attract more competition and thus create the best possible workforce. And even they will compete with one another in their own self satisfied league of greed as they swagger with the latest most fashionable gimmicks creating the illusion for everyone else to see and say to themselves “yeah! maybe one day i’ll have one of those to show off with and gain false respect (or attract crime to further terrorise us –http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/terrorise ), one day if  I knuckle down and work my fingers to the bone I can lend and then spend, maybe that would make me happy”. Ever wondered why the basic processed foods are very often the cheapest things? Because were greedy and cheap shitty aspartame addled food is even cheaper to produce on an industrial scale so we can afford to eat that stuff at least. But if we like organic, well it’s available but you gotta pay through the nose for that stuff, the good stuff, or grow it yourself which can actually be quite fun but the PTB don’t want us to do that, they like us to eat processed, it creates wealth and it interferes with our bodies natural balance, you know the sweeteners, aspartames containing phenylalanines  that we have along with sacharins, the chemicals responsible for many conditions that were never anywhere near as prevalent in young children before we started gorging on aspartame based foodstuffs, the chemicals that interupt your brainwave frequencies, the ones that are known to lower your IQ and make you appear docile or on the other hand make you appear frantic or desperate for attention or turn your kids into raving lunatics- ADD & ADHD being just a couple of these conditions – http://members.iimetro.com.au/~hubbca/aspartame.htm -. Hey, yeah, groovy, I remember the world turning to “nutrasweet” in the 80’s whoopeee! Sugar, the most addictive taste known to man, replace that with mind altering chemicals that are sweet and your 1/2 way there if you wanna control the masses. FLUORIDE, oooer! Scary shit! Do you know how fluoride is produced? because the stuff we’re familiar with isn’t naturally produced, no sirree. In fact extremely little amounts of fluoride is naturally produced. It’s a dangerous chemical and  it’s a poison. A major poison. In fact it’s so poisonous that it is officially labelled as a dangerous contaminant, a radioactive contaminant –http://australianfluorideaction.com/the-dangers/radioactive-fluoride-in-water/  ( an ecological disaster waiting to happen and it’s extremely expensive to get rid of the stuff). Fluoride is produced in the wet scrubbers – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wet_scrubber – used in the production of commercial fertilizers, you know the stuff that fertilizes 90% of our planets crops of which only around 50% give or take a few percent actually receive the desired effect of fertilization as designed and expected by the developers of this high nitrogen fertilizer and of which 1/2 remains in the soil (unused) and the other 1/2 is harvested with the crop regardless of whether or not the crop is actually bountiful. This fertilizer that is produced worldwide in every single country for every single farmer is literally only around 50% effective. It really is a bit of a long shot compared to the result it provides. Well anyway during the wet scrub process fluorine gas is produced which when caught by the wet scrubbing device is in turn reduced to fluoride. A highly toxic element that is extremely expensive to dispose of when compared to the cost of producing the fertilizer and the profit made. It can’t really be disposed of safely. Other industries including the metal manufacturing industry produce fluorides that have to be dumped at expensive toxic waste dumps to the detriment of the environment, however, fertilizer produced fluoride is the most concerning as it’s the fluoride that is poured relentlessly and mercilessly into water supplies around the world as people are told that fluoride is good for oral health. And it is, that is to say when it is topically applied. Fluoride essentially causes calcification to soft tissue so where it is applied to the dentine of the tooth (enamel) it forms tiny little crystals that reinforce the dentine and in effect toughens your teeth. That is how fluoride works as a dental hygiene benefit. The phosphate fertilizer industry produces untold amounts of this extremely dangerous chemical that has to be disposed of, industries are not allowed to dump this stuff locally, to do so would be illegal anywhere. The reason why is because it contaminates the soil for miles around and causes death to any livestock that grazes off the land that it has contaminated.  It kills wildfowl and any other wild animals that may eat or drink from the land it has infected. It is not allowed to be dumped into rivers like other waste because it will kill all the fish and marine life for miles around wherever it may travel to, it is poisonous because that is how it is officially classed, as a POISON! Fluoride is a big deal. Expensive to get rid of. It’s main title in the industry is “highly toxic industrial waste”, but however, if you sell something that something is no longer classed as waste no matter how poisonous, it has become a product with a value, a commodity, something wanted. So that is exactly what happens to our fertilizer produced fluoride, it is sold, who to? yup that’s right the water industry who tell us that they care and want us to have healthy visually pleasing teeth so they’re giving us some fluoride, for free –http://www.fluoridealert.org/articles/phosphate01/  , although the fertilizer guys will pay the water guys to buy it from them. As I said fluoride is only good for your teeth when applied directly to your teeth, it’s no good if you ingest it, it toughens soft tissue because that is one of the toxic effects that it has, calcification. Apart from any other detrimental effect that it can have on your body through calcification it also calcifies the pineal gland in your brain where it ends up after it’s journey through your body. Your pineal gland is located in the centre of your brain and is responsible for the regulation of chemicals to and from and within your brain, it is responsible for creativity and is also your third eye so to speak- your minds eye, it is the part of your brain that develops IQ, it is much needed but if it is calcified and toughened up through crystal formation within itself it is no good anymore, I mean it can not operate at optimum performance because it has been physically damaged and has become weakened in it’s ability. In short flouride reduces your IQ, slows you down mentally as it retards your brains activity, it could even potentially cause you to become insane to an extent and I’m sure now you can imagine all the other implications that are opened up. Yeah, flouride , good for your teeth, what a hoot –http://www.fluoridedebate.com/history.html . Let me put it this way as demonstrated by the guy in the link below. If you went on holiday to a hot country and wanted to enjoy some time in the sun whilst getting yourself an admirable tanned colour, you would definitely remember to bring your ambre solaire along with you, and in order to get the benefit of this sun screen would you eat it? No , thought not. You would apply it to the area that is to be treated with this product and so the same goes for flouride, it has to be directly applied to recieve the desired benefits. Also with water fluoridation you have to remember that you are being administered a chemical that is supposed to be beneficial to your health much like a drug. That is what we get told. Now on your toothpaste tubes you get your daily allowance of fluoride written down and measured in parts per million, the reason it is measured in parts per million is because of it’s toxicity, you only need a teeny weeny bit for it to have negative results, you will also notice on your toothpaste tubes a warning that says something to the effect of – use a pea sized amount for children under 6, contact your physician or a poison control center if ingested. And when you go to your doctors for a prescription certificate to get your lifesaving drugs, chemical or not, and you go to the pharmacist and say hey, the doctor says I can have as much of this drug as I want, give me the lot, what do you think your pharmacist will say? Right, the pharmacist will either think your crazy or won’t believe you because doctors don’t prescribe unlimited amounts of drugs because that would be dangerous and could potentially result in death, or the pharmacist will say no because it’s too dangerous; our drugs in our pharmacies ARE designed to be ingested. So with water fluoridation what you have to think and be careful of is the dosage. How much fluoride is in the water and how much water will you drink. This has got to be the main problem of water fluoridation besides the actual fluoride being in the water in the 1st place. As explained in the youtube clip, somebody that would secrete on average a high amount of sweat each day due to activity ie: a soldier or an athlete, the safe recommended dose of fluoridated water according to the amount of fluoride in the water would be equivalent to one small glass of water each day –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkuHo2xFJr0– . Hitler also used fluoridated drinking water during WWII to control the Jewish prisoners of war and to subdue them, before they were gassed,  putting off any thoughts of rebellion. Fluoride is used to make rat poisons and is also an active ingredient in various anti-depressants. It can cause cancers when ingested and should be treated carefully and with caution when used to brush your teeth. Click link for info on how to remove fluoride from your tap water, remember it’s poisonous with elements of arsenic so single filtration won’t be adequate – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-cPm-raaqI– There appear to be lot’s of other chemicals making their way into our food supply that have had either little or insufficient testing for them to ultimately be called safe. Ok, aspartame is the worst offender along with monosodium glutamate (actually a super concentrated derivative of table salt believe it or not, which isn’t good for you either.) but there appear other things like BHT’s (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) which happens to be a rocket fuel ingredient and is used in the production of petroleum rubber, this is poisonous too, HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) can cause tissue damage that could possibly lead to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. There are lots of additives that have been entered into our food supplies in the name of profit that have only been passed as safe to enhance the financial status of big corporations without actually knowing for certain that they are safe. Some of these additives have their roots within a naturally occurring  ingredient within a naturally occurring plant until they have been processed (that doesn’t sound natural) where after the final product containing such ingredients can and does get passed off as being a healthy natural product to the extent that companies would emblazon this fact on the front of the packaging of their product  in lettering so big as to rival the size of the lettering in the actual brand name – CONTAINS NATURAL INGREDIENTS.  Xylitol, Sorbitol added to most of our child friendly gum’s, sweets, toothpastes, mouthwash’s and other stuff. I mean what are these NATURAL INGREDIENTS?  Well, they are laxatives, occurring as alcohols found  naturally in sugar and some fruits, upto 1000 sweeter than sugar and, hey LOW FAT, LOW CALORIE, but what would you have to do to sugar to extract an ingredient from it that is both low calorie and 1000 times as sweet as itself? NATURAL? – (the  1st particalur link does’nt contain facts on Xylitol & sorbitol, but the next ones do.  Xylitol and Sorbitol    are not particularly dangerous ingredients to the average food unsensitive person but as laxatives they mess around with your innards and overdosing on them can cause severe disruption and stomach cramps along with diarrhea) Check this link for facts  on dangerous additives – http://saveourbones.com/12-dangerous-ingredients/  Check the wiki link for Sorbitol facts – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorbitol or this scary shit –http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/568700  and for Xylitol (scroll down to safety and dogs, no KNOWN toxicity for humans, like yeah sure, have they done all the PROPER tests on humans, over LONG periods of time? Cos’ I know a few spoonfuls of Xylitol  is enough to kill a rat (a preferred lab test victim to see if foodstuffs are safe for humans)  – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xylitol how safe is it? – http://www.naturalnews.com/022986_xylitol_health_sugar.html– This is surely a low level form of chemical warfare against the people, we don’t need these chemicals…… do we? But they do seem to be being enforced on us. wtf?  Is it cheaper to grow a few veggies  or to pay scientists top whack for extracting and  messing around with stuff until they get the desired proportions of elements that exist within foodstuffs to feed to us, or pay scientists top whack to figure out how to  legally dispose  of  unwanted toxins at a cheaper rate than throwing it in the bin? These people are charging us for throwing their own shit away, and not only that , their charging us for throwing their shit away but actually feeding that shit back to us to make a profit. We’re buying their rubbish when we wish to treat our kids,  Cunts. Ok, so you’ve got a sweet tooth and you care about dental hygiene, whats wrong with brushing  your teeth. So you’ve got a sweet tooth but your concerned about your weight, whats wrong with exercise? Does anyone object to these simple measures, exercise can be fun if you centre it around games and stuff so why would our governments permit the use of synthetic chemicals  in our food supply to supposedly  make us healthier ? Do they just simply want us to consume them? So your concerned about diabetes and you’ve got a sweet tooth, hmmm not that tough to consider fruit and the many ways you can utilise it to come up with different recipes for it’s use as a confectionary. Fruit the very ingredient that a lot of our additives seek to replace bewilderingly. Why would our governments allow big corporations to trick us into ingesting them? for money? maybe these companies should consider selling fruit and sugar then. The mind boggles. What about Soy products, very high in protein, low fat and with other health benefits and a perfectly natural plant. Only apart from the fact that over 80% of soy beans produced worldwide are genetically modified (thus nullifying their natural status) but still passed off as natural ingredients in everything from veggie products to low fat foods. Soy has found it’s way into untold processed food products from meat? to sweets, to milk. Unbelievable, soy lecithin is  in just about anything you can get in a jar or a tin or oven ready meals as an emulsifier or lubricant – http://preventdisease.com/news/09/073009_soy_lecithin.shtml – Soya (when consumed in large amounts) also restricts the amount of vitamins your body can absorb  or will absorb; calcium being the main one.  If you really care about what you eat (or even if you only care a little) you might find this link helpful, it’s somewhat like a bible of what not to eat and what to eat. It list’s all the important additives in modern easy food and sweets etc and describes them in summary along with health benefits or potential dangers of the additive (clearly not all additives are bad but the ones that are are in huge supply), it maybe a good idea to research individual additives yourself once you’ve identified them as the summaries, although comprehensive, don’t give too much detail about how bad they maybe other than really just mentioning if they are bad or not in most cases. An extremely helpful and eyeopening site however – http://cspinet.org/reports/chemcuisine.htm Back to the cost of things– If we think we cant have something we’ll do anything to get it, anything.”So yeah, hows crime down your way lately?…..nice” . Yeah we’ll get in debt to by our commodities that we don’t even need , then work some more to pay the banks off and then everyone is happy except us. Yeah the corporations are happy cos they got their money cos we paid em, the banks got their money cos we paid them too yeah, shit we paid twice again and now we’re broke, again, back to square one. “Gotta go to work”. And so you see our vicious circle of life and  how the banks do create money out of thin air, we’re all stuck in this endless cycle cos we’ve got families to care for, we need to keep that job now because we don’t know how to do anything else, that job was what we where programmed to do – this link is on for an hour  but listen to it , it will make you think from another perspective and see how we’re being ripped off – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3eXy_2JRh8– Some of us even want to keep up with the Jones’s, and some of us are the Jones’s. Cor the PTB must love the Jones’s….Can I be excluded from the crazy madness?  ” What if I was a Freemason, then I could get promoted within my organization possibly, possibly even get rich and have special favour and bypass the rules that apply to  the mere mortals of the mainstream”. But then   “err no I don’t. I’m very happy to have fuck all, I’m drinking black coffee here cos’ I don’t even have any milk left to put in it lol. But that’s ok. I’m happy with my tongue where it is, my throat being nice and intact and I like my heart where it is too, and I like it when it beats”.

When you sign up for the Freemasons by the way, as part of your initiation and apparently to show your ultimate loyalty, you have to swear an oath not tell another soul about their secrets of which each different degree of  the brotherhood has it’s own and the lower degrees don’t know the secrets of the higher degrees until they make it to those ranks. There are 33 degrees generally as the most popular Scottish Rite has, but some orders of Freemasonry have been known to have as many as 360 degrees although few, and some have less. The secrets are all essentially the same at the end of the day though with the highest rank ultimately knowing all the secrets. Note: there are also many many different variations and orders of Freemasonry and as many other secret societies that have either claimed or been claimed by Rites and orders of Freemasonry to be their primary belief, different according to all the parts of the world and it’s hemispheres, of which it’s members are entitled to have their own particular beliefs and religions and be members of other secret societies too, as many Icons have been/are (such as the Illuminati; created to stem the catholic control of governments in the 18 century but died out, and then reappeared more recently having been infiltrated by the catholic Jesuit Order or the Society of Jesus as is their official title to keep people from being aware that the Jesuits are indeed in control of the Vatican, many governments, banks and businesses that create untold amounts of wealth and then store that wealth, and to attract attention toward the Illuminati being the secret society that  has control, notice the pyramid; an Illuminati symbol, all over the tv and being created in public view by celebrity and the like who think their part of some funky, cool, dark members only club for everyone to notice and think whoaa…oooeerrr! scary Illuminati shit, it’s laughable and it’s cringeable, the Illuminati are none other than the Jesuit Order in disguise and work amongst the ranks of and like high level freemasonry. The Jesuits are the military wing of the catholic church, they are holy and they are ruthless, and they are loathed by the catholic priesthood even —http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_of_Jesushttp://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican21.htm –http://www.infidels.org/library/historical/unknown/society_of_jesus_secrets.html– the Jesuit oath and other documentation- http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/jesuits.htm– It is the Jesuit Ideal, after their Infiltration of the Freemasons and the creation of the Illuminati from it’s higher ranks which include politicians, bankers, ceo’s and even presidents’ prime ministers and monarchs, not to mention highly influential religious leaders and ministers such as the American evangelist Billy Graham, to instill and install a single religion worldwide that everyone will believe in (whether they believe it or not, do i need to mention RFID cards that are already in use in parts of the US, the phillipines, Thailand Korea and within prison systems and on young offenders worldwide) and so gain control of the world, they will do this through money and will try to use the Jewish peoples, as the biggest hoarders of money, as it’s pawns (who will naturally regulate the flow of money and control the economy thus keeping only themselves financially powerful, don’t forget that if you have all of the money, nobody else has any of the money so you are obviously in control of destiny. “To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: ‘the Masonic Religion should be,  by all of us initiates of the high degrees,  maintained in the purity of the LUCIFERIAN Doctrine. If Lucifer were not god, would Adonay (Jesus)… calumniate (spread false and harmful statements about) him?…Yes Lucifer is God…”(Albert Pike, A.C. De La Rive, La Femme et l’Enfant dans la Franc-Maqonnene Universelle, page 588.) 

“…there is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” — President Woodrow Wilson  United States Presidents and the Masonic Power Structure

When we consider that modern “illuminized” Masonry is merely an extension of ancient “Baal” worship and religion, even down to the worship of the phallic obelisks such as those in ancient Babylon, Egypt, Rome and elsewhere – which represented Baal or Nimrod, the King of BABYLON and builder of the tower of Babel – then considering this is it too much to suggest that this modern covert space program might be in part a last days “Tower of Babel” to the stars? Believe it or not, the Masonic-Illuminati influence had infiltrated the capital city to such a degree in the early beginnings of the American Republic, that they not only placed the pentagram into the Washington D.C. street layout, but the Masonic square-and- compass, and the symbol of the horned goat as well! According to some, there’s an occult history behind the building of the so- called ‘Washington Monument’ as well. Is it any coincidence that the ‘monument’ is shaped exactly like the sun-god-phallic obelisks of Rome, Egypt and Babylon? Manly P Hall 33rd degree.

 Freemasonry shouldn’t then be confused with orthodox religion although it is a religion of sorts, namely the Freemasons actual religion is Atonism, the design for all religions to which I will offer more on later, and the principle of the mason is Luciferian therefore Atonism = sun/light worship and Luciferianism = shining one/morning star/ son of the dawn/Venus/bringer of dawn etc worship (Lucifer simply means “shining one”; “Venus”; “the morning star”;  “lightbringer”; “bringer of dawn” or “son of the dawn” among many titles associated with it and appears in the ancient Hebrew texts once – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer) both these religions are therefore intertwined being different angles of the same religion so to speak. The freemasonic Idol of worship is the figure known as baphomet, said to be worshipped by the Knight’s Templar as part of an initiation ceremony and is celebrated by high level masons worldwide-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baphomet Masonry is  a brotherhood in which orthodox religion is accepted and promoted as one of the criteria for being accepted is that you believe in a supreme being. Freemasonry itself on all levels is actually two differing societies, it’s like an order within an order. The inner circle where it’s true powerhouse lies, and is where the real secret lies lies, is a circle that lies within the outer circle which would be the front, the Freemasonry that we all see and are familiar with, the charitable fun loving outgoing hospitable Freemasonry that we all know and love indeed is a very charitable force (although you have to pay to be a mason, the more the merrier, the higher you may rank) indeed and its fellows will be very charitable folk who in all good intention will mean very well for the world with passion. they will mean their charity when they offer it because they won’t know any better. These lower level (outer circle) masons which make up the majority of Freemasonry did in fact sign up to their charity in order order to do some good and have good effect on society but at the same time will be unknowing about the activities and plans of the upper echelons of masonry (secrecy determines that as a mason you will not know the secrets of the higher levels and you will not describe your secrets to the lower levels under strict oath: a bit more on oath later) but as a charitable and religious person will provide fantastic cover, that is both convincing and real in intent, for a brotherhood that has much different intentions in it’s sights. It is true though that a vast number of our leading figures, politicians, religious icons, law workers, military personnel, scientists, celebs, businessmen, doctors and teachers etc, the people who make our decisions and drive our world are largely involved in Freemasonry in some capacity whether active or not, clearly attracted by it’s secrecy and the freedom to say and do whatever you like, to plan, plot and scheme behind the back of the world without interruption from the law or journalism or any other watchful eye. Indeed out of all the secret societies that exist, all of them are at battle within themselves amongst themselves for superiority (apart from the Society of Jesus which is said to be an instigator of such battles after it’s infiltration of Freemasonry in an attempt to curb it’s power and usurp it’s reputation for it’s own ends) across all the different orders and rites of the same societies over their own differing beliefs and are also at battle with all the other secret societies for superiority over differing beliefs much the same way as religions that all essentially believe in the same creator are at battle with one another when the original principal of their beliefs are the same. This makes it difficult to believe that these societies are what they are although none of them deny their own existence, it also makes it difficult to realise how many of these societies there are as each condemns the other for not being real or true, and all, at the joy and glee of the powers that be, act in this way and cover up the intention of these societies and their own superiors of claiming sole dominion over the world and it’s corporate wealth. It is said that Freemasonry are the footsoldiers of the  Jesuits. The Jesuits serve only the Pope, the Knights of Malta also serve only the Pope, these two societies are the only secret societies not at war within theirselves  as they are divine secret societies with divine secret missions indoctrinated by the Pope himself and promoted by said Pope ( they have no power to struggle for as they are already on the pinnacle of the power structure of the secret societies, they ARE the power and have ruled the Vatican now for some considerable time, the Freemasons however work in tandem with these two and these two being at the top obviously have issues, the Jesuits being the dominant force, hence Black Pope) and them missions are to spread the word by hook or by crook (not that they are secret, just that their agendas and operations are not transparent due to the requirement of security for the Vatican, also another secret society itself in the name of religious security, I say rubbish, the Vatican is the wealthiest state in the world, why? the Vatican is no bigger than a city with the population of a big town. For such a charitable organisation to hoard all it’s wealth when we have poverty and famine to think about is shameful, it’s greedy, it’s nasty and it is evil, but no questions are asked, why not?). The masonic societies aim is corporation control, their inner wars are nothing more than healthy competition, the kind you get with all the major manufacturers brands in the aim of being the most popular whilst at the same time keeping the train of economy and commerce running on time and on track. The leaders of the Freemasons, worshipful masters (who calls themself that? really? strange eh?) and the elders of the masonic socieities along with world corporate CEO’s, and religious, military, and national rulers make up the initiates and the brotherhoods of the Knights of Malta and the highest ranking clergy make up the Jesuits. In the beginning of the new era after being resuscitated by the Knights Templar- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knights_Templar_(Freemasonry) Freemasonry was a kind of religious order of it’s own right – http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/roscrucian_and_masonic_origins.htm. One thing should be said though to anyone who would wish to study Freemasonry, there are many different styles and cultures of it (I would liken “Freemasonry compared with orthodox religion” to “Linux  as compared to it’s bigger competition” – There’s only one windows and one Mac and few others, but only too one Linux although there are approx 347, give or take a few, different Linux’s. That’s 347 updated Linux’s, as we’re only counting one windows etc-the latest Windows 8 vs 347 latest Linux’s obviously, unless you’d like to compare 8 windows to literally thousands of Linux’s, all these Linux’s to cater to everyone’s differing needs in a computer and so many differing forms) but the main masonic belief and goal is always the same, that somehow you can and so seek to attain spiritual enlightenment through the deciphering of various different intricate symbols as messages from the gods who speak a language that is un-writable in words and so needs ritual and meditative means to understand, either be it for good or bad, it’s the understanding of the ethereal be it positive or negative, the knowing that there is something else and the pursuit of that else. All masonic orders share the same principles, moral and metaphysical ideals, that you can create miracles and you can do magic just like Jesus did, you know levitate, create something from nothing and leave your physical body to enter the other realms or whatever and that you can cast out demons and summon angels or vice-versa and the belief in afterlife and immortality, just like the interests and practices of Aleister crowley with his occult of the  “Law of Thelema”  or ” A.’.A.’.” as promoted by the” Ordo Templi Orientis” cult (which he became the leader of) with his own principle of “Do What Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law” and “Love is the Law, Love Under Will”. It has to be noted that Aleister Crowley, the most wickedest man ever,  known as “The Beast 666” which he called himself and whose own mother said was the devil himself, was linked to many strange rituals of blood and  human (and child/infant) sacrifice  and ritual child sexual abuse, also said that to gain full understanding of oneself and ones limits that one must undergo many rituals concerning “Do What Thou wilt” and “Love is the Law” that are mostly dishonorable to men crucially but fundamental to ones access to the powers of the dark arts.wtf???) – [I know this next link title looks like conspiracy lunatic stuff but I’ve researched Crowley quite a bit and this is a very good documentation of him, his history really is fragmented and chopped up and lot’s of different orders sects and what not either wrongfully or rightfully claim or disclaim him or his membership, he is the figurehead that started the revolution of the 60’s that advocated freelove (Crowley did literally mean love/sex/perversion when he said love), he was the person responsible for the disgraceful acts committed by role models of the rock n roll revolution; of the careless or couldn’t care less attitude among it’s stars as an influential figure of the youth of privilege through out those years and was influential also with many musicians since; he was celebrated and tributed by such greats as “led zeppelin” and “the beatles” two rock n roll bands of great influence of it’s times and the future of popular culture. Aleister crowley can even be seen on the cover of one of “the  beatles” most successful and most influential works-“Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (1967) is said to have been the inspiration for the song “All You Need Is Love” (There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.
Love is the law, love under will.)
 and”led zeppelin” paid tribute to him through the iscription of his name on one of their LP’s as Jimmy Page (frontman of led zepelin) had a fascination with Crowley. He said that his aim was to destroy Christianity]. – http://theconspiracyzone.podcastpeople.com/posts/28153————–http://vigilantcitizen.com/hidden-knowledge/aleister-crowley-his-story-his-elite-ties-and-his-legacy/————————————————–https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleister_Crowley —- —— music http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ordo_Templi_Orientis – Essentially Freemasonry and Illuminatism are Qabbalistic in flavour – http://www.joyousworld.com/qabalah/story/index.html – and although in modern times we trace back to the Knights Templar, for Freemasonry, who where originally an order of poor Christians wanting to make an effect on the world of Europe,  wanted to help the poor souls of Europe ), the worker, the honest man, the man that needed help for his entrepreneurial  skills to thrive, the driving force of any nation, the taxpayer, the money spender, the foundation of economy and the man that traveled far and wide to bring his wares to the desperate need of Europe, the greedy ones, the fat cat’s, the ones that liked to consume. This worker needed to barter and bargain with traders as far out as Jerusalem and beyond. Whilst these Knights Templar where invited to use a palace within the wings of the  Al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount next to The Dome of the Rock, built on the ruins of Solomon’s temple, as an  outpost during the European crusades, they had decided to dig underneath it for some reason,  because of the fable of King Solomon and possibly because someone in Arabia may have tipped them off as to the treasure that may lay beneath it,  who knows, apparently they had a mission.  They then,  as history has recorded,  found something in the nature of informative Illuminism or  wisdom and treasure buried beneath the temple before becoming one of the most feared, powerful and wealthiest organisations in the world and  before creating (or recreating) their secret  Knights Templar society (or, the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of  the Temple of Solomon as was their order’s official name, just reduced to the Templar Knights or Knights Templar as it’s less of a mouthful), it’s roots go back much further to the ancient Arabians and the early Egyptians and to the Pagan times however, a root ingrained deeply into the mystery of humanity since before the times of modern religion, since before Jesus, and since before even the documentation of the Olde Testament according to our modern Freemasonic scholars and our philosophers. What could the Templar Knights have possibly found? Masonry claims they found Moses ark of the covenant (and not just simply instructions on how to cut angles in stone so as to produce the keystone with which to make an arch or a dome like the ones that the Romans had used in their viaducts already, and the muslims had used on their mosques already, no secrets there), like we were taught in school (Tavistock report comes into thought here), or at least I was but you know, times change, history has told us that they may have found spiritual knowledge and wisdom of  an esoteric mystical ilk and possibly ancient Egyptian texts and rites pertaining to symbolism and invocation including instructions on symbolism and invocation , what ever it was it was certainly life changing and led to the Templar’s becoming landowners, farmers, bankers, money lenders, they where loathed by kings for being as rich as kings and they were a formidable fighting force that indeed did mercenary works for monarchs, policed the roads into, out of and around Jerusalem, they where famed for never standing down in the face of a battle, they where the medieval elite forces; they  collected taxes , pillaged and robbed, they judged and struck fear into the heart of men and they answered only to the Pope (another masonic military arm of the Vatican was The Order of the Knights of Malta or the Knights Hospitaller who where to defend territory gained from the Muslims whilst escorting pilgrims to the Holy Land and look after the sick and wounded. Founded in 1023AD ) who decided to initiate them as a religious military institution, defenders of the faith now officially endorsed by the Pope himself, exempt from all authority except the Pope and where pretty much given the keys to the European kingdoms and colonies (what luck) where they had set up scores of Templar houses (not all of the order where military combatants, some members where the intellects and the messengers and the holy men). They eventually became such a worrisome force that King Philip IV of France (he was in debt to the Order of the Knights, by the way, after his battle against England and needed a way to swerve them ), who’d had enough of their untouchable privileges and wealth, issued decrees against the papacy including taxes (the Knights Templar and the church had always been tax free institutions). And so with time  the  Knights now  no longer having a military purpose in Jerusalem and after having lost battles to middle eastern forces re-located to and redesigned back to Europe. Not having anything to do they grew steadily concentrating on business ventures accumulating even more wealth and more initiates with which they could do charitable works (apparently, I think charity begins at home though with Freemasons).  Now the papacy, at loggerheads with much of Europe over control, wealth, spiritual interpretation and the untouchable above the law nature of the Knights finally gave in and issued the go ahead for all European monarchs to arrest the Knights and On Friday 13 October 1305 (now a dreaded day because of this act.  King Edward I of England first refused to carry out the orders as he didn’t believe the charges until he was convinced by the papacy at a later date.) King Philip IV issued arrests for them where as afterwards they where tortured, had their riches and lands and farms confiscated by the two faced Pope Celestine  V  (the papacy,  incidently, suddenly became one of the wealthiest institutions in the world, although Clement wasn’t the true pope anymore as he’d abdicated being too tired due to his age, pope Boniface VIII was the new pope but the people didn’t recognize him as they believed a Pope couldn’t simply retire, given that they where ordained by God to commit their entire lives to God) who was forced to stand in for this job after he’d stood down. The Knights where subsequently charged with heresy and witchcraft, idolatry, apostasy, obscene rituals, homosexuality, financial corruption, fraud and secrecy, with no proof,  but as they denied this they where then tortured and beaten (or 57 of them where anyway, the ones that  had been captured by the French, it is generally believed that there where some 20,000 military personnel in the Order of the Knights Templar) and threatened with death until  they confessed under duress to save their leaders Jacques de Molay and Geffroii de Charney. Both Jacques and Geffroii where tortured and threatened with death, both also confessed under duress. They then along with the remaining knights in captivity recanted their confessions  having within their order some very highly respected, skilled, and experienced lawyers who recognized that without proof and having only one witness in a previously ousted Templar, the Knights could now deny the charges during the trial having concrete arguments for their defence but on hearing this King Philip had two of his own lawyer priests defend the knights who where promised that if they denied their faith and spat on a cross they could go free. But then they where burnt at the stake anyway for heresy after denying their faith in front of witnesses. http://overlordsofchaos.com/html/freemasonry_2.html –  So after a feudal history of chivalry, bravery and other madness, Freemasonry as we know it  today is the esoteric (secret mystical unseen) interpretation of “The Olde Testament” which has lately proven to be more than just simply the words that clearly appear on it’s leaves, it has within it’s pages hidden messages when read in certain unorthodox ways and it has been suggested that it may hold many more undiscovered messages therein, it doesn’t simply seem to be a regular fairytale written by primitive and simple minds, it’s messages explain stories of  people in those ancient times. Also this book isn’t original either supposedly. As Freemasonry goes back further than the Knights Templar many ancient Arabian sources claim to have the same beliefs from further back in time (the Assassins where the masonic society of the middle east-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassins-) , all of Freemasonry today practice the same rituals and ceremonies believed to have been practiced by the Pharaoh’s of ancient Egypt (namely Akhenaten/Akhenaton or Amonhotep IV as he was known at the start of his reign) who were heavily into mysticism and the occult as a means to enter and benefit from the spiritual side of life by use of , for want of a better word, magic and esoteric practices bypassing the obvious mainstream way to enlightenment – God- and attaining the tools to sort of become demi-gods with skills not provided to the average person thus fulfilling  their desire of unconditional rule as superior beings to be worshiped and adored. All of our Freemasonic temples are awash with Egyptian artifacts and the ancient Egyptian symbols are one of  our modern masons choices of yet to be fully discovered written language, another would be Hebrew. And I don’t mean the hieroglyphics that we’re all familiar with, the medieval secret society that re-established Freemasonry as the popular society with secrets in the modern world ,who found something substantial beneath Solomon’s temple but have always kept that secret, that something was enough for the Knight’s to carry on a tradition adopted by peoples before themselves, a secret tradition with knowledge (or something) and treasure that was worth keeping a secret even in the face of death. Not all the Knights Templar where captured and other Rites and Orders of the same system had started to spring up all over the place during their flamboyant history since the discovery at Solomon’s Temple- ie With all the new orders that had joined the ranks  we now had The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta, all orders where united. Within this system are principally the Knights of the Temple (Knights Templar), the Knights of Malta, the Knights of St Paul, The York Rite  and the Knights of the Red Cross (and later joined by the apparently re-established Rosicrucian order but whose scholars claim ancestry of the order back to the ancient Egyptian priesthood along with freemasonry). It has also been suggested that it was the Knights Templar who appeared in the film “Braveheart”, Knights  that had been protected by King Edward I at the issue of their arrest on friday 13 October 1305, and who would have appeared well before their issued arrest date in Scotland, a safe place they could have fled to until everything had cooled down (France being a definite no go area because the whole of France was hunting for them and wanted to kill them and Scotland had no Issue with any Outcasts of European monarchy ever)                             [Most popular Templar cross design]   . [Groat of Edward I (4 pence). Notice the Templars style cross on this coin][Slightly differerent styled crosses represented different ranks or different orders]  [Flag of the Order of the Knights of Malta/ Knights Hospitaller/Knights of St John as in St Johns Ambulance]        Notice the differing styles of the crosses of The Knights of Malta in the link –  http://vaticannewworldorder.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/sovereign-military-order-of-malta-also.html  [Main Insignia of the Knights of Malta]  [Maltese coin]WTF?  –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_of_Jesus– What’s going on here then? (check this guys pendant/medal)  I mean this emblem get’s everywhere and the order is still a holy Catholic militia arm of the Vatican to  this day (it is power) and was never ostricised by the Pope either, although the Templar were. Google it , it is really a religious sect of the Catholic church and the church and itself are proud of that fact -The knights of Malta are a big deal and many professional, political, and celebrity icons who are Freemasons are also Knights of Malta who in turn are said to be (although the order is secretive and esoteric) sympathetic Catholics doing the good work. Tom Cruise, Both Bush’s, Clinton, Barack Obama, Walt Disney and an endless list of well known names of today. Why? I don’t know but the Knights of Malta are probably the influence of  the first Society of Jesus (Order of the Jesuits), the modern day military arm of the Vatican. Set up by Ignatius of Loyola after the reformation to rid the world of the protestants and cleanse the world with the holy spirit on behalf of the dear old caring Vicar of God, the self proclaimed God on Earth, that’s right The Pope, bless him. err no I don’t I take that back. It is also possible and has been suggested by many scholars that  Templars had reappeared under the new order of the Rosicrucians and also that the Jesuits took over the defunct order to name it Freemasonry and used it’s system for their own end’s after it had been outlawed by the pope, while all the time hiding behind the charitable nature of the good that Freemasonry/Knights Templar  was  known to do  and is the the real power behind the inner circle of modern Freemasonry that largely makes up the members of the Illumanati in the modern day. The outer circle being the original direction of the medieval masons that continues with it’s charitable works and membership fees (a bit like collection in church, or payment of tythes to church only masonry has a minimum payment) to keep the goal alive and to keep the inner circle funded. A brilliant cover and a good charity to hide a sinister darker side with an evil aim.

Did you know that for the 1st few decades after the gunpowder plot the effigy burned on a bonfire on November 5th wasn’t originally to represent the burning of Guy Fawkes (only one of tens of conspirators involved with that mission), no it was to represent the burning of the  Pope (a tradition that died out due to successive catholic monarchs coming to power in later days that promoted Guy Fawkes as the culprit), the gunpowder plot was a Jesuit mission setup to kill the protestant King James of England along with the protestant politicians of the house of lords and the protestant entire parliament all in one blow after the Jesuits failed in getting Spain to re-invade England because of  their earlier heavy defeats in a naval battle between their armadas that only ended in 1604, the gunpowder plot took place in 1605. If the plot had succeeded the next 2 or 3 heirs in line to the throne would also have been killed in the same explosion of 36 barrels of gunpowder hidden in the basement of Westminster waiting for the King to show up for the state opening of the English parliament as a prelude to a popular revolt in the midlands (to also  take place as a diversion) during which James’s 9 year old (mouldable) Catholic daughter  Princess Elizabeth , the only other suitable heir (previously kidnapped and awaiting the) was to be installed as head of state on behalf  of the Vatican. [the Jesuit insignia, looks rather sinister to me ]  [Another Jesuit emblem, hmmm are they Templar’s cross’s I see there?] [Jesuits in ceremonial dress trying to look serious and solemn] [save this pdf for future reading, very intersting stuff here-http://www.spirituallysmart.com/Paris-The_Secret_History_of_Jesuits_1975.pdf] [another form of Knights of Malta cross]      – http://theunhivedmind.com/UHM/jesuit-domination-veiled-by-diversion-agents-of-deception/– The Templars could possibly have been warned and helped by King Edward I. Myth and English folklore also suggest they went to Scotland. Who knows, but the soldiers in Braveheart where adorned with the Red Cross of the Knights Templar. The Red cross originating from an ancient symbol supposedly  brought to Europe from the near east (given to the templars by the Pope as a means of identification in the event one may try to run from battle).  Later the English military used the Templars Red Cross as their insignia (and later still was awarded to the patron saint of England St King George and thus found it’s way into being the national symbol and flag of England) –http://sacred-texts.com/eso/ros/index.htm . The hero of the film Braveheart, William Wallace was hung drawn and quartered on 23 august 1305.  Was our King Edward I part of the Knights Templars movement. The Pope and all the monarchies he’d managed to half convince on behalf of King Philip IV of France, to take part, wanted the Knights Templar and all it’s orders destroyed; but did the Pope and his minions really want the pious Templars order dead himself or did he merely want to have more control over the order and thus more kingdoms? It is said also that the ). Did the surviving Freemason’s somehow inherit any wealth that wasn’t confiscated? maybe. It is rumoured that the Templars endeavoured into the piracy trade of the seas shortly after their breakup however it is also widely recognised that the Rosicrucians made much of their own wealth by liberating the stolen gold that was coming back from mesoAmerica inside the ships of the Spanish armada at the request of the Vatican, and the Jesuit priesthood.  (The U.S.’s Yale university has a 200 years old, give or take, secret society and is called the Order of the Skull & Bones using a skull & crossbones as it’s flag and is reported to have strong links with the CIA and The Society of Jesus/Jesuitshttp://www.bilderberg.org/skulbone.htm and wikipedia –  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skull_and_Bones – skull and bones members list –  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Skull_and_Bones_members ) – You don’t have to ask if the Templars had received any wisdom and knowledge from the temple of Solomon,  that would have just gone without saying, It’s almost clear that they did even if it was only from scriptures or inscriptions. Did King Solomon’s Temple hide more mysteries than the Knights said they could have found when they dug underneath it after being given  apparent  advanced clues during their stay in Arabia?  Might they have found any weapons of importance that could give you, as a small group of poor men, clear advantage over much larger armies or at least knowledge of some such invention? whatever was under King Solomon’s Temple was/is definitely mysterious, mysterious enough and powerful enough to have regenerated ancient traditions and carried them forward in such secrecy and with such piety to our modern day. People had given their life, their future and their families and kinsmen’s lives for this group of people or for the knowledge that they had.  The temple of King Solomon is known as the first ever church that was built and it was supposedly built at the request of God and the twelve tribes of Israel/children of Israel/Hebrews. It was built magnificently by King Solomon who himself was deeply involved in esoteric means and wisdom’s of attaining higher states of consciousness and the backdoor to enlightenment through the Hebrew development of magicks via the gnostic sytem’s                                                                            (-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnosticism-) and beliefs that they’d finally conjured up on account of dissatisfaction with the Bible that only seemed to make sense to the priests and the adepts that professed it and even they seemingly grew untrustworthy of it, gnosticism brought us the Kabballah which in turn brought Qabbalah (dark occultic version) and Cabbalah (Christian and Islamic version )-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabbalah – Gnosticicism furthermore gave rise to other Idiotic belief systems such as Satanism, Luciferianism, Numerology, Scientology and useless things of that ilk. Although these backdoor’s are the hard and  long way to attain such power they are said to  come with extra supernatural powers whilst the conscious resides in the mortal shell, sort of like selling your soul for privilege at the detriment to the everyday man, amongst these powers are the abilities  to become extra-sensitive to certain thing’s or have great influence over other people or situations which are understandable traits of concentration and confidence mixed with will and esteem but it is said that one can also transcend the mind through astral projection or communicate with other worldly things or even directly influence actions through will and also physical matter through will. I personally find all that very hard to believe and so to me impossible although if good can have miracles then why shouldn’t the opposite of what is supposed to be good; evil. Solomon King of the Israelites was instructed by God to build a temple in the land of Israel (Judea) to house the ark of the covenant. The land of Israel the promised land which Moses led the Hebrews to after fleeing (or possibly being ejected from) Egypt, the land of  Israel  the place where the Ark of the Covenant was taken to to start a new land and religion. The temple had actually been destroyed  and rebuilt before the Templar’s ever went there but it’s ruins still existed beneath the new temple and that is where the templars are said to have excavated,  it was built on a hill, on Temple Mount otherwise known as Mount Zion. What the Templar’s found there though at what had now become The Dome of the Rock holy Islamic shrine (the third most holy place in Islam) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dome_of_the_Rock   wasn’t in the Dome building as iv’e mentioned, it was buried underneath, beneath the ruins of the ancient Temple of Solomon on top of which the Dome of the Rock was erected. This the most religiously and fiercely disputed territory in the world since the Dome of the Rock had been constructed whilst in the hands of the Muslims. If a Jewish temple was to be built on top of mount Zion once again ,the Third Temple of Solomon,  then the bible claims that it will signal the coming of the antichrist followed by an apocolypse worldwide and in turn  by a single world order of government and religion which the antichrist must trick man into adhering and eventually the second coming of the Christ will follow this and and the war between good and evil of biblical revelation would ensue  according to the Olde Testament. [Are the PTB of modern day working from a script, like a play I wonder? Working from the scripture which is ingrained in the minds of all western society? so it shall be written, so it shall be done and all that, and we lap it up because whats happening in today’s world appears to be prophesied and because we fear God so we apparently do as we’re told. Whatever any scriptures of any religion claim about creation and the nature of a creator, whether the story of a creator is true or not,  or even the hypothesis of good and evil it is clear to me that evil controls the world, darkness and immorality, so for me now I can’t say I believe in any religion but I can ascertain that evil is here, it does exist even if you just call it badness or negativity, it’s there and it’s not nice or good, it’s bad, really bad and of course they say, or the bible teaches (new testament which was supposedly inspired by Jesus Christ) that you can’t believe in God without also believing in The devil, or Satan, or the antichrist; evil, since they both exist together and if you didn’t have one there wouldn’t be the other  because you wouldn’t need the other so it would need no place in any scheme. I know it’s perplexing but my theory is that there is good and there is bad in whatever form I don’t know, I’d personally vote for positivityand negativity because that I can witness through observation of the magnetic forces or simply the electromagnetic or to be even simpler electrical forces, lol  whether or not these forces are heirarchical in some way and so have leaders (strong side and not so strong side) I couldn’t debate but they ARE simply there and that no one can deny.] Aleister Crowley, in his own texts, speaks of astral projections using incantations and rituals performed in the great pyramid of Cheops that took his conscious to other realms and worlds and areas of the universe, rituals of masonic origin that were supposedly Egyptian in origin, Crowley devoted his entire privileged life to the dark arts and wasted his time away trying to decipher the Egyptian riddle and was believed to be indeed magic, to an extent, did the Egyptians do the same? astrally project themselves to retrieve data from other sources unknown to us? I mean the mathematics involved in the building of the great pyramid alone is staggering, it’s relation to the sun , planets, and boundaries of the earth and moon are truly one of lifes great mysteries, who knows, but the evidence is baffling without a doubt. Have we had suppressed technologies in our past maybe by peoples that had since become extinct with only a few survivors leftover possibly, maybe after a great flood (as mentioned in the good book which scientific data corroborates) which left them with none of the material things they were accustomed to only to start again from scratch and successive generations not having enough info to carry on the great advances they may have made and technology die out in favour of survival.  Further food for thought on this subject lies in a couple of documentaries linked ahead, detailing some of the study and investigative research carried out by Graham Hancock on the possibility of ancient civilizations that may have built our ever mystifying monuments of colossal scale. Interesting stuff if you like this sort of thing and want to copy the links. This one is quite old and pretty much done with inferior equipment from a few years back but don’t let that put you off – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gUrRbYGMDw – and then this one is a little more upto date, a  lecture with slides, also v interesting for the inquisitive mind, again save the link, these clips are more than an hour long so you’ll need quality time to spend with them –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS4l7QE052g Ok we are led to believe that is it not mentioned in the Olde Testament that once Adam had partaken of the fruit of knowledge that  the devil, or,  lucifer/satan had achieved a landmark victory in that it  had gained ultimate control of the material world? That is to say the force of evil, or, the devil had gained control by way of  satan/Lucifer as  it’s promoter   and that by applying to this the devil,or force of evil, one also could gain privilege and special power in a supernatural  way by signing up to this evil and by denying that God was the creator. Indeed God created all things, but it was Lucifer/satan who also created the modern material world and the new mentality of man by tricking Adam thus taking control of man as his foster parent so to speak and so takes the title unto himself as the supreme creator (but only of mans new altered mentality). Well, Lucifer /satan is the force of evil, he did not create man or the world but in fact created evil in man by deceit, by showing him all the great things he can have that God has kept away from him, hidden things, gold, diamonds and the like buried under the ground, knowledge (Lucifer the arch angel, although purportedly beautiful and vain was also well known for his knowledge of everything who thought and reasoned and thus came up with the idea “why can’t I be God too?” If all this were true then the answer would have to be: because he wasn’t here first to create all what was created and because he in fact was also created by a higher intelligence than himself, simple) and wisdom and gave Adam the conviction that he alone, Lucifer/satan,   had thus created him. Well it’s plain to see that satan and Lucifer merely only taught Adam and that’s all, taught him the knowledge to see and realise of his freewill, seduced him through Eve (who appears to have been created twice if you read the first few chapters of genesis) who had also been exploited firstly, to see a will which God would not deny them. In saying this, evil does actually come in two steps, there is two sides to evil hence satan AND Lucifer (might I just add that apparently Luciferians are at odds with satanists and are actually opposing cults unbelievably, just as Christians and  Jews both believe they are the correct, real religion) or two separate beasts as we are told in the bible and other historical religious scriptures that corellate with one another. In the phrophesied apocolypse you have the second of  these beasts as represented by the “SPIRIT” of  the force  of evil that the bible calls satan, a false prophet who would one day stamp his authority absolutely, irrevecobly and forever under the guise of peace  to begin with, and by trapping man in the realm of the senses whereby the man would be cut off from all knowledge of God and all knowledge of  his own natural spiritual inheritance, this beast would rule the spirit and the souls of man.  The ancient Arabians would have called this Dark God “angra mainyu” the evil  spirit or evil one-symbolically represented in the bible as the two horned beast also called “ahriman” , this side of evil -ahriman/satan is the antichrist that is ahriman/satan in human form who has appeared incarnate many times through out the bible and will continue to appear throughout history in order to trick people and pull the wool over their eyes as the bible suggests and has been named in the bible as a figure who is also biblically mentioned to be called “Belial“. Also many of the Roman caesars where said to be ahrimans, satans , antichrists and more recently a number of  popes have been accredited with that same title. Then you have the second side of the force of evil or the devil  that is the fallen angel called Lucifer, son of the morning star, the lightbearer (Freemasonry at it’s highest levels and although not known by the lower level brethren/initiates are said to be the worshippers of the Luciferian principle although as far as religion itself  goes Freemasonry’s orthodox belief is Atonist, as in Atonism being the religion of the mason, basically Qabalist if you research the two religions; “Qabala”,  which is Hermetic, not necessarily to be confused  with the Jewish “Kabbalah”, which the Hermeic “Qabalah” absorbed  and interpreted differently and see’s itself as the true teachings, or Christian”Cabalah” which is based on the mystical aspects of “Kabbalah” that are compatable with Christian theology and used as a dogmatic tool and turned back against the Jews to force their conversion. ) the first beast who is “the great dictator” and will rule the material world and will be adored and worshipped  falsely by tricking man once again through the apparent installation of global peace and harmony, followed by the methodic sneaky, surreptitious murdering of humanity one by one, this process will be called de-population, but it’s actually imposed, lawful, needed murder, it will probably start with the old and frail, the ones that are already nearly dead, then move onto the crippled, handicapped, disabled burden of humanity by which time we will all be desensitized to  state controlled murder and the taxpayer might then even accept the (all legal and above board of course) extermination of the  substance dependant, the system abuser, the unemployed and think it for the best too as they pay for it in cash because well, our dark god idol-money is important to us and well, of course there are too many hangers on, this is certain, they are already telling us this. And that it is for the best, and for the sake of humanity. The Bible it seems is actually being used to implement this madness, whether you believe the bible to be true or not, this is the case; whether the bible IS true or not this is the case; whether God is real or you believe him to be real or not this is still the case. Just as Jesus may have just been someone who, after reading the bible, realised that all he had to do to create for himself divine adoration from the masses was to ride into town on the back of a donkey, “so it shall be written so it shall be done”  and all that (or Jesus and the whole story could just be real, whatever, we are in a situation here.) and have the biblically religious population see him as the messiah” that stood head and shoulders above the other messiahs of the day (and there would have been many) and thus prove that the biblical tales had truth in them to a society that wanted to believe so badly, so too are the PTB doing the same in modern times. They are using the bible, the good book, against us. They tell us that 500,000,000 (five hundred million) is the ideal sustainable figure for our teeny tiny planet. That would mean around 90% of us have to go. Watch the clips of the busy streets of the heavily populated cities  they flaunt accross the news programming and make us think, cor, there’s loads of people there, that must be mad living there. Places like Mumbai, Delhi, Hong Kong, Shangai, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Istanbul, Tokyo, London, Mexico City, Tehran, Lahore, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Cairo and New York are just a few examples of a plethora that they show us while at the same time on the other channels estimate out loud that our planet is sinking, not enough resources, look at these statististics on Wikipedia –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cities_proper_by_population – . What a load of crap, they hustle and rustle people into these cities to work and build their own wealth through the economyand then say look, theres too many of us. Just look at millions of square miles of  empty fertile land with no body living there on this population density map.  I could be missing something here but this map looks to me like, if you take England as an example, an area heavily populated and highlighted in red accordingly, a region that works extremely well and where although densely populated is not an uncomfortable place to be or live, using this as a guideline you could then merge (imaginatively that is) all the population mass together to form a big clump of red (although not cerise/pink) we would probably cover less than a quarter of the land on our planet, or maybe not even a fifth of the landmass and the areas deemed too hospitable (but not inhabitable) to live could surely be made easily habitable with modern technology that could surely also be afforded with a sustainable resource based economy as opposed to our slave driving “Fiat” money based economy, the economy that only works comfortably for the elect, or the select, the greedy, the parasitical inbred madcap few who have no need for money, who are above money, who make our laws, who organise our education curricula and have no need for education themselves, who poison us with false information and poison us through medication and the need for it, poison our food and are the modern day gods that will one day enslave every little detail of our existence, yeah, these people wanted to buy the world and the transaction is almost complete and they are buying it with fake money, I mean how much is a large sheet of coloured paper worth? (The Japanese have also already proved a few years ago that there is in fact enough fertile land in Africa alone to feed and sustain our planet if managed properly and the produce distributed correctly and fairly) So we are all crammed into the cities where somebody will come along every busy Saturday lunchtime with a camcorder taking footage from different angles of the same streets every week so they can stick that footage on telly and say to us “look, there’s  just  too fucking  many of us, someones got to go”.  CAN NOBODY ELSE SEE THIS? ARE YOU ALL BLIND? Or were you just simply too busy watching telly (or being programmed, funny how they call them t.v. programs and that the speed of the flickering of bright light can change the pattern of your brainwaves, as too does frequency of sound, often used with people by people to get hypnotic effects. And HD? marvellous, nice picture but the flickering and sound frequency too is far more intricate, more subtle and more effective with High Definition, they use these methods of hypnosis in brainwave entrainment to induce meditative higher and lower states of thought and consciousness, and as aids for sleep – FACT, as well as for many other purposes –http://www.transparentcorp.com/products/mindws/entrainment_methods.php ).  The powers that be will then hope and endeavour to commit us all to  one religion with one control worldwide after they start de-population.  And so they’ve been telling us for sometime now that we will be suffering from global warming and climate change, because it’s OUR fault, we the people have been bad, naughty and used too many bottles of the hairspray, de-odorant, de-icer, or whatever, that they got quite wealthy from and because of this we are to suffer, hmmm can I remind you of the cloud of C.A.R.E. program. There have been over the years now many accusations made at many governments of the skies being sprayed or polluted with various chemicals for some reason or other. Reasons given by differing agencies ie: congress, NASA (who openly admit carrying out this operation), the military, the CIA and others, for the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment, top secret in it’s early days, have been as follows. It is the release of paricles of matter and gases into our atmosphere and Nasas explanation was originally that it was to form noctilucent clouds (the highest clouds) in our atmosphere that they could then study to see how clouds behave, wtf?, I mean come on, we have clouds for that don’t we? lots of em. Another explanation has been that it is to release certain microscopic particles into the armosphere such as barium, ethylene dibromide, aluminium oxide, polymer fibres, plasmas and other microspopic particles in order to help reflect the suns radiation away from our tiny overcrowded understaffed planet in a bid to fight global warming. Tests have proven that cloud coverage not only absorbs radiation from the sun but also radiates that heat back down to earth in the form of rain, dew which are forms of energy loss from such clouds and the same clouds also absorb heat back from the earth again, in the form of  evaporation and again through precipitation the cycle repeats and so on, all the while we have the extra heat from the sun still being absorbed by the planet and unable to escape due to cloud cover thus worsening the effect of global warming which I might also add is just the natural cycle that our planet has gone through from time to time ie: although earth is still actually only coming out of the major ice age that occurred some 2.58 million years ago in the Quarternary  pliocene period (evidence is in the ice sheets of the north and south poles and their respective vicinities), during a major ice age recession our planet undergoes periods of time where our ice sheets advance and recede again in pulsations until we will be fully out of major ice age and there will be no ice on the earth at all as is the natural state of our planet despite it having endured 5 major ice ages in it’s history. So, along with these pulsing periods of glacial advance  (mini ice ages) which generally  seem to have occurred in 10,000 to 100,000 year cycles we also get periods known as interglacial’s where we have times of abundant green house gases that help our planet during it’s interglacial period and thus help recede the ice sheets, we are currently in one of these interglacial periods known as the Holocene period  and have been for 11,000 years, however according to an article in Nature the last interglacial period lasted for 28,000 years so we historically have further heating to go until we reach the next glacial period. Changes in the tilt of the earth’s axis and shape of the orbit are a factor in the timing of ice ages, these orbital changes which change the total amount of sunlight reaching the earth by up to 25%  are forced changes due to the behaviour of the planet and are what are known as “orbital forcing”. Predicted changes in orbital forcing suggest that the next glacial period would begin at least 50,000 years from now.  The most severe  major ice age of the last billion years was in the proterozoic period and was called the cryogenian ice age, it is believed that this ice age left the earth in what is called a “snowball earth” stage as the ice sheets reached the equator. See this diagram of temperature and ice volume change over the past 450,000 years to realise that we don’t actually have any problem with climate change when measured alongside our changes in our past, things appear to be as normal as ever for life on earth. Exact reasons for ice ages to even occur are uncertain but are believed to be probably due to a number of circumstances relating to things like volcanic activity, meteorological activity and even meteotite presence, CO2 emissions from plantlife and management of those emissions through rainforests and scrubbing of those conditions with what are believed to be colossal CO2 scrubbers- the Tibetan and Colorado plateau’s. So we can safely say that before every glacial advance our planet naturally goes through a period of global warming  and that by adding extra syntheti cloud would only help to heat it further so that idea seems like a waste of time straight away, what?  the PTB didn’t know this with all their calculating, measuring, recording scientists that they have at their disposal that would surely analyze every imaginable thing from every imaginable angle in every imaginable direction just as they have done with quantum physics. Also after years of ionospheric heaters  (over 50 of them worldwide with the capability of triangulation in order to concentrate on one spot using many different arrays) heating our skies they will bare faced tell us that climate change is caused by us and make some phony charity out of it and charge us even more tax because of it, it’s OUR fault? they’ll have us believe, the people, the innocent public, so for that the price of fossil fuels (OUR worlds NATURAL as in FREE found it in the ground fuel that we don’t even need anyway) has to rise  and with that every other weekly bill has to have a higher price too, our electric that runs of fossil fuels, our groceries that have to be transported using them, clothes, you name it , just name something in the western world that doesn’t have fossil fuel as part of it’s production and/or delivery, we are running out of this stuff (apparently) so they can keep hiking up the price and guess what? we don’t even need it, this is another one of the great crimes to humanity, along with tax and inflation and the monetary system,  just check this link out it is incredible, we are fucking mugs (ever heard the saying  “theres more than one way to skin a cat”? well, it’s true) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6z-rkoIr08 –  I mean come on is this REALLY happening? we have got to be the first and probably last slaves ever that paid for themselves. We feed ourselves, transport ourselves, torture ourselves (TV, pop music, vaccinations and chemical medical cures, ), we get taught to control ourselves, we get taught to feel bad about ourselves like we could do better, the list of self inflicted forms of control that we have been programmed to do is unbelievable. Our children are being taught at school that mummy and daddy can’t look after them as good as the state can, what the fuck? and have been for years, hence rebellious teens that don’t trust their families will either leave home and isolate themselves or go on to commit crime which helps to terrorise the public into needing their faithful caring fascist state. Broken teenagers probably wont commit to a relationship longterm and probably wont have babies, or only  a few may  have an offspring. Isolated people will become proffesional career orientated people as a way to escape isolation and with their career probably wont need babies. The PTB have got us trapped using a tactic that was widely used by the Romans and they probably usurped it from earlier peoples such as the Greeks and the ancient Egyptians. The Romans called it the bread and circus tactic and literally means that you only really need two things to give to a populace in order to keep them happy and thus avoid a revolution or gain political favour/power, these two things are food (bread) and entertainment (circuses), and by providing your people with this you are basically giving them whatever they want for survival and happiness/joy and so have peace between yourself and your people, simple. This tactic is summed up as follows – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_and_circuses – The young people who like to have all the things on offer to them- beer, fashion, pop culture etc probably won’t want babies when summed up against the cost of having one. Guess what, NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE, the powers that be DON’T have ACCIDENTS. Do you realise that lately , in the west the average sperm count of the average male has dropped by over 50%, coincidence? as our food supplies suffer from added estrogen, coincidence? the average female carrying in utero another average male who’s sperm count will be even less than his predecessors due to his mothers consumption of extra estrogen, another coincidence. This film is in two 1 hour parts and whether you believe it or not, it will certainly provoke your thoughts and feed your mind with a certain logic you cant deny. The second part after 1 hour into the film will certainly get you thinking – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VllwRgSECcw



Well you could go herbal and opt for natural medicines that when taken regularly do in fact cure, and eat organic to help you stay healthy in future…………..right…..RIGHT……..R-I-G-H-T! HMM WRONG, at least not in  the  future any way! Not if Monsanto gets its way- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUd9rRSLY4A – and yeah I did mention herbal, check this link for the future of your herbs according to the US enforcement of a food and nutrient regulatory body known as CODEX ALIMENTARIUS helped through by the world health organization, the people that want to look after us (this movement was seemingly stopped in its tracks so far but its not going to go away, google it, it will just rethink its strategies sadly) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z6lZ8q3Z_o –

And do you believe the 9/11 attacks on the world trade centre, the twin towers catastrophe. “twin” makes it sound like two doesn’t it. Actually during that terrorist attack, of the two planes that made it to the world trade centre ( plus one plane going off to the pentagon and another apparently getting shot down), three skysrapers actually got demolished in exactly the same manner, the twin towers plus the 7 WTC building. The twin towers demolished, supposedly, by planes  (although modern skyscrapers, especially in busy air traffic areas such as New York, being steel framed, are built to withstand collisions with multiple planes if need be) and the 7 WTC (demolished in exactly the same manner as will be revealed in the film coming up) fell to the ground as the result of an office fire apparently, coincidently just as the other buildings were being crashed into….fishy! – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Trade_Center – This film is the result of investigations carried out by professionals at the top of their game and members of the public on site- skyscraper architects, builders, developers, maintenance workers, engineers, demolition experts, explosives experts, military, medical staff , office workers who fled the disaster etc plus eyewitness accounts from public people that were in the building (lot’s of them) and surrounding the building at the time, people living in the area and staff from local businesses at the site – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzbABnP5uWU – this is a shortened version (1hr 37 mins) of the full 2hr 19 min documentary that is available to buy for $25.00 or so online. And to rub more  salt further into that wound take a look at this blatant CIA attempted admission of that heinous crime, although they don’t reveal who the actual hijackers were or who they were acting for, my guess is MOSSAD if not the CIA itself, but anyway heres the CIA version of the 1/2 truth – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ioh9jGAk-g8 –  Are our modern day rulers/religious leader’s/secret society masters/banking CEOs/ruling elite  just be playing out the dramas contained within our bible and have they been doing all along for the sake of control? Possibly. There happens to be a multitude of coincidences  linking present day to biblical revelations. And if so who is responsible? Knights of Malta? Jesuits and the Vatican? Zionists? Freemasonry?  Rothschilds? Rockefeller foundation? Western govt?…..who? Truth is they all are, they all control our finance, media, care, military and the individuals all belong to either Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Zionists or all four. Did you know the Rothschilds are the Vaticans treasurers, viziers to QE2 and own reuters and 90% of the worlds media, and the Rockefellers fund and control the healthcare system through ownership of the pharmaceutical (chemical cures and remedies) industry (awarded to the Rockefellers by congress), sorry no I mean own the healthcare system of the US so pretty much might as well own the healthcare system of the world. Truth is the Vatican along with Zionism is the world order if they get their way, the minor orthodox Jews are the scapegoats as always and were of course sacrificed in the course of WWII to deflect attention away from the fact that it was a Zionist (secret society of extremist Jews, not orthodox Jews) accompanied operation, although all of the European Jews bloodlines trace back only to the Caucasus they were awarded their place in the biblical promised land in Palestine. Unbelievable, you couldn’t make this stuff up. Then the Vatican raises it’s sights at Temple mount and looks toward it for promise. And as for the 3rd temple of Jerusalem being built by the Jews which is said in the bible to mark the coming of the antichrist and an all out total world war thus paving the way for the 2nd coming of Christ well, firstly they would have to get rid of the Dome of the rock one of the holiest shrines in Islam and built atop the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple. To do this would be absurd, unholy, illegal and unrealistic, you would have to defeat all the Palestinians first and then defend against the oncoming Islamist forces that surround Israel. [Continues after these pictures]       islamic_hamas_movement_thumb_large_1_hamas_army_1S289187-syria-civil-war660x390photo_1355030265064-1-02012-12-07t085055z_1746330032_gm1e8c71aqx01_rtrmadp_3_palestinians-hamas-chief7b264a36-a9f4-4bab-ab02-661f35809ced-460130221-israels-wall95-civiliansandmedicsrunforcoverafterisraeliphostrikeataunschool_42168076_israelbombap203_300_64206480_64205762Dogfight_1MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSdailymail_humanshieldisrael-gets-away-with-itg-cvr-130501-israel-syria.photoblog600Buk-M1-2_9A310M1-2IMG_2951ap45E4E5BA979dcX5OIDF Soldiers Remain On The Gaza Border After Cease Firef-16I_c4saar5-2saar52bfa71images (26)so lets sum it up – well there ain’t that many Palestinians left to decimate and destroy so  I think with it’s highly U.S. trained , highly sophisticated U.S. supplied or Rothchild funded weaponry that Israel may manage this feat, being the 5th most powerful military in the world and indeed a very advanced nuclear state with undisclosed nuclear weapons; undisclosure of weapons of mass destruction is highly illegal and apparently punishable by extermination of your nation as  Sadaam will tell you….Also history tells us that most of the middle east has already been defused in that it is highly unstable, on the brink of all out revolution with governments desperately clinging on to control while some of it’s inhabitants dream (emphasis on dream) of a more prosperous life like in the far away shores to the west. Are all these Arabic and muslim revolutions and coup-de’tat’s of our recent age coincidental or related, if related, how?  Syria is having a tough time as I now write these words and Iran can surely pose no more of a threat than as did Iraq to the Allied forces. It may have primitive nuclear weapons with which to make a meagre arsenal of probably unreliable missiles but would be no force against Israel and or the U.S. although with it’s nuclear umbrella added to the forces of it’s surrounding nations it could indeed be problematic in defending the Arabian/muslim will and dedication to keeping the west at bay and the west doesn’t like that one bit and with the might of the Pakistani army and it’s  own vast nuclear umbrella you get a much bigger problem for the west. Israel has the most advanced anti missile systems in the world waiting to be tried and tested in the theatre of combat. Iran has a sizable army with which to aid an assault, Israel has the 5th largest army in the world and unlimited amounts of money as it would be backed by the U.S., Europe, the Vatican, the Rockefeller’s, and practically owned by the Rothschild’s who made much of their living supplying mercenaries and own over 1/2 the worlds wealth while controlling the other 1/2, and any oil tycoon who wouldn’t mind a slice of Israeli/Palestine oil will surely put in a coupla buck’s not to mention many multinationals with Zionist views that would be willing to make a donation. Russia may ally to Iran but to be honest, what a futile waste of money and time,  but through the Rothchild connection Russia will supply arms which will of course be free of charge to Russia as they will be paid for by the Federal Reserve System and the American taxpayer, this will make it look to the world like there is tension between the two cold war (choke ) enemies of  the 20th century that are America and Russia, although this is not the case as the Soviet Union (who were left pennyless after the Bolshevik revolution) had to be funded by the American taxpayer (obviously unbeknown to the Yankee commie haters), again via the Federal Reserve System, or the Fed as it were, in order to survive otherwise it would have been totally bankrupted and crashed and burned years ago. This cold war farce between Russia and the U.S. is there merely to serve as a distraction to the world and terror tension vehicle with which the west can control it’s own citizens to an extent. Egypt is pretty much defunct after it’s double revolution as is Libya, Algeria and Tunisia,,, and Lebanon probably just wants a quiet easy life nowadays, that doesn’t really leave that much  competition in the immediate area  in the way for Israel to conquer  now really apart from Iran, the ones that still won’t bow down to western control, and of course Pakistan, that’s the big problem for the west there. Pakistan has a massive army of highly trained, highly functional soldiers with special forces and very modern weaponry, many nukes with a large nuclear umbrella as it has long range missiles (many of them and the means and facilities to make more), Pakistan is indeed formidable and could extend it’s military service to needy muslim countries (Pakistan is seriously religious) posing massive problems to any western attempt to overun that area, we will see many future attempts to discredit Pakistan, to destabilize Pakistan from the inside via gangster activity, mob uprisings and terrorist assaults against the infrastructure through forces such as al queda over long periods to make any move by the west a much more easily obtainable goal, a goal that would in the end be obtained via the services of Israels MOSSAD (Hebrew variation of – Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations), the U.S’s CIA and by Indias RAW (Research Analysis Wing). Bin Laden caught in Pakistan, really? why? is that what happened? convenient for the west you could assume- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8WhO9-hqs0. Israels Zionist intention under religious camouflage –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=419jzRnXyZc–  That was just the training for the people who will be working at the new temple, this one is the preparations of  actually building it –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e46_a00Y0u4– According to the great philosopher and teacher of  the knowledge of the ancient civilizations, a man who studied (among many other civilizations whilst travelling around the globe several times to live and be with teachers of and practitioners and people of the the ancient civilizations) realistically and truthfully in more depth than anyone the meanings of the ancient Egyptian way of life – Manly Palmer Hall, a 33rd degree Freemason and devout Rosicrucian, given these credentials, someone who’s own religious history is said to date back to ancient Egypt and beyond (even if it is esoteric, as where the Egyptians, with dark beliefs) along with his own personal desire, as a philosopher,  to understand the ancient Egyptian belief systems contrary to modern Egyptological beliefs (enigmas with loose ends) whose scholars tend to prefer to fit their discoveries into an existing (primitive modern belief) model of Egypt so it makes modern interpretations of the ancient times very messy and complex and pretty senseless due to the fact that they know what they know only from colleges and a few years spent learning about archeological digs on sites they’ve been on and this expertise they use to form the paradigm that they know and wish they understood, as it goes we all accept that yes indeed ancient Egypt was another mysterious manifestation of our past, so mysterious that it’s best we don’t try to understand it too much, in the same way we shouldn’t question or try to understand religion. I for one learnt that the Pharaoh was buried in a pyramid and not in his tomb at school, what rubbish. The Establishment of Egypt too are more than happy with the current paradigm as it protects the archeology which Egypt makes a living off through tourism. Can’t blame them for that in the modern era. Manly says during the history of Egypt however certain wisdom’s, beliefs and practices and customs and who knows what else had obviously  happened that gave them cause to have their gods or we should call them deity’s really, they weren’t really gods in the proper sense of the word (the forces of nature were what are now called gods ) as the Egyptians weren’t religious proper until later on in the eighteenth dynasty and only for a short period, even then it was more the upper echelons of the reign who had indulged themselves in the whim of an egotistical self loving selfish leader that had changed his own and his families names to fit with his new idea, had gone against all that Egypt had previously conformed to, and redefined, or at least tried to, the Egyptian belief system and had started the first ever proper  monotheistic religion, a religion that inspired every other religion that came after it, that new radical Egyptian religion was to be called Atonism and the Pharaoh that was responsible for it was Akhenaton or Akhenaten (being the spelling we’re more familiar with), who had started his reign under the familiar name of Amenhotep or Amunhotep IV before changing his and his entire family’s name (all of whom had the word Aton installed into their names) and  the belief system of the Egyptian gods to having Aton/Aten as the prime deity over Osiris, Amun, Ra, Ptah etc. Aton was to be the only god and Akhenaton wouldn’t accept the worship of any other god/deity (although most Egyptians thought he was completely mad and only went with it on the surface for peace sake). Aton enjoyed all the privileges that are accredited to the much later Hebrew/Christian God and held to the same principles, in reality he was the first God and the blueprint/prototype for the Hebrew God that came  later, one could say they were almost identical except that Aton wasn’t a jealous god (unlike God apparently- Exodus 20:5 – You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other gods. I lay the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected-even children in the third and fourth generations of those who reject me.), neither was he vengeful or hate filled  but he did love all. Although Ra was previously the solar deity Ra was suppressed in favour of  Aton who WAS the sun pretty much, not just the symbol of it. The new god becoming Ra-Horus-Aton but reduced to just Aton so to take credit away from Ra and Horus and catapult Aton into the Egyptian limelight, of course Aton being a minor almost unheard of deity or group of deities from the much earlier periods up until Akhenaton. Akhenaton was a sun-worshiper above all, in that he worshipped only the sun and all other gods were the product of and resided within the sun, Aton was the light, the warmth, and the consciousness that knew all things, and being the light he was everywhere until night time, that is when he became a lunar god (lunar being the night time representation of the sun).  Of course the old  religion was restored after Akhnatons death-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aten – You could then wonder whether or not the Hebrews and Christians were sun-worshipers too . Doesn’t their God pronounce himself to be the light also and the similarities between the two are indeed striking –http://ixwa.hubpages.com/hub/Egyptian-AmonAmen-The-Invisible-Creative-Power-Hidden-From-View-Akhnaton-Moses-and-the-Origins-of-Monotheism –  The earlier gods, the original gods and the true deity’s of Egypt, all these gods had great effect though, great enough to have sustained the undiluted faith of an intelligent civilization and had developed with this civilization for around 3000 years (from what we know though it appears that the early Egyptian suddenly appeared from nowhere fully civilized and fully knowledgeable, a base with which they only had to build on to heighten their existence) before the new testament came into being   and their gods where centred around the the god of the dead and the underworld, Osiris, who can be said to come in different aspects or phases according to Manly’s interpretation. He is god of the dead because he had been killed by his jealous brother Set and so had died but was Made to live again in order to impregnate his wife and so walked among men also making him one of the people and easily related to ( First let me mention that duality is fundamentally the driving force behind evil as it promotes superiority which can only mean an existence of inferiority, like a class struggle really). The Egyptian believed in duality and also promoted a duality of presence, that of a feminine presence, hence some of the female  style clothes (our modern priests still wear these style of clothes to this day, don’t know where they got the idea from though) the male Egyptians wore face paint’s and make-ups, jewellery and other things of a feminine ilk which they did openly with a vanity on a scale never seen before. And needless to say the  male also  had the masculine presence, being generally a male,  as did the women on the reverse side of their femininity due to the nature of their belief in duality. Some of the attributes of Osiris, being the prime deity within whom all deities  and everything lives and being the universal architect and the maker of all things were as follows- Osiris-Ptah. He is a potter (But also a major craftmason of all the craft, but for creation he is the potter), he fashioned this world on a potters wheel from which the great gods and people sprang, not just an intellect but the light and the enlightener within the light, the giver of life and the consciousness, he is the regenerator, the Egyptian did not believe in a spontaneous creation from nothing, wouldn’t have contemplated it or thought it logically possible and wouldn’t have understood that concept but believed in a continuation of everything and a renewing of all things. He is also Osiris -Horus and had a peculiar but vaguely familiar father-son relationship. He was both the father who is the son and the son who is the father – ” For Osiris so loved his only begotten son that he gave him dominion over all things and through him only Osiris can be approached” (actual words from ancient Egyptian texts, hmm I’ve heard something similar to this before). Horus is also the redeemer and the witness, he is the guardian of the gates to the east and west and guardian of the temple. The ancient Egyptian also had no concept of evil or hell in the way we do today according to Manly but rather a certain reward system (you reap what you sow) in the afterlife should you make it through the underworld after your physical death. If you were nasty or bad in life then after the weighing of your heart in the underworld you simply had to go to a place and spend your time with yourself as your partner and tormentor and experience all the things you had done to others and in that train be at the mercy of yourself ( a self that didn’t know you but treated you as you would have treated others) until your eventual time came where you would be BORN AGAIN (heard that before too, curious eh?) to have another go at life and to try and redeem yourself. If you were a good person in your life and lets say you might have been a builder, then  you would be able to (after if you’d traversed the underworld successfully and qualified at the weighing of your heart for the  afterlife) in your  afterlife reside with all the other dead souls in a utopian paradise style place where you would continue  eg: with your building as you did in life so to speak or continue to do the things that kept you busy (depending on your career, it was known in Egypt that somebody without a job would be plagued by demons, we call it lazy and depressed and unhappy, and because of these demons you wouldn’t qualify for the afterlife and that these demons would drive you into a state of madness eventually)  and the things that you enjoyed  in life, you would just carry on as you were, happy and fault free. Though for each Egyptian the afterlife was of his own thought and making, every person went to their own paradise as imagined by themselves. The ancient Egyptian had no concept of death either, not in the literal sense. That thought that death was the end  wouldn’t have crossed their mind, it would have been impossible. You see, when your body ceased in this place then your soul would just be shifted to another existence in another place and continue doing and being like it was in the earthly life, but for being bad  (they actually believed that  evil is  just the least  form of good, everything to the Egyptian was good, just in different forms, evil was the bottom of the  good ladder and not the evil that we imagine today) you would be repaid with even more bad and for being good you would be repaid with good, more good. No, evil wasn’t an issue or a thought or even an idea, they only understood negative and positive. You had the least form of good or the highest form of good.  This is why your heart had to be weighed, to determine how  good you’d been or how least good you’d been. All was good because Osiris had made it, there was just different levels of goodness, you did what you did and got payed accordingly and replaced after time to another life accordingly. No , death wasn’t the end. Our hell could have been derived from the underworld but then extremely exaggerated and our heaven could have been derived from the higher place of Egyptian existence. They sound similar to me. But to the Egyptian their heaven or hell was just simply what they expected, if your bad you know your bad so no matter what you say your conscience knows better, you will expect bad. This makes a little more sense to me too. It was not very hard for the Egyptian to deal with the thought or the actual event of death, it happened all the time, if they grieved  it wasn’t for their loved ones because they knew their beloved where going to travel on, they where simply upset for themselves because they would miss the deceased, either they would have to re-adapt their lives to live without a relative, or get a new tenant to rent their property, or find a new employee. It was only their own personal life that was affected in their minds, not that of the departed who they knew had gone on to other things. Akhenaton took all these beliefs and re-arranged and reorganised them around his new belief system consisting of Aton, the sun,  as the prime deity and the only all god and the only god to be worshipped as God, and obviously through him or other adept initiates of his new cult. Did you know that in ancient Egypt, if you were a noble or someone of considerable wealth that in the event of your death, mourners would be employed to attend your funeral to show sympathy (because death not being a big deal you wouldn’t really have that many upset people at funerals). These mourners would be professional actors payed to attend, they would cry and wail and scream and generally be very upset because they were payed to be , it was their job (upto 30-40 of them possibly), they wouldn’t have a clue who’d died but they wouldn’t care, they’d just be upset for their money and the reason was to create an air of sympathy for the relatives or acquaintances who’d been left behind, these probably would not be that really bothered either but the mourners would be there in numbers and be the most upset people there to help create a somber mood so all at the funeral felt comfortable in their own thoughts. The ancient  Egyptians had to start their new civilization from scratch, they invented, they created fine arts, they developed written language (heiroglyphics developed into a shorthand version that was hard to decipher because the shorthand no longer resembled the pictograms that we knew represented the words and letters, it had advanced, a good example of even more advanced heiroglyphics as seen in the modern times can be seen in the writing of the Chinese and other far eastern empires)  they studied the heavens , they philosophized, they trained in alchemy (now chemistry), they studied law, they taught their people, they studied nature, they studied phenomena, they studied the sciences, they studied warfare and defense, they studied economics, social habits, welfare, they studied everything and they understood everything, they didn’t cut corners they just learned wisely, they were a  honest people and we undermine that. We have nothing that’s needed now that the ancient Egyptians didn’t have during their middle age. We learned everything from Egypt, the Greeks learned from them, the Romans learned from them. It was the Egyptian belief that everybody should be kept busy as this was essential for the soul and essential for advancement toward the afterlife, lazing about wasn’t good for you or the people around you, it was treated as a disposition to be helped before it led to bad things and the Pharaoh himself  helped out as leader. If jobs weren’t available then the Pharaoh would pay the unemployed out of monies from the treasury  in order to keep them busy, for doing jobs that the Pharaoh himself  would find somewhere for them to do. That’s fair and that’s good government. You know how we say “the devil finds work for idle hands”, well I believe that’s true and that saying must have come from somewhere. I dont’ mean literally the devil or idle hands but I know this- the most unhappy miserable parts of my life have been when I’ve been unemployed,  because that’s when I’ve been bored, nothing to do, it makes you sad, miserable and depressed when you don’t have anything to do,  and when your depressed, well, we all know that one , that’s when you become irrational, illogical, unreasonable and may even start doing certain thing’s to pass the time like drinking too much etc, and then it’s a downwards spiral (the Egyptian new this and new it was unholy). I’ve seen that happen so many times and It’s true, we need to be busy to be happy and content. The new testament is agreed by experts to be historically true of accounts that happened in the specific areas in those days (probably not all accounts, I’m sure there lies biased opinion towards the Roman empire and it’s great liar leader “Emperor I am the first Pope ever and only through me can you seek entrance to heaven now Constantine”) The Great Lie is John 3:16. Perhaps the most famous Bible Verse is John 3:16 in the New Testament where Jesus allegedly said, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” This is the exact wording from the King James Version of the Holy Bible (other versions will say the same thing but maybe with a few different words added or taken away). Unfortunately, for all mankind, this verse is going to prove to us one day that it is a lie, and not only is it a lie but has served to force Christianity upon people in the most destructive fashion imaginable. This false teaching, initially attributed to Jesus by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 A.D., has been instrumental in the murdering of millions of innocent people over the past 1700 years. In 325 A.D. there were numerous religions being practiced around the world. Constantine found it difficult to control people who worshipped gods perceived to be wiser and more powerful than any man, including the Roman Emperor himself. Constantine preferred to think of himself as a god, at least the most god-like man on Earth, and he fully expected everyone else to give him the respect a god like him deserved. Therefore, Constantine decided to start his very own religion that carried on from the Hebrew religion of the old testament (which seems to have some of it’s own stories taken from an earlier religion also, namely Akhenatons monotheistic sun god worship) center it around Jesus of Nazareth, make Jesus the only son of God, and make it possible for people to gain entry into Heaven ONLY if they become members of his new church, that he had developed from a number of other religions so as to have something in it for everyone to appease everyone, and believe that Constantine, The First Pope, is the only divine human on Earth allowed to grant people access to both God and entry into Heaven. This same lie about the Pope being the most divine of all men and the Catholic Church being the ONLY path to God and Heaven is still being sold by the Catholic Church today. They continue to threaten eternal damnation in Hell for anyone who rejects this horrendous lie. Constantine used his power and influence to literally force people to become members of his new church, the ONLY way for people to gain access to God and Heaven. When people refused to cooperate, they were labeled heretics and either forced out of town or put to death. Constantine’s new form of Christianity and his new church, The Church of Rome has become what we know today as the Roman Catholic Church. In order for Constantine to properly sell his new religion, help it grow, and strengthen his ability to control people at the same time, he needed a rule book, another  Bible, to eliminate any confusion and make sure people were doing what he wanted them to do. Therefore, in 325 A.D. Constantine commissioned the writing of the next testament of the  bible and  also served as the Editor of the first Christian Bible. Of course, he carefully constructed his Bible to be primarily a source of control for him, but this new bible and his new religion also had to be widely perceived as a source of wisdom and goodness. Constantine carefully infused the lies he needed for control with the truth he needed to effectively sell this new religion. Many of the original teachings of Jesus and other spiritual teachers were not included in Constantine’s new Bible for obvious control reasons. Since the discovery of both the Dead Sea Scrolls in Israel and the Nag Hammadi Library in northern Egypt in the 1940’s and 1950’s, we have learned of numerous writings from Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Thomas, Philip, and others which contain powerful teachings suppressed by Constantine. Much of the suppressed information pertained to the teachings of Jesus and others regarding the divine nature of all things, the all pervading nature of God, the fact that everything consists of this God. They taught about the Holy Trinity actually referring to the Omnipresence of God, the Omnipotence of God, and the Omniscience of God.  Jesus, Mary, and others were all regarded as great teachers of truth. There was far more discussion about the divine feminine which Constantine’s Bible almost totally suppressed. The truth about the divinity of mankind was suppressed by Constantine. The idea that each human being is literally a child of God, making all of us brothers and sisters so to speak was suppressed. The idea of an eternal life in Hell was heavily emphasized by Constantine’s Bible and his new church all for obvious control reasons. Jesus and the more spiritually minded teachers freely and openly talked of the possibility of such things as reincarnation as a form of training. Those truths and character traits we fail to honor and demonstrate in one life will be honored and demonstrated in future incarnations. Of course, the Catholic Church has evolved into one of the most evil and destructive institutions in world history. For well documented proof of this, simply refer to Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps. You can also refer to any number of works by the late Avro Manhattan. And no I’m not trying to say there is no God, I’m just simply saying that the story of God, the oneness, the great consciousness, the fundamental being of our universe, what ever you want to call it, has been twisted, reconfigured, redefined and re-established in a way that implicates superiority to be true and  just and inferiority to be the do-er of all that is bad. Yes man is evil and he teaches evil but largely through his unknowing and unwitting. Lots of evil teachers have been hoodwinked (don’t mean to use a Freemason term there) into their ways and methods of teaching, but having said that, when you know deep down in your heart of hearts something isn’t right, that’s when you know something is wrong and that it could be you that is doing that wrong. That is your choice of free will. And largely man does know he is being evil but because of the power he is receiving or the wealth that he is receiving or something else to better his situation that he is receiving he might choose to justify himself to others and try to even convince himself with an excuse, well then this is a blatant act of evilness, or wrongdoing, that will be repaid with karma in some way. But conscience always knows whoever you might be, you can’t hide from conscience. http://overlordsofchaos.com/html/nature_of_evil.html Anyway, back to the point of masonic oath, if you break your oath , as you’ll be made aware at your initiation, the penalty would be to have your tongue torn out, your throat slit from ear to ear, and your beating heart ripped out from your chest. CHARMING! And in your 9th degree initiation in order to climb this ladder still further you have to swear that you’d be prepared to kill in the name of Freemasonry if it were required to protect the society, it’s people or it’s secrets (and in the 33 degrees of Freemasonry, even if you reached the 33rd degree, you would still be in the outer circle of Freemasonry, still a minion, a fool until you where invited into the inner circle, the true Freemasons society where the real secrets are, secrets unknown even to the 1st 33 degrees and where your true religion would be revealed to you and  your true deity represented by the statue of “baphomet” a dualistic figure of both male and female characteristic with the head of a goat and being in representation of Lucifer).  That would explain a lot, but these people get away with being a charity because they do so much charitable work in the community (although freemasonry isn’t free either, you HAVE to pay a donation) and they need to be a charity because it justifies their existence since secret societies are illegal under national and international law and are (apparently) outlawed by the church although many different icons from history were indeed proud Freemasons, as are many in our present day. ie in no particular order: Newton, Faraday, Brunel, Luther, Stephenson, Darwin, Pythagoras, Mozart, Michel Angelo, Various Monarchs, Crowley(not a nice man), Bacon/Shakespeare, Drake, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Albert Pike, King Solomon, Archimedes, Rich businessmen, Plato, Many Arabian Caliphs of antiquity, ancient iconic figures from the Orient such as Confucious, Marx, Lewis Carroll, Socrates, Various Caesars and all the Pharaohs, many icons of the east far and near, leaders from the Americas including loads of US presidents and politicians as well as British Politicians and PM’s including Brown and Blair. There really are just too many to mention because the list would literally be endless but masonry as you can see is influential without a doubt and has infiltrated and been infiltrated by many other organisations secret and non-secret including religious sects and the infamous Illuminati amongst others upto today. I can safely say that most Freemasons however will be very hard working, very honest individuals right upto the 33rd degree, they WILL be charitable and they WILL be just, they also will be the minions that the society (the inner circle that is) hides behind and has set up for the world to observe as a charitable and seemingly benevolent force to be admired or respected –http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/09/120917152043.htm – All our secret societies owe their origins to the  “One” oldest secret society known to man if they were to be traced back, as many have done, their aim is always the same, their belief is always the same and the name of the Original secret society is “The Brotherhood of the Serpent (or Snake)” The apparent aim – to better mankind’s understanding of his own existence and to enhance that existence. Nowadays this is being done blatantly by manipulation of mankind through a process of social engineering or forms of eugenics via secret society’s that work in the background to bring about (hopefully) a dominion of the world. The apparent belief is a belief in a supreme being which rules over all thing’s on a spiritual level and guides all things using that spirituality, a modern day brotherhood that has actually been traced all the way back to the story of the garden of Eden where the serpent offered the knowledge of all things to Adam and Eve in exchange that they denounce their God and open themselves to the possibilities of free will and thus the serpent became the creator of the new man, the man with the potential for evil having been corrupted of his innocence. The Eden story is a story that correlates with other creation myths of other religions and indeed with the ancient Mesopotamian, Sumerian and Egyptian texts relating to creation.

A bit of a can of worms for you to openly research really, should you wish to, and indeed it will be the infamous “rabbit hole” from Carroll’s famous novel if you would wish to enter.

Back to the tech: I have heard somewhere recently that South Korea is gonna be the world’s first country to have a digitally enhanced police force on the front-lines of it’s streets in the not to distant future. Here is a prison guard in use as we speak, ok it’s not the hi-tech robocop or terminator seen on the big screen but it’s a start and it’s early days. Just look how far computer tech has come since it’s dawn not too long ago – http://www.webpronews.com/meet-robo-guard-south-koreas-robotic-corrections-officer-2012-04 – or how about a soldier -http://euro-police.noblogs.org/2010/07/south-korea-machine-gun-toting-robots/ or this one http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/southkorea/7887217/South-Korea-deploys-robot-capable-of-killing-intruders-along-border-with-North.html – and here’s the cop – https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=south+korea+robot+police&hl=en&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&biw=1280&bih=634&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=wTqIUfbYHMjPsgab-4DADg#imgrc=yRaQQ6upMdHCLM%3A%3BEgM26-Lz2C0fNM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fd24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net%252Fphoto%252F959186_700b.jpg%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252F9gag.com%252Fgag%252F959186%3B640%3B566 and for Europe – http://planet.infowars.com/business/robo-guard-patrols-could-replace-the-police and now the everyday living home robot (remmeber this is old news from 2006) – http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/02/world/asia/02robot.html?_r=0 -The U.S. hopes to be a part of the robot police force between now 2025. They are achieving these goals using technologies made possible by projects such as “Blue brain”,” Blue gene”, and not to forget “Bluebird” and other successful projects (might I just add, being as I said successful projects, that the HAARP project in Alaska has quadrupled in size in the last 10 years, so it obviously is successful and works just as intended for them to bother upgrading it and spending more money on it to make it even more efficient). They do like to use the word or colour blue for a lot of their projects this puppet government of the U.S. or the elite or who ever comes up with these names (project “Blueangel” is another project – http://rt.com/usa/future-vaccine-darpa-research-255/ – set up to look after us -http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_bioterrorism06.htm). And do you know what? I expect “Blue gene” and “Blue brain” were top secret when they first started carrying them out too. And I also know that the ability to actually upload your conscious mind onto a computer is within our grasp on a commercial scale (makes me wonder “what about industrial or domestic scale”) which usually means they’ve already done it successfully years ago in the military https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading . Yeah 2045 is the next massive anti human event on our calenders, backed by the UN of course and further supported by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and the Dalai Lama and a number of hindu Swami’s. Crikey! A Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov claims to have discovered immortality, doubtful in my opinion but no doubt worth millions. He claims to be able to upload somebody’s mind or memories and conscious properties of the brain to a hard drive on a computer, and by the year 2045 expects to be able to implant this computer on to a robot body, thus, creating immortality. Though I would suggest only digitally, surely that digital recording of your brain cant be you can it? Sound’s twisted to me anyway. Dmitry has a team of thirty scientists working on his projects and demands very high expenses from other billionaires in return for his services by 2045. Sounds just like sci fi. Unbelievable. And even more unbelievable is, I really did nearly start choking on my toast at this, eventually he’d like to see robots being replaced to some extent by avatar’s or holographic images that will be able to travel around the world at the speed of light through fiber optic cables over the internet . WTF? WTF? WTF? And these avatars could also be used by humans who wish to travel while simply sitting at home but after uploading their minds to these avatars would also enjoy the experiences of such avatars who (being merely holograms) after reaching their destinations using the internet would also possibly benefit from being able to traverse through solid objects ie: walls and windows etc WTF? WTF? No not our own regular everyday internet that we love so much, but instead their own internet, yes it’s true. CERN also known as the “European Organization for Nuclear Research” who also operate the large hadron collider in Europe were they inventors that brought us the original internet, well now they’ve invented another internet, a private one that we are not invited to use personally or privately for our own sole reasons (like so many wonderful inventions and gadgets that cost trillions and that we ‘re not allowed to play with but paid for through our taxes and inflation), this new internet is known as the “Grid” –  http://user.web.cern.ch/public/en/spotlight/SpotlightGridFactsAndFiction-en.html – He’s deadly serious about it too this Dmitry Itskov. And not only that, get this, it’s even more unbelievable, which by now in itself must be unbelievable I know. He along with Ban Ki Moon and the UN,  as well as the Dalai Llama claim that it’s time for evolution to take a turn if humans are to survive, he claims to have all our answers by digitizing us and that we should embrace this Idea. http://2045.com/ WWWWWWTTTTTTFFFFFF??????      All this would obviously be done at the end of ones physical life of course and only those of us who have the fees and are also substance independent (one of the predetermined criteria for qualifying as a potential robot or avatar user. http://www.hindustantimes.com/HTNext/LifeAndUniverse/Russian-billionaire-plans-to-make-humans-immortal-by-2045/Article1-1036706.aspx   Don’t take my word for it, google it yourself and see, there’s lots of info on it, I just picked this site to represent it because it seemed to have a nice layout. You know, not to long ago I read a book about robots and A.I. and stuff. It was ok, quite comical as was it’s aim. It was basically about man creating robots, I sort of imagined it as a cartoon because that’s how it sounded from the way it was written – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dZ3KwczrI8 – Anyway it’s the age old story of the singularity. Where after some time the robots got bored, started to think for themselves and rebelled. Now you had two sides, the robots flee’d to the moon but came down every now and then for spare parts. They’d mastered telepathy, and they wanted human part’s for they where up on the moon building their own humans but with solid state disks for brains whilst in the meantime on earth the man who’d first invented the intelligent robot had mastered mind transferal and uploaded into a robot. War carried on between the two sides but the inventor just changed robot’s every time his current one broke from being in a war. The story goes on until there’s hardly anyone left on either side but I remember thinking, nice fun story but it’ll never happen. lol Peace and love. Would robot’s take over the world? I don’t know. Probably not, maybe! who know’s, but they would make a formidable security force, and they would police mercilessly, I mean can you imagine the implication’s for crowd control if anyone where to ever protest about anything, ooeerrr! creepy, scary, weird, unreal , bizarre, crazy, madness, surreal. How would a robot deal with emotion? F*#@%d up I’m sure of that. http://usahitman.com/ardbd/ If any of you at all have any interest in my very basic, very amateur post’s, you should read them all as they all seem to follow a common pattern and are interlinked, they are also totally 100% understandable and believable and that scares me too, not just because they are mostly factual, but because the powers that be as we’ve learned from modern history are totally capable of trying something like this on and pulling it off, if we stay blind. I mean our world is literally begging to be enslaved and do you know something – they don’t need us all, they say there ain’t enough tasks to go around for everyone to be a part of it. More recently (and this makes me shake with nerves, it’s blood boiling just to think of it being true) they’re trying to say the world is overpopulated and that somewhere in the region of 500,000,000 humans would be an ideal figure (don’t forget we also have clone technology but i’m sure because they’d have no parent’s we could treat them like shit and feed them on pills). WTF? there’s plenty of land for everyone, plenty of food, and plenty of water sources, and we have the technology now to spread it around, share it. The Japanese proved a few years ago that Africa alone would have sufficient fertile land to us all, yes ALL, the world that is.  And no we don’t need oil either. That stupid endeavour to chase the earths oil which just keeps the powers that be rich and powerful. It’s unfathomable. Especially when we do have other energy technologies available to use, and we have the fund’s too eg-two families associated with the Bilderbergers of which members of neither appear on the worlds rich list, they are beyond wealthy and could solve our problems if our problems are financial wealth, but instead they cripple us and feed off us so they can live as the gods, they are also both Freemasons and Jesuits (Society of Jesus -the Catholic church’s military wing that has slaughtered 1/2 the world in the name of God including the Americas, Australasia, Asia and many more countries in other continents both locally and far away. It is said that the Jesuit leader/ the Superior General of the Society of Jesus, also known as “The Black Pope” has more power than the Pope himself although he must bow to the Pope according to religious law. It is also said that the Freemasons are the footsoldiers of the Jesuits who’s aim is to have global dominance in the form of One world order and will be achieved after the prophesied mutual extermination of the Islamists and the Zionists). The Rothschild family alone has about 1/2 the worlds wealth  in they’re pockets, around 500 trillion dollars or more, they could literally feed the people of the world for the rest of their lives. But if they have all the money, then nobody else does. 1) The Rothschild’s – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rothschild_familyhttp://nexusnow.info/forum/showthread.php?10739-The-Rothschild-family-700-trillion-(if-wealth-was-equal-everyone-would-be-worth-a-million)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-4Jd0o-Emwhttp://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=who+really+are+the+rothschild+family&oq=who+really+are+the+rothschild&gs_l=youtube.…0.0…1ac.1.11.youtube.WS1VSx-1Tls – Then we have 2) the Rockefeller’s – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockefeller_familyhttp://www.whale.to/b/mullins7.htmlhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiMiMuMqXrE – next about the Rockefeller’s and the cancer industry – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDjcVrZnemM – These are only two families that together own well over 1/2 the planets wealth, there are more filthily rich families, loads more so you see that doesn’t leave much of the worlds money left for the poor 90% of the world does it. Who’d make billion’s from affordable tech? We could all put our efforts, skills, manpower into making technologies that work and are cheap and are readily available to all but no one would profit nearly as much as they do in our quest for oil, which WILL run out. To see how they’re developing ways to create electricity for the poor in Kenya hit the link for Kengen http://www.kengen.co.ke/ . Amazing I can tell you, but also comforting. In our universe and in this dimension (if there are any others that is ) everything is all simply made up of resonant vibrations (proven by our latest theories of particle and quantum physics)  that produce natural energy, or chi as they call it in the far east http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHYsUlzR-6E . Our mad scientists know this. It creates harmony throughout the universe. Our scientists know this too. Our planet and it’s core produces these vibrations, it’s mountains do, it’s oceans do and all it’s wildlife does, that includes us, the sun and the stars also do, the other planets do, the universe does and thats a fact. Check the link for the secrets of vibration (its a full documentary so you might want to save the link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5sZi-OocoU. We simply ooze this chi (ever read the Celestine prophecies? if not do so, excellent revelations in that book, although it’s fiction classed otherwise no body would probably bother to even pick it up). These vibes are made up of pure information, everything  at it’s basic level is just info carried by waves of sound also proven by latest  theoretical physics. Our beautiful oil carries this info as part of a strict balance that’s taken millions, billions of years to provide the balance of our little blue ball to our modern day. By removing this essence are we removing a lot of positive energy from our planet needlessly? (oil is very high energy) we don’t know what the implications of that might even be, if indeed there are going to be implications that is, to be fair it just may have no effect at all, we really don’t know, but does that mean it’s safe? It may , along with all the methods of negative wave technology in action today like all 50, that we know of, of our worldwide ionospheric heater systems like  HAARP, this of course being just one technology. These special arrays of High frequency Active Auroral Research Program type facilities can work in conjunction with each other to provide greater effect and are distributed evenly across the planet under the guise of providing better submarine communication, satellite relay, weather conditioning (I think that means weather modification) along with a host of other uses (some secret) work at high frequency down to low frequency by beaming soundwaves up and down our planet in every direction and by heating our ionosphere (ultimately making it lift to a higher plane causing the jet streams to be able to move around and allowing clouds to form and deform almost anywhere within a focused triangulation of these systems) with microwaves so that we may better understand weather (???), our natural balance vibration is 532 hz (quantum physics suggests that everything including matter at the tiniest level/planck scale is simply a combination of vibrations that portray everything we see in the physical world, atomically nothing is static or stable/still, it all moves in vibrations of soundwaves – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_scale——–http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Planck) the frequency of the sun, the frequency of nature, and we’ve got all the other  microwaves bombarding our world from every conceivable direction too in the form of our beloved smartphones and wifi technology, you could even throw into that mix the negative waves given off by our dirty electricity that has also encapsulated our world since the revolution of the AC electrical current by the genius Nikola Tesla who’s inventions, literally 100’s of them, where cherry picked by the PTB to suit their own ends, and indeed enslave the layman whilst making profit for the banking system that ultimately has control of all our corporations, politics etc and so on – http://www.dirtyelectricity.org/– Dirty electricity is now in full swing and is ever increasing at an unfathomable rate and these mentioned technologies are just a few methods of known negative vibes circulating our homeworld. All this soundwave pollution can surely only destabilize the vibes and the energy released by our planet in a way that’s going to affect everything and everyone as i’ve warned. ( WE ARE KILLING THE MAGNETIC FIELD OF OUR PLANET people ) it’s going to affect it in a negative way, we  are  the recipients of negative energy and that may be making us negative thinking also and may be confusing all wildlife in the process and that includes us too. Whats happening to our bees? why are our sea mammals getting lost when they are equipped with the best GPS systems ever? our birds are dwindling too so are our fish supplies, are they ALL being overfished? are we eating EVERYTHING in the seas, lakes and rivers? They are confused by negative energy and they need the magnetic forces as their compass to guide them safely around the globe. Take birds for instance, we now know that what a bird sees with it’s eyes is not simply a colour picture of it’s surroundings like we do, no a bird has a number of useful adaptations in it’s sight in order to help it survive and one of these adaptations is the ability to see in UV, a bird when in flight can actually pickup on the magnetic field on the horizon (as long as that field is healthy enough and unpolluted by other electromagnetic waves, domestic electricity radiation/micro and radiowaves, a bird will see it clearly) and thus have an idea of the direction it’s flying in, just like a compass-http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/27/science/study-sheds-light-on-how-pigeons-navigate-by-magnetic-field.html?_r=0-if a bird cannot define that magnetic field from all the other electromagnetic energy/micro and soundwaves flowing around the planet, as is the case with the current appetite for cell phones and wi-fi ( a major source of elecromagnetic energy) with no sign of that trend abating, on the contrary it is escalating, the bird is going to get lost and not fully understand which direction it’s going in anymore (and the same goes for fish who have very similar eyesight mechanisms in place). All these extra magnetic, electromagnetic pollutions are the product of soundwaves/vibrations and are not in tune with the rate of vibration given off by nature, the rate that has kept the balance of our planet since it’s creation, the natural rate, the positive rate, any other standard as in microwaves and radiowaves amongst other types is of course an unnatural rate that our planet and it’s inhabitants haven’t evolved to be in tune with and so won’t understand the vibe given off by these new rates of soundwave, they are alien to us and our planet, we are not adapted to them so logic says we shouldn’t focus on them too much and surely not over such a short period of time, after all it’s taken billions of years for our planet to have the precise tuning that it has enjoyed, therefore you could say that this introduction of a new standard of soundwave would surely take at least centuries for us to accustom to and adapt with and even then our fishes, bees and birds still wouldn’t be able to safely navigate until evolution (I only use the word evolution for want of a better word, not because i’m an evolutionist) has helped them to develop a new way around this problem. But profit and greed suggests we don’t need fish bees and birds- http://www.abc.net.au/science/k2/trek/4wd/Over57.htm– and here’s one for the fish which would suggest possibly all marine life are capable of-http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/science/130207/fish-navigate-using-earths-magnetic-fields-study-shows – to top all this off be sure to visit this one, the info is mindblowing-http://www.cellphone-health.com/cellphonedangers.htm-These creatures surely are being hampered and will not survive modern technology the way things stand. As well, some of these creatures are falling fowl of modern day pesticides and herbicides, that’s common knowledge and the net is full of info to that effect, that’s whats happening to our planet I believe. And if chemtrail’s are a real problem who knows what chemicals are raining down on us or even simply floating around until the individual particles land somewhere en masse. It also could just be that our animals are idiots too (undoubtedly not but maybe the PTB will have us believe that if they can), just like our uneducated  savages of antiquity who deserved to die at the hands of the Jesuits on behalf of the Catholic church and the Pope, for being rejective of modern civilization or for competing with modern religion with their own inherited thoughts and universal astrological knowledge and wisdom of at least tens of thousands of years if not more (according to the bible humanity is only around 10,000 yrs old, before that was just monkeys apparently) and who also deserved to be wiped out or destabilized, divided and conquered on a global scale and generally put to death for being so accommodating and giving us the wisdom of all their recorded knowledge of the heavens so that we might base our western societies and Ideas on them. These people knew the distances between the planets, distance to the sun and that the earth wasn’t actually flat and that it did rotate around the sun in an eliptical orbit. Some tribes (the Dogon of Mali who want us to believe they would have got their info from older ancestry, suspected to stretch back to Egypt) even knew the distance to Sirius and that it was more than a binary star system but also contained a 3rd star, they knew the 2nd star was a white dwarf (verified by the west in the 70’s with a large telescope), they said it was an extremely bright star for it’s size as it was extremely small, they even knew it’s massive density. We have yet to discover if there is a 3rd (the Dogon claim it is red suggestive of a possible red/brown dwarf) star which they claim to be very dim and small too. They told us of the rings of Saturn (a late 20th century discovery) and the Moons of Jupiter, they told us the Sirius system included planets and they told us this in 1931. It is quite possible that some western traveller travelling across the deserts in remote Africa could have handed some of this info to them, though not all as some of it is believed to be as of yet undiscovered during that timeline, but who? this info was hardly known to the most learned people but it is possible. Even if they were indeed told the information by someone learned in the field (rather than have believed it since ancient times, enough to have based their heritage on religously) it is remarkable that they actually understood that data then given that they were merely savages with no real civilization and didn’t know our version of a god – http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/88347/the-Dogon-tribes-extraordinary-knowledge-of-astronomy. All our ancient ancestors from all around the world believed their astrological data for millennia, are we expected now to believe that they where just uneducated, uncivilized, useless savages? barbarians? that didn’t know anything apart from drawing pictures on walls, Why would they be? To even understand the info they knew suggests advance. They satisfactorily tilled our land for aeons in terms of the length of our modern system of “civilization”. The ancients had developed this device of such sophistication and complexity that it took our modern archaeologists around 70 years to figure out and realise what this device was, what it was for, how it worked and how it was designed, and only really with the aid of X-ray and gamma ray imaging although to be fair it was badly corroded from being submerged in the Mediterranean for a couple of thousand years and could only be reproduced on computer such was the damage from the corrosion. It was the worlds first ever (that we know of) analog computer and the first ever (that we know of) complex (extremely complex at that) gear system. Such is the “Antikythera” mechanisms complexity and precision that it has been equated to our finest modern makers of Swiss watch’s. Our ancients where by all accounts content with life, albeit with the obvious local skirmish here and there over territory and the like (we still have that today and much worse in terms of war) but that’s to be expected most animals are territorial. We created modern civilization without respecting the older  civilizations. These savages were highly skilled in masonry, building constructs that are only capable of being constructed with modern lifting systems like our massive cranes. Even with our cranes we still couldn’t easily lift some of the blocks that went into the Great pyramid of Cheops in Egypt –http://www.margaretmorrisbooks.com/xcerpt04.html . And we have no crane today that could lift some of the blocks in this short clip of the Baalbek stones in Lebanon (here’s a pic of the largest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Baalbek-_largest_stone.jpg some 850 tons , they had been hewn , shaped, dressed and then transported from 1 km away and lifted into position to a height of 10 m with such accuracy that you could not slide a razor blade between them, this was achieved as long ago as 550-330 BCE – http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=147635 . Our ancients managed these feats surely out of pure determination, use of wisdom and a knowledge of the forces that helped to create them whether it be through the use of gravity  and one would expect almost unimaginable  leveridge/counterbalance techniques unknown to (or ignored by) us, and surely by the brute force of many people or even indeed by other means unknown to us even  at the present. Remarkable to say the least. At a later date the temple of Jupiter was built at the site of these Baalbek stones by the Early Romans who called the town Heliopolis and who where accredited with the work of the big stones until archaeological tests prove them to predate the Roman temple. It has even been suggested according to settlement findings in the area that they could be bronze age – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JElDe5co5W8. These primitive savages of old where perfectly capable of buildings that where perfect astronomical alignments on a global scale. Some of the jointing on some of these constructs around the world have been created with as much as 36 angles (south american constructions) and with an accuracy so spot on that you couldn’t slide a thin knife edge between them and they weren’t built in the easiest of places to build either. With all our modern technology and might we wouldn’t even dream of building constructions like these even if we could because of the time money and effort it would take. The Great pyramid of Cheops lies perfect true north, south, east and west to a perfection that is only some 3 sixtieths of a degree out of alignment with true north.  Our most perfect modern alignment of true North, south, east and west in modern times was built by king Charles II in 1676 and is the Royal observatory in Greenwich, London, it is out by some 9 sixtieths of a degree and that’s the best we of modernity have ever achieved to this day- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Royal_observatory_greenwich.jpg – It was these same savages of old in the Americas that developed calenders showing the procession of the equinox’s in the movements of the stars without (do you believe this?) any knowledge of any written language, a full cycle that would take 26,000 years to record and then 26,000 years to prove it was true, we have only improved upon that calender by 17 seconds per year with our modern techniques and computations. Not only that they made 4 different calenders stretching back 90,000,000 years. We can only do this and verify these calenders because of modern computer software that can track the stars backwards through these cycles. I’m not merely insinuating that this nation recorded the stars ceremoniously for some 180,000 years, the alternative is that they had some fantastic insight, understanding and method to use the mathematics of their day to accurately arrive at their calculations and to test that accuracy. Can I remind you too that in antiquity mathematics obviously wasn’t anywhere near as advanced as it is today, much of our mathematics is relatively new  and has been arranged for us to easily arrive at our own calculations ie: calculus, algebra, trigonometry, geometry etc. On top of that these barbarians would also have had to have had excellent understandings of sciences, again which for us has only had recent advances in the realms of physics and such for us to more easily understand science. Look at the achievements by the Inca that went into the building of this site in the mountains of Bolivia, it is the Puma Punku site, which in turn was part of a much bigger but not grander site at Tiahuanaco, believed to be a type of wharf for the lake Titicaca. Some of the largest stone building blocks in the world rest here, just admire the intricacy and detail that has gone into the fashioning and placing of these blocks, it’s staggering (I would recommend you steer away from the Erik Von Danniken theory of ancient aliens at the bottom of this site, it’s not true, he is a fraud , he has been debunked and so have his aliens in a documentary that I gladly leave a link too if you’re interested in that sort of thing-). These ancients knew too about the power of sound and of it’s vibration, they knew vibration was an integral part of the universe and that it had powers that could be harnessed, they knew it was mystical and magical and that it operated at an atomic level within the microcosm (inner universe within our own bodies) and that this microcosm was a reflection of the macrocosm (outer universe). Here I wouldn’t try to suggest that they discovered the atom or could actually view one or anything but that they were aware of them in a different way, a sensual way in that they realised, just the same as they would have realised the cosmos get’s bigger and bigger infinitely the more you observe it, so too, if the body was a reflection of the cosmos as many are known to have believed, it too would only get smaller and smaller infinitely and in these smaller spaces would have to exist things, the things that make us, our energies, our thoughts, our souls, our chemistry etc, things they know they have but couldn’t explain because they couldn’t observe them and they would surely have thought out of a simplistic view that in order to explain what we feel and think and are intuitive of that they should be there and therefore believed that they would be there confidently because as simplicity goes (remember simple is always best) there would be no other explanation apart from things inside us that we can’t see, thing’s that help us, things that make us sense and feel, things that give us energy because they are the energy, the energy that exists within everything. Sure in our modern world our modern dictatorships have been able to use our stolen mashed up religion that was based upon ancient beliefs of origin recorded by others to control the future, and through the few enlightened peoples that have walked the earth they have made saint’s and martyr’s for us to worship and follow. Modern religions did something to create a fake social balance, an unwilling harmony in which people had to participate in in modern society in order to get along, a false order threatened by the reformation of the church in medieval times (16th cent) of which many cults, secret societies claiming Freemasonic roots and other secret society religions such as the Rosiecrucian rites  were born and of which the protestant church was formed and with a massive following too.  Certain monarchs around Europe began to  favour this more liberal religion claiming just as much divine right as the Catholics set up by the Romans, which in turn caused friction within the catholic church who were horrified at the potential loss of control of the people to an almost identical religion that had the benefit of more liberty and freedom for the people that cemented in place the consented control by the monarchs, and so posed a major threat to the Catholics apparent control of it’s innumerable  subjects and with that the ever expanding wealth that such control generated and granted. Let it be said that the ancient Egyptian religion CRC-Church of the Rosie Cross or Red Cross- the “Rosicrucians”  was supposed to have been the preferred christian denomination of King James VI and I of Scotland and  England & Ireland, who strangely was privileged with running the two separate sovereign states of Scotland and England & Ireland in unison in the union of the Scottish and English crowns, as such he stylised himself as “King of Great Britain & Ireland”; this Rosicrucian belief of King James is said to be the reason of the fabled little Red Cross symbol of our flags, medals, military insignia etc  or we can have the Red Cross and Red crescent movement (crescent actually being a Turkish emblem of antiquity not an Islamic one as many believe, including many Muslims who had at later stages adopted it into their own culture, symbolism was a taboo with orthodox Islam in antiquity, and in some strict circles still is, but as Turkish ancestry stretches back to Siberia and Asia rather than Arabia symbolism had carried over from previous pagan beliefs into their modern Islamic beliefs when they adopted Islam in the 11th century whilst keeping their own more liberal traditions) which is also a part of the ICRC (hmm CRC). – http://www.icrc.org/eng/ – A worthwhile charity indeed, or committee which is defined thus             –  http://www.thefreedictionary.com/committee – possibly you might think I’m clutching at straws to try and prove something here, well I am not trying to prove anything, these symbols their representative organisations and their meanings are of no issue with me on any conspiratory level whatsoever, I’m merely pointing out coincidences, whether or not these coincidences exist is up to you yourself  to question and decide upon if you like. I am undecided but am open minded and so proceed with caution while not discounting or counting on anything until it hits me in the face. That is also not to say that I don’t or wouldn’t help the needy or give to charity either, that’s a personal thing and something that I do after researching worthwhile causes to be confident that my money is going where I intended it to. The Rose Cross’s history is believed to be an old Egyptian symbol where it represents the deity Phtha in the hieroglyph we recognise as the ankh (crux ansata- a tau cross with a ring over it) and is symbolic of life and the life that radiated out of the deity and that eternal life; which Christians hope God’s greatness grants to us all. The rose is sacred to the sun and Aurora in ancient Egypt, a symbol of dawn and resurrection of light and renewal of life and thus  the dawn of the first day and especially the resurrection (??? hmmm in Egypt?). The Rose and Cross together read as hieroglyphs would mean “the dawn of eternal life”; something that every orthodox religion has faith in, in the event of the appearance of the redeemer. So maybe somebody acted out Jesus’s life in accordance with the Bible, a Bible that seems to have a story similar (if not almost exact) to the stories and beliefs of a much earlier system that had been tweaked somewhat into a religion that almost mirrored the hebrew stories of the Torah: first 5 books of the old testament written by Moses at the purported instruction of God, when Moses was alone that is, although 70 of the elders of Israel where allowed to accompany him and worship him from afar (at the foot of mount Horeb; which we are led to believe may have been mount Sinai), these 70 elders are supposed to have seen God (impossible – see ex3320) in the sky standing on a pavement of saphire and heard him request the company of Moses at the top of the mountain, alone so he can give him the laws that he might teach the children of Israel. These 70 elders are purported by Rabbinic belief to have passed on what they  saw and heard God say in an oral tradition (by word of mouth from teaching’s and preaching’s and sermons at places such as King Solomon’s temple) ie: the true meanings of the written law of the commandments apparently (convenient for the Hebrews) and the further unwritten laws of the commandments along with the oral laws which were to be passed down through generations of Hebrews/Jews through the prophets and the “men of the great assembly”; a group of some 120 scribes, sages and prophets that existed from the end of the Biblical prophets to the Hellenistic period in 323BC at the emergence of the Roman Empire (not to be confused with the Roman republic whose history stretches back much further and was the precursor to the Empire). The great assembly who kept this oral tradition going and who where the precursors to the Biblical pharisees (who Jesus greatly disliked according to the Bible) up and until the temple of Solomon was destroyed by the Romans at which point the Hebrews decided to all of  a sudden (having no place to now preach the oral law from apparently) write the oral laws of God down and record them in the holy Talmud, a doctrine that states that the laws of God only apply amongst Hebrews, as in from Hebrew to Hebrew and not amongst the gentiles (the goyim as the Hebrew calls them, people that are not Jewish ) as in from Hebrew to gentile/goyim, therefore the laws of God now don’t apply to a Hebrew anymore where the Law is broken against the goyim ie; a Hebrew is not held accountable to God if he decides to murder, rape, assault, abuse or commit any other misdemeanor against the gentile who are not worthy of God and are to be treated like the beasts underfoot (insects) because they are not of God (? who according to the Bible created all things didn’t he?). Only the Hebrew,  the children of Israel, are worthy of God and his law because only they are the descendants of Jacob who was later named Israel by God after he wrestled on a beach with God all night and won, because of this he also won the respect of God who saw most of the other people in his world as undesirables. Jacob’s/Israel’s grandfather was Abraham who in turn was the eighteenth descendant of Adam, therefore the children of Israel/Hebrews where directly linked to the Adam geneology and the true creation of God and anybody else apparently was even more evil than the descendants of the original sinner who’s descendants will one day be redeemed (also convenient). This can only imply that all the other people must have in fact been born of the Nephilim who the bible only mentions twice as being the “son’s of God”/”Angels” or the offspring of “the son’s of God”/”Angels”  (this is of course in my eyes is also a direct relationship with God). The Nephilim then who where the son’s of God or Angels who saw that the Earthly women where beautiful and decided to come down to Earth to have sex with them and take them as their wives rendering themselves as sinners in that process. The Bible also tells us that these Nephilim were giants too and so must have fathered giant’s also (maybe, that’s true but i’m not impressed so far or convinced although it is a remarkably brilliant story). If the gentiles (who by far outweigh the Hebrew/Jew in number) then are the children of giants why are the Biblical stories not severely riddled with stories of wars between the Hebrew and giants? I know giants existed in some battles of Biblical legend, as in Goliath and a few other’s, but only as a frontline hero for the many normal sized people to carry into battle with them and are only mentioned a few times in this role even. Here are some holy words from the Talmud. At the end of these words is a pdf containing a copy of the Talmud for your research. It is a works that has been  written down by respected and revered Rabbis over centuries. [Forewarning; Some of the statements and remarks in the following sentences are of a sickening taste. Twisted and insane pertaining to murder, rape, pedophilia and other disgustingly vile abuses, if you are easily offended please do not read any further or scroll down past the bold type passages.]

Some passages from the Babylonian Talmud (holy original  version):

Mas. Shabbath 31b: On the house of the Goy [Goy means unclean, and is the disparaging term for a non-Jew] one looks as on the fold of cattle.

Tosefta, Tractate Erubin VIII: When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it. Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 156: If it can be proven that someone has given the money of Israelites to the Goyim, a way must be found after prudent consideration to wipe him off the face of the earth.

Sanhedrin 58b:[In other words, if a non-Jew kills a Jew, the non-Jew can be killed. Punching an Israelite is akin to assaulting God. (But killing a non-Jew is NOT like assaulting God.] If a goy killed a goy or a Jew he is responsible, but if a Jew killed a goy he is not responsible.

Sanhedrin 57a:[Translation: A Jew may rob a Goy, but a Goy may not rob a Jew. If a Goy murders another Goy or a Jew, he should be killed, but a Jew will not be incur the death penalty for killing a non-Jew.] Kill the Goyim by any means possible.

#Choshen Ha’mishpat 425:50 :Everyone who sheds the blood of the impious [non-Jews] is as acceptable to God as he who offers a sacrifice to God.

Zohar, Shemoth Tob shebbe goyyim harog: – Even the best of the Goyim (Gentiles) should be killed.

Zohar, Shemoth, Toldoth Noah, Lekh-Lekha: Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night.

Midrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: Everything a Jew needs for his church ritual no goy is permitted to manufacture, but only a Jew, because this must be manufactured by human beings and the Jew is not permitted to consider the goyim as human beings.

Schulchan Oruch, Orach Chaim 14, 20, 32, 33, 39: A Jew may do to a non-Jewess what he can do. He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat.

 Hadarine, 20, B: Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348: A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl. Gad. Shas. 2:2 A boy-goy after nine years and one day old, and a girl after three years and one day old, are considered filthy.

 Avodah Zarah 36b: They decreed in connection with a heathen child that it should cause defilement by seminal emission so that an Israelite child should not become accustomed to commit pederasty with him…. It is therefore to be concluded that a heathen girl [communicates defilement] from the age of three years and one day, for inasmuch as she is then capable of the sexual act she likewise defiles by a flux. This is obvious! 

Avodah Zarah 36b-37a: R. Joseph said: Come and hear! A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition [intercourse], and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. The penalty of adultery may be incurred through her; [if a niddah] she defiles him who has connection with her, so that he in turn defiles that upon which he lies, as a garment which has lain upon [a person afflicted with gonorrhoea]. 

Sanhedrin 55b: Rab said Pederasty with a child below nine years of age is not deemed as pederasty with a child above that. Samuel said: Pederasty with a child below three years is not treated as with a child above that.24 (24) I.e., Rab makes nine years the minimum; but if one committed sodomy with a child of lesser age, no guilt is incurred. Samuel makes three the minimum. 

Sanhedrin 54b: Raba said. It means this: When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [three years old], it is as if one puts the finger into the eye; but when a small boy has intercourse with a grown-up woman he makes her as ‘a girl who is injured by a piece of wood.’…

 Kethuboth 11b:[This debate concerns whether or not someone is a virgin. Virginity is prized above all, such that it is believed that a girl under the age of three will regain her virginity, even if a man has had intercourse with her. (Fn. 7 says, in regard to putting “the finger into the eye”: “I.e., tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.”) Since virginity is prized above all, one could assume that this conclusion has allowed grown men to have sex with little girls with immunity. A grown-up woman is not deflowered by having sex with a small boy, however, since he is only like a “piece of wood.”]

Sanhedrin 57a : When a Jew murders a gentile (“Cuthean”), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

Baba Kamma 37b: The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has “exposed their money to Israel.”

Yebamoth 63a: States that Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.

Sanhedrin 55b: A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

Sanhedrin 54b: A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

Kethuboth 11b: “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”

Baba Mezia 59b: A rabbi debates God and defeats Him. God admits the rabbi won the debate.

Tall Tales of a Roman Holocaust

Here are two early “Holocaust” tales from the Talmud: Gittin 57b. Claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. (Ancient demography indicates that there were not 16 million Jews in the entire world at that time, much less 16 million Jewish children or four billion Jews)  


OUR GOD IS THE ONLY GOD: We are the special ones – Can I say now that we know from research that the rulers of the Inca of the Amazon, after the building of their monuments, addressed their people as if they themselves where the first real people and the offspring of the gods who built their magnificent monuments and made the world, because of that the Inca legend is that god built their monuments and their rulers are the children of gods and thus only they know gods will and law, the Inca believed this right up until their demise and they believed all the myths, legends and stories surrounding the fact that they were merely there to serve the descendants of god (the nobility), genius, no better way to inform the people that you are superior and better than they than to tell them that god gave birth to your parents and you better do as we say or god won’t be a happy bunny at all, and they of course say “we can treat you how we like”…….Generations down the line serving gods became the norm and they just got on with it and hoped for a place in paradise at the end. Rituals were performed at the monuments to please your gods (and entertain the ruling class) in all seriousness, festivals were organized for special dates, parties were attended but sacrifices had to be made for the gods. Further generations down the line and even the nobility started to believe the sham/scam and so felt compelled to advance civilization and themselves, riches were required and used to acquire more power and material wealth, gold, jewels etc. Jealous nobles who wanted more of the high life organized coup d’ etars and revolutions, civilization seperated into groups of numerous civilizations and so on. Tribes developed needless to say as a result. These tribes traded with each other for the goods they needed; fish from the coasts and rivers, gold from the forest, jewels from the hills, wood, stones etc etc and economies with stocks and monetary system developed . Differing tribes with differing nobilities and differing ideas, who all by now believed they should be the special ones, disagreed and fought skirmishes whilst all the time making similar offerings and performing similar traditions of similar  ritual  to the same gods of the same or similar religion. These Incas who had never seen outside their world of MesoAmerica  thought they were the world and carried their civilization on for  centuries until they where ravaged in a most foul way by the Spanish gold hungry savages with their Catholic despot belief system (who are the savages now?) in the 17th century. Although their civilization collapsed they were not destroyed. This civilization could have sprang from another great civilization of that area that continued for thousands of years with quite similar traits although it’s unclear if they are genetically related directly but rumours say they both may have their origins in India (west got there first? perhaps not) as well as the Aztec civilization of that area with a similar timeline as that of the Inca who also may or may not be related. All three of these great civilizations had much in common however in that they all, as different nations and creeds, believed they were special (ruling classes that is) and were the privileged descendants of the gods. We do know that the Inca (and possibly the Aztec who may or may not have Inca or Maya roots and be another separatist group of the Inca or the Maya) created their own gods via the ruling class at the inception of their civilization to facilitate control of their people and keep them together as a group thus allowing for civilization to prosper. Among the developments in Judaism that are attributed to the children of Israel and the Pharisees are the fixing of the Jewish Biblical canon, including the books of Ezekiel,DanielEsther, and much of what is contained in the Jewish Talmud – http://en.swikipedia.org/wiki/Talmud – and various prayers and so forth (the Talmud is said to have begun it’s recording of these handed down oral traditions of the other laws that God gave to Moses and spoke aloud to the 70 elders of Israel along with other information, that also wasn’t written down, at around 200AD although the oldest original copy of a manuscript of any Talmudic book is from 750AD). So has the Jewish story changed since it’s original interpretation, has it changed through out the ages to the present day, we know Judaism is fascinatingly splintered into many differing groups, all of which don’t necessarily agree with one another – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judaism -. Some scholars have challenged even that Jewry has suppressed information about God and his true powers and actual Importance. Whateve,r I don’t want to sound anti semitic as i’m not, I have the same respects and disrespects of Judaism as I do all religions, I also have Jewish blood, although Ashkenazi Jewish blood that is and not the blood of the privileged children of Israel. Ashkenazi being a sect of western Jewry  that stretches back to Khazaria, an Empire that dominated the eastern European lands between modern day Turkey and the  Byzantine empire from the 7th to the 11th century. The Khazars origins where supposed from two destinations as there were two creeds and two castes of khazar’s. You had the white warrior Khazars and the blackish (called black Khazars because of their darkish skin colour as opposed to the pale white of the Slavs not because they were literally so dark as to imply almost black in appearance) common Khazars with the whites adorned with reddish hair and blue eyes originating from the modern day Russian states through to Siberia and the black Khazars originating from the lands of India through to western Asia and northern China. These were the nomadic Turkic  (not to be confused with Turkish: it simply means a group of differing ethnicities from Asia and China and eastern Europe) people; ancestors of the Turkish whose first order of a religion would have been Tengriism, which focused on the sky god Tengri before a substantial portion of them converted to more  modern religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and yup  Judaism. These Turkic, and not Judean or palestinian or even middle eastern Jews became known as the Ashkenazi.  Ashkenazi Jews are then clearly not in any way related to the children of Israel/Hebrews by lineage of their DNA, they cant be, their ancestors are blatantly either Russo-Siberian, European, Indo-Asian or possibly even northern Chinese.  I have no problem with this as their are lot’s of Ashkenazi Jews, their very popular, so popular in fact that it is said they are the only Jewish bloodline left on the planet. The Rothschild’s seem proud of the fact they are Ashkenazi, every Israeli prime minister has not been ashamed of being Ashkenazi, but my argument is that they simply are not middle eastern and so weren’t the original family of Hebrew lineage that was promised the land of Israel in Canaan. After the children of Israel/Hebrews settled in Canaan (the land of Israel) and stayed there for sometime (killing their own king, Christ the redeemer in the process) and were subsequently chased out by the Romans after the destruction of Solomon’s temple and went to live in the violent realms of  Babylonia where they began the writing of the Talmud, a scripture that has been added to by the Rabbis throughout history and is to this day a book containing some 6,000+ pages and where their numbers are said to have dwindled, the most widely accepted version of the Talmud  is actually called the Babylonian Talmud. Of course many of the Hebrews had been taken to Rome and Greece as slaves but is questionable if they actually prospered there and because of this many are led to wonder if the Hebrew had died out. It’s also wondered now in archeological circles if there were ever actually any slaves in Egypt at all least of all Hebrew slaves because of the overwhelming lack of evidence that slaves were buried in Egypt. All the mass graves of workers from Ancient Egypt (the probable pyramid builders) all seem to be graves full of well fed and well cared for workers according to modern DNA testing also. So we can only now wonder about the Ashkenazi (Turkic Khazar) that, after they too had started to dwindle and who moved further into Europe, mainly the Germanic lands,  where they ever related to the Hebrew, it would seem not and if not cannot rightfully lay claim to the promised land of Israel. Although the zionists along with the government of Israel and Palestine swear that they are while also admitting that they are the Ashkenazi Jews too. The mind boggles, is the nation of Israel & Palestine even legal within the realms of the bible which it bases it’s occupation on? ((it is actually a misconception that today Israel is just called simply Israel, it’s not, it’s actually called Israel & Palestine, although Palestine has no power and doesn’t get a look in, perhaps in the future the Israelis will want to consolidate Israel and do away with Palestine for good, who knows?) It’s up to you yourself to decide, you may like to do your own further research.

Maybe there are people today that are still trying to act out our reality and keep it somewhat in accordance with the revelations of that same Bible of the Olde Testament, who knows?. This gets funny, the new Rosicrucianists, which reformed in Germany, were supposed to have infiltrated freemasonry (and who also had links to ancient Egypt or more so to the brief sun god of Egypt Aton, but rather than infiltrate Freemasonry it’s highly likely that they evolved from Freemasonry, or at least a branch or sect/rite of it, and so have the same history), and who where apparently present and helped to rewrite the “New Testament” with King James, I’m sure they put their own spin on it as many agree. As the main movement of the reformation preferred by other European monarchs in the movement at the time was Lutheran Protestant in protest at the church, King James went with the name Protestant for the British religion which was rejected by some but the British clearly had a new version of the Bible in the King James version which is the Bible used by the modern Freemasons today (though only by the lower degrees who unwittingly adorn it only as a convenient cover). Now our Mythical Knights Templar all bore the Rosy Cross which was supposed to have been brought to England by Richard the Lionheart at around 1190 AD during the crusades. The red  cross was then introduced to England by the late 13th century, but not as a flag, and not at the time associated with Saint George. It was worn by English soldiers as an identification from the early years of the reign of Edward I (1270s). Now Saint George rose to the position of “patron saint of England” in a process beginning in 1348 with the foundation of the Order of the Garter – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Garter – Is our British history steeped in the teachings of the Rosicrucians I wonder? Who where originally an ancient Egyptian order re-generated by the German Christian Rosenkreutz (typically means Christian Rosy Cross, a lot of imagination went into his own name there) in around 1614. A new order rebellious to the Catholic church.

Anyway, religion clearly, as you all know,  provided the means for people to be controlled and manipulated in the early days as a bonus, what a bargain for dictatorship. And since these times of modern uncivilization we have become  increasingly misguided, deluded and much disillusioned as our leaders (rulers) furthered their own desire for greed and control. Nowadays our rulers are the Modern day gods, so they must think, or want us to think. Today we the people as a whole are unhappy, partly because of our subliminal enslavement, long hours of work with no play and the stresses of modern day living, but on top of all this is there not something else, something extra that we just can’t put our fingers on, us in the so called civilized world that is, yes it’s the unsettling of the harmony of our living planet to a negative side of the balance of natural energy/chi/kundalini  (Willhelm Reichs “Orgone energy” also fits that bill but that’s an entirely different field of research that needs more ratification) whatever you like, the  vibration or vibe, as opposed to the positive side. Far out? try researching the ancient belief systems of ancient civilizations from around the world, the tribal beliefs and the like and imagine how far out modern civilization would’ve seemed to them.  They where actually on the right track, they understood nature and it’s forces (we call them gods) and they knew about energy and frequency and they respected it even if they did not fully understand it, they knew about it and they knew you could harness it. They had wisdom that they had recorded and correctly revised their study creatively to carry on  their prosperous civilizations rather than simply have military styled bootcamps that you visit as a child to receive your trauma and learn to remember false accounts of the history of your world, get forced to compete at the expense of your moral dignity, get further taught how to better compete and how to win, how to deal with the cabal of numbers; the study of symbolism and its representation of value and the value which you must prescribe to everything. Numbers at best should be a tool to represent measurement not economic value. At these military industrial complex nurseries (where we go to listen not to discover) we are simply railroaded into passing an examination (provided you were listening, God help you if you weren’t) at the end of it all, an examination that proves if you were doing as you were told or not, if you were in fact listening or not, and if you did as you were told or not. Creativity just isn’t promoted for any more than about 5% of your entire time there (discounting after hours curricula). At this complex you are being taught subservience (wtf?), subservience to people with more power than you, you are taught punishment and about the things that will happen if you fail. AT SCHOOL YOU ARE TERRORISED AND TRAUMATISED!  (see my post on MKULTRA and trauma based mind control) If you wish to learn your own way by using initiative then you are punished, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT THINK FOR YOURSELF AT THESE INSTITUTIONS; FACT. I do understand that you are essentially taught beneficial lessons with value, that’s only because they are the ingredients that one needs in order to stand up in a subservient society and compete to be the best servant, the incentive for being the best is money that doesn’t exist unless misery is bestowed upon someone else in order for you to have that money.

Our modern day history is wrong. It’s forever changing to meet the whims of our rulers, our elite and our religion. And as for today’s religion, nothing, I’ve nothing to say there, can’t even be bothered, it’s nonsense (our definition of it that is, I can’t deny God or Christ, it’s a nice idea but if there’s any truth whatsoever in the story then I think it has been grotesquely twisted and hammered to fit into a model of civilization that is only benevolent to those who wish to be powerfull whether that be  Egyptian pharaohs, Roman Emperors, Jewish Rabbis, Monarchs or International Bankers and Financiers) . Take the pope for instance, we are led to believe by Christianity that  God is all and we are his special unique creation, we are significant in the universe and alone waiting for a grand plan, and for us God does have a plan, could be true but do our rulers follow this principle. Tripe! The other week I saw on telly during a documentary,  Pope John Paul II, saying that when the Aliens come we should accept them because they wouldn’t have suffered original sin, they’re not from our world so God wouldn’t have issues with them, or words to the effect of at least (where is our uniqueness there, talk of aliens not so long ago would’ve been blasphemy and would’ve got you burned at the stake). The same pope however had behind him on his papal seat (emperors throne)  in various you tube clips an inverted cross wtf? I mean such a profile figure should have better staff working for him than ones that could accidentally make such a school boy error right? Wrong, there are several you tube clips where the Pope has this inverted cross on the back of his seat, you should check  them, use the tag Pope inverted cross, here’s one – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fhVowtLmOk –  Is he a satanist or something because I’ve heard that’s what satanists do too, lol, what a joke. And not only that, what would the Pope need with one of the world’s most advanced binocular telescopes, a device that really leads the field in visible space research, isn’t faith in the second coming enough anymore? does the Pope actually need to see the second coming as it starts it’s journey through space? wtf? the mind boggles. It ain’t a secret either, why? does the Vatican want us to believe that the Pope believes in aliens now and is actually expecting and looking for them? – http://vaticanobservatory.org/VATT/ – Whats going on? Is this not bizarre, I recently read a story where a member of the clergy actually mentioned that he would be willing to baptise an alien if the alien requested it, you can’t make this shit up, am I the only one going even more insane or something here, I wish I could say lol but it’s not really funny when you think about it, shift the veil of deception and you can surely glimpse a scenario where we might be being set up. Hmmm religion and aliens, God and aliens, clergy and aliens, hard to believe though anything is possible  eh? But the f*%£*&% POPE and aliens? Unbelievable. Isn’t the Pope the vicar of Christ? the self proclaimed representation of God on Earth? Shouldn’t he be setting an example? Or are Aliens real? I can safely and quite confidently tell you now that NO THEY ARE NOT! All that tripe about Grey’s and stuff, that many film and tv productions have reveled in showing  off to us, that multitudes of fact and fictional stories have been made about, NASA the CIA and even the American government have all concocted news reports of autopsies and finds of such grey’s after incidencies of UFO (ooerr!) crashes during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s to the disbelief of many. People have taken this shit seriously and it’s all bollocks, it has become big business now and almost treated as matter of fact. I’ll tell you how I know it is bullshit, because in those early tech days the mentioned organisations where all part of elaborate hoax’s to have us believe in the existence of aliens that can reach us and have reached us. What they used to do in the days of early tech was this, in order to advance understanding of a bodies limits under superfast speeds whilst flying our military’s much demanded super fast jets they used to use certain volunteers in centrifuge and gravity systems to acquire this info. These volunteers (or victims) where however nothing more than Macaque Rhesus Monkeys that where shaved in order to fit on the suits that where required to be worn whilst gaining the required info. Then certain idiots from NASA and later the CIA decided that they looked other worldly and if painted green (hence little green men, although in the film of the time which was black & white they would appear a solid grey colour, ingenious, and if filmed in certain ways at certain angles they could be made to look actually bigger than they really where thus avoiding any recognition of them being tiny monkey’s and also giving more credence to the belief that they maybe aliens from other worlds) we may think that they look like an alien might. The government made a later hoax using dummies instead of monkeys, intended to be ridiculous and look like a hoax to cover up the earlier hoax by the  CIA which was intended to help ratify the first credible hoax by NASA. The government hoax was however proven to be quite believable and now we have alien visitations and abductions worldwide almost daily, unbelievable. Check the link for research – http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/pentagonaliens/pentagonaliens03.htm#CHAPTER III: I MEET A GOVERNMENT M.I.B. IN SANTA FE – HOLLYWOOD ON THE TAKE– also a couple of tongue in cheek but actual footage from news reports claiming the existence of aliens – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO3uSXKlcc4 – and then there’s this –        – and this is the best one with a rhesus monkey (althought the CIA have tried to destroy all footage of monkey aliens)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlo8IEBJaqsAlso the Christian church has condemned throughout history, homosexual behaviour as evil, the work of the devil, God wouldn’t allow it they’ve said, it’s unnatural, an abomination to the church. You wouldn’t be admitted to heaven for being homosexual and I’m positive you all know the stories. Listen to this then, lmfao, another joke and another fuckup by our rulers and emperor’s, a blatant disregard for the teachings of all the church elders (apparently). At Obama’s Inauguration ceremony there happened to be a very high ranking member of the clergy, a Bishop leading the prayer, an openly gay Bishop banging on about how God accepts EVERYBODY into his arms with open love. I mean this is great news for Gay rights and Gays should be able to take part in religion and praise God if they so wish but it is a complete u-turn within the church. It would never have even been allowed a few years ago, and you would never even have imagined a Gay Bishop but praise the Lawd, God accepts them now – http://www.gaynews.pinknews.co.uk/?p=10783/. and http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jan/13/gene-robinson-obama-inauguration-prayer – Hippocrites the lot of em, got no time for the drama of all that tyrannical nonsensical poppycock bollocks. Seriously, who do these people think they are. And now they want us to be real mechanical robots. Cor just think, if you had loads of intelligent robots who’s bodies you could replace once in a while, well then surely we don’t even need that many people because work would be getting done. I would suggest that in the future you would wish you was a slave if the powers that be get their way. Our future is all thanks to our stolen history and our brutality of the trustworthy, and it is soon to be thanks to project “Bluebrain” if the powers that be can pull this off. Have a look at this too – http://usahitman.com/ndrcatp/ If I could leave you with this lecture from a very intelligent man, a logical man who’s logic you can see, feel, and know as he talks to us, he is undoubtedly the greatest philosopher of modern times who has done unbelievable amounts of research whilst and after travelling the entire globe living with many different cultures who’s ancient beliefs and wisdoms are still being kept alive today. He was the founder of the “Philosophical Research Society” which contained a substantial library containing over 50,000 volumes of ancient and rare books and texts. He was a highly respected interpreter of the writings of the ancients he is Manly Palmer Hall – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUCMrotG7uM and has a plethora of youtubes for you to enjoy if any take your fancy although lot’s of them are based in mysticism. He is clearly an intelligent man who just seems to ooze natural, logical wisdom. But also remember that he’d surpassed his 33 degrees of Freemasonry, is an open Rosicrucianist and devout Luciferian. But that doesn’t take away from his knowledge, his wisdom and his intelligence and his apparent warmness and mild mannerisms as a person. Perhaps if you believe your evil deity to be the real good , true deity then to you maybe he must be, but I would suggest that this impossibly knowledgable sweet old man sold his soul for wisdom and knowledge. I have to add though that he doesn’t seem to be a liar and his intelligence seems to weigh up to common sense so he is worth listening to. http://www.nwotoday.com/the-new-world-orders-history/freemasonry-global-level-illumination/manly-hall-philosophical-research-society And for the record remember that the designers of our modern religion, the Romans, destroyed the largest ancient library in the world that had all the copies of all the books (papyrus scrolls) and sacred texts and recorded knowledge of all the world and it’s philosophers, of all astrological and astronomical data, all our ancient wisdoms, info that can never be replaced, they were, along with their building in the Ancient city of Alexandria destroyed with total disrespect and disregard that would have wiped all that knowledge from existence, all that proof of ancient achievement and the historical records of aeons  and they replaced all that with the new church and the blood of the future. They replaced it with all the wars that followed and continue to threaten our peace. And now with the help and design of project “Bluebrain” we have devolved and they have created man in their image too.  Are they now gods also? They may feel that they are. Might I suggest that maybe the Ancient Egyptians had been clinging on to a forgotten wisdom and knowledge of enlightenment, may have remembered the basics but  lost their way so as to be heavily involved in what we know today to be occultic practice as a way for themselves to reconcile their beliefs of a God once forgotten, maybe they knew the right path as the path that had been revealed to the prophets and messengers of the olde testament, but over time had been lost in the sands of time. In their minimum of a 3000+ year history since they may have first known the God they could easily have had their histories redeveloped to fit their own rulers paradigm and ego and thus had their belief twisted and shaped into the belief that we learnt from them. After all it’s been 3000 years since our earliest accounts of them in their middle age and much has changed for us too. Haven’t we also decided to try and reach enlightenment by going the long way around, the mystical dark way because being true and just is just too hard to achieve for some in a world of money and cheap posessions and temptation and lust.  Maybe what has happened to our faith also happened to the ancient Egyptian faith. Civilization and greed. The Luciferian need for power and the struggle to get it. NOW JUST FOR THE RECORD:

It is no coincidence surely that  all our major icons, most famous celebrities, world leaders, wealthiest people, religious heads, lead scientists, great teachers etc etc are all part of the same secret clubs in society, they have all benefited from these clubs to the extent that it had undoubtedly catapulted them into their current position whether they had been promoted to states of great power and wealth for compliance or pulled down to the lowest depths and in many cases death for non-compliance or rebelliousness. They say you cant beat the system, well WE can, but the system isn’t just the state, the system is also the Freemasonic principle learned from the ancient Egyptians who didn’t know any better and wanted to reach the much experienced and tantalising states of higher consciousness through spiritual  means, the secret way of doing secret powerful things in secret. The states are setup  and run by these rites. These mysterious esoteric unfair ways where wealth is power and knowledge. These societies had gained their wealth’s not just through  happy donations from happy individuals but by pillaging , murdering and stealing their way around the world to the detriment and at the expense of communities, countries, and in some instances whole civilizations . The Freemasons doctrine at the highest level is Luciferianism (google it). All of it’s most high initiates have succumbed to this evil way to the extent that they have by now (by the time they have realised what their involved in) they are to deep into the club due to greed and despotism, they cant simply leave, you just cant leave and not be a Freemason once your initiated to the higher ranks, you had made your oath and have to stick with that oath, the price for not doing so is death, and as an initiate  you had in the beginning happily agreed to that oath by forsaking your life to protect your club. “May your throat be slit from ear to ear, your tongue be cut out and your beating heart ripped from your chest”. These guys are serious about their oaths , they have to be. Because they were all duped and they all agreed to be at the cost of their mortal lives. The process of being initiated into the Freemasons society is called ” being hoodwinked ” as you are hung from the ceiling with a dark hood covering your head and face while you take your oaths in total darkness (surely you would think at this point “right, I can’t see, i’m hanging from the ceiling in front of a medieval guy with a knife, I don’t like it, I want to go home now” or you might think “well if it get’s me rich and advanced through life, i’ll risk it and do anything”). They are the much talked about Luciferians. The purveyors of evil, and it is their duty to look after us in their eyes. Masonic symbolism is all around guys. Check the meanings of the pretty pictures on the British coat of arms (or any coat of arms for that  matter, the british one however is strikingly similar to the Rothchilds coat of arms), look at the watermarks in your bank notes, check the pyramid and eye symbol on the American bank  notes. All our churches and cathedrals, war memorials and a lot of our old statues, landmark buildings, check arial views on google earth and match layouts of famous buildings and complexes against known and easily identifiable masonic symbols. Look for coincidental architecture. Our great western religion is  run by the Pope, who in turn has to do his business in tandem with the Superior General of the Society of Jesus (the Black Pope) of the catholic military arm, the Jesuits who had absorbed freemasonry in the later days  after freemasonry had absorbed the Rosicrucians  in order to give itself a non catholic esoteric Christian ring and thus from a charitable looking disguise to hide itself from the larger masses, of course freemasonry is charitable at the lower levels, that’s it’s whole disguise, and that’s how it makes itself look more than acceptible. These lower ranked minions of freemasonry probably won’t make it past the the 3rd degree and thus will be oblivious as to whats even happening within their club, any negative rumour’s will of course be put down to conspiracy theory and archived alongside the likes of UFO’s and alien abductions and so perpetuate the belief that they are working toward the common good of mankind and the uninitiated are simply fools, whilst unwittingly being a smokescreen for (alongside religion and the other mystery religions) one of the most evil organizations on the planet who in turn are controlled by the elite, the vatican, and the zionists with the Rothschild family at the top  –http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vatican/esp_vatican37.htm . The Rosicrucians (since medieval times at least) who probably were formed after the disbandment of the templars and who made their wealth(or most of it) not just from money lending and taxation, but from the massive scaled pillaging of the Spanish ships that had returned from (the pillaging of) the Americas filled with gold. And you don’t think our powers that be can be corrupt when their history was founded on corruption and they want to corrupt US! even if they have to trick us as Satan tricked Adam in the garden of Eden, or as the antichrist is said to trick mankind in the bible future.  Are our powers that be merely acting out the bible future as written in the bible (possibly and probably), is a spiritual war actually taking place as phrophesied in the bible (possibly), are aliens (playfull but doubtful scenario that the PTB want us to believe) involved in our lives, who knows, you decide but first think about this new phenomenon, based on myth and our ideas of belief and perception, unbelievable and probably untrue but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this is out there with a wealth of info readily available on the net to back it up as true, scary idea,  a PG rated film (which I will supply a link for) made about it, a rather good film I might add if watched as fiction (KIDS? SHADOW PEOPLE ARE NOT REAL) , the people that control us and  the media etc are obviously quite happy for us to be the recipient’s of this info and to even be misled into believing it as credible otherwise it wouldn’t be gaining the notoriety and the popularity that it has been. I think it absurd that it would have any credibility but I’ll give you a few links to research a little for yourself followed by the film link (you need an adblocker active to watch the film, adblock plus is best), as iv’e said I don’t believe it for a minute because it just seems absurd (although who am I to judge, and I do however believe that there is a whole host of unexplained phenomena within our atmosphere that we don’t understand ie: electro- magnetic force, soundwaves, gravity etc [maybe the PTB understand these forces though and are not letting on?] as well as how these forces could interact with water whose molecular structure is said to be almost identical to that of crystal, a solid far more valuable in it’s ability, although not  in toughness, than diamond even, and also knownfor it’s properies by the ancient’s) but this phenomenon is known as “THE SHADOW PEOPLE” (PG film link- a must watch, very entertaining so enjoy-[ Click on free, followed by white triangle play symbol, expand then click play ] http://filenuke.com/uoh5ktmfq6ao-) and here are the reference links, like I said it’s unbelievable but what is more unbelievable is the fact that they made a film (PG as well, wider audience and for more easily misled imaginations to absorb) about it and allowed all the net info available for us to easily discover thus advancing the films mystique, did they want us to believe in shadow people the same way they want us to believe aliens are real? to create hysteria? I think the shadow people could be a form of  mind control and possibly population control aimed at young teenagers, a scare tactic and a way of planting dangerous seed’s into the minds of  gullible/naive people and young teenagers, however I won’t spoil the film for you by telling you why it is dangerous but why did they even rate the film PG or make out the film is based on true events or even release the film in the first place? Yeah sure for profit you might say but do they really need it that much? KIDS? IT’S NOT REAL). –http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_person– and also this one  – http://paranormal.about.com/od/trueghoststories/a/shadow-people.htm – Everything is surely not as it seems we should learn and teach others. The PTB have often mixed truth with fiction and lies to simply give the lies an element of believe-ability. We should believe the lies however because it is harder to find the truth. One of the most important tools the PTB has is media, Hollywood being one of the most powerful along with the censored editions of real life News report’s, that way they can implant seeds in our minds so that when times may come in the future the things we’ve been pre-programmed into believing as fiction are actually possibilities that would now exist within our belief systems as being potential and when such thing’s might occur in reality we already have the knowledge of them programmed into our brains, genius, and these programmings of our mind’s along with fear serve the PTB very well. Have you seen the Movie  “V for Vendetta yet”? (I will provide another link for this movie anyway, well worth watching and also very entertaining, but when you think about it, it is a little scary) It is truly unbelievable but real as in it isn’t simply our one government that becomes the fascist state of the story as purported by the film, more that it is the NWO that will be the fascist state that the film teaches us of (thus planting the required seed in our mind) and that will benefit the people in terms of national (or international) security. Our individual governments simply want us to hate them so that we aim to bring them down and become more willing to accept a new order in the advent of it appearing. Also before I provide the movie link let me also ask you – have you heard of “Bit Coin” yet, a new digital international currency that can be exchanged with any other currency at the value of that currency, it is interesting if you research Bit Coin. I’m not saying it is the new international monetary unit but you can clearly imagine that it want’s or is trying to be. No one knows who owns Bit Coin, a detail that apparently applies security into it’s being as suggested by it’s developer who is known, lol not sure about that but Bit Coin is readily available to us all now; check the link – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin. Here is the link to “V for Vendetta”, it’s interesting enough to note that in the original DC comics of this story that Evey, when shes imprisoned, actually goes through a series of trauma based mind control programs in order to suppress her inhibitions and force her to do whatever V wants her to do.   (as with other movies it’s better to have adblocker in place, just click on “free” followed by white triangle play symbol, expand then click play as with previous movie link) – http://filenuke.com/sc3w6o3clfsy –  As iv’e suggested – our taught history is wrong, or at least it is essentially right it’s just that the definitions of that history are wrong, it’s propaganda that we are programmed with at our brainwash camps. I can tell you this too, that, in 100 years time there will be lies told about this century to the children of the next century. Maybe they’ll be told that in the year 2000 the first frog shimmied out of the water and then everything evolved and there’s always only been one government in the world. Who knows. The plot thickens. Peace and love.

Please feel free to comment. Any suggestions would be appreciated.  next, the closing celebrations of London 2012 Olympics. Nice symbolism. Not maybe this one is a coincidence, but it makes you wonder. http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/why-is-queen-elizabeths-nurse-wearing-a-masonic-belt/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-528751/Freemasons-open-lodge-Buckingham-Palace–Queen-isnt-amused.html notice the chequered floor design, just like the trim evident in the British police force in some areas ie: hats, vehicles, female cravats. Every masonic temple has this pattern designed into it’s floor too.

Is it possible that the authorities still indulge in secrecy, how would we know?

Note: In this particular topic some of the stories have no proof of truth in them (chemtrails) so can’t be taken as fact. However I have (as always) listed links to sites you can visit and read up on them and see photos of conditions caused by apparrent complaint’s. I have also given you information from both sides of the argument and the hush hush nature of this argument to help you decide for yourself.                                                                                            

Connecting the dots…

Given the info we’ve gained from the mind control project’s of the CIA (apparently unknown to the government at the time who paid for them…..r-i-g-h-t, nod-nod wink-wink and we’ll say no more) we can  safely assume that the power’s that be are most definitely not to be trusted. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cover-up  They are not trustworthy, or even worthy to be leader’s which is what they are unfortunately, and evidence could suggest that they are also puppets for the elite (them Bilderbergers again),http://www.jeremiahproject.com/newworldorder/nworder04.html here you might also like to look at this.  http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-true-story-of-the-bilderberg-group-and-what-they-may-be-planning-now/13808   Bearing all this in mind do we really believe or even, are we supposed to believe that all of a sudden these people have come clean, learned about their mistakes, mended the error of their ways and are now completely reformed and so should be trusted once again. Or do they, to put it simply, still keep secrets from us. Hmmmm, I can safely assume that of course they  do without even wondering about it. I mean, even now the US government and the Pentagon are bragging about how they’ve been sending Atlas rockets into space carrying mysterious mini space shuttles on apparently secret (that word makes me shudder when mentioned by organisations of such high command) missions ie: Atlas V rocket with the Boeing   x-37    A, B and  C (now under control of  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency /DARPA) unmanned robotic space plane to name the latest few.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-20680253 . Each one of theses craft has carried out more than one  mission and the latest of these missions from x-37 c has so far lasted  for 2 months and it’s still there in orbit, the previous one lasted for over 200 days. Because these missions are secret  we haven’t got the foggiest idea what they’ve actually been doing up there all that time but we have been told that refueling satellites and delivering solar arrays to satellites have been part of their mission objectives (what for? did they forget to equip them with these arrays before they sent them up there in the first place? or could there be a more sinister side to these arrays that must be an extra compliment to the arrays they were built with? I’m thinking HAARP style stuff here for some reason http://www.wanttoknow.info/war/haarp_weather_modification_electromagnetic_warfare_weapons ).   I happen to know from research that the cargo holds of these craft is about the size of a large car boot, not that big then. So why all that time in space if they can’t really carry that much cargo. Well it beats me. And why very little highlight about such groundbreaking technologies that the taxpayer is  funding. These missions are apparently so secretive that they get passed through several agencies to carry out, so each agency doesn’t know what gets conducted by the other agencies.. Shh! The results of these previous missions (x-37 A & B) apparently been that these curious pieces of kit can exit our atmosphere, glide and land again to be reused as they have been doing. All that money to prove such few result’s, incredible. Although they are apparently much more cost effective than the original space shuttle from NASA. So much is not known about these spacecraft but very little is,when you consider the cost and time involved on these missions. Why are we not informed I wonder. Anyway the main point being that THEY still openly keep secrets and expect us to believe what they tell us is the truth. They haven’t even told us what they intend to do about all the junk in this link http://www.space.com/12860-photos-space-debris-images-cleanup-concepts.html and they won’t because it’s a secret that they don’t intend to do anything about it. Ok so its not just the US but about 70% of it is, and if there was just one world government it wouldn’t matter anyway, can’t see any other governments complaining about space junk can you?.  Another secretive mission (at the time and only until people started asking questions) of respectively recent times was the “Cloud of CARE” project. CARE being Charged Aerosol Release Experiment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charged_Aerosol_Release_Experimentt  And now read this –  http://www.nasa.gov/centers/wallops/CARE.html this is NASA’s explanation of what was going on, as I’ve mentioned they never told anyone at the time, it was secret. The “Black Brant”  rocket was to disperse a gas to create a noctilucent cloud for the military to monitor and fathom out how clouds work and stuff, yeah right http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb45uBaj2Mc . There doesn’t appear to be much info even on the internet concerning the CARE project so I’ll let you discover the other sites for yourself, there’s hardly any mind you, so be careful of disappointment. Funny really, the net is literally usually awash with all sorts of info on almost everything, unless I’ts classified. Why they want to know  about the clouds I don’t know any reasonable answer to that either, but plenty of people have come forward complaining of a condition that they have where some kind of synthetic fibers have actually been growing from random mystery lesions in their skin. They all blame this condition on an increasing spate of chemicals (barium, aluminium, sulphur and oxides to name  just a few of the many chemicals reported to have been deposited,,,mmm nice!) apparently being introduced to our atmosphere from aeroplanes; jumbo jets under military command  and military jets rather. Weird. These chemicals, they claim, come from the trails these planes leave behind and are commonly known as chemtrails  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory as opposed to contrails which planes do actually leave behind. Contrail derived from trail of condensation expelled from the planes jets at high altitudes as hot expulsions meet freezing temperatures causing the thin lines of condensate we see so often in our skies. Chemtrail derived from the so called chemical trails that some of these planes are supposed to have left behind. Apparently chemtrails don’t disperse as quickly as contrails do, they hang around for long periods of time and thin out to cause thin wispy clouds across the skies http://rense.com/general79/chem.htm Personally I don’t know what to make of the Chemtrail idea, or if I’m convinced or not,  but the use of chemicals via atmospheric distribution by the US actually goes back quite a long way so they do have previous experience and history regarding this concept http://syzygyastro.hubpages.com/hub/Chemtrails-the-Buzz-the-History  Looking at the history of the powers that be and their evil capabilities and intentions, secrecy being the norm for the establishment and it’s agencies at times, seemingly and blatantly, maybe we’ll know years down the line if they come clean like they have been known to in the past under mounting pressure. It is no surprise that people should and do get worried. Download  this PDF file (HR 2977 The Space & Preservation Act of 2001) – here the US openly admits the use of chemtrails and weather manipulation tools as well as Mass mind Control Weapons and Techtronic Lasers. You can say that the evidence could be stacked against them. You may also like to check this nugget of info also released by the US government to USA today newspaper – http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/science/environment/2011-02-25-geoengineering25_CV_N.htm   This type of project has been put forward by the US as being for our own good, to protect from global warming (that old chestnut, it is known fact that our little planet goes through natural cycles of weather change over millennia and that global warming and ice ages are as natural as having hind teeth) and or for defense purposes against radar and they also put forward lots of waffle waffle blah blah meh123! The fact is that chemicals ARE being introduced to our air supply and the public had no say in the matter.  You might like to save this youtube for later viewing as it’s quite long. It too put’s forth arguments and apparent proofs for both sides of the argument http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA (or you could convert to mp3 and listen through your mp3 player whilst out and about or at work or something). I find it very interesting as it concerns the health of our actual planet as a living organism. Suppose these chemicals  are an excellent solution to global warming (doubtful), are they also good for our health? could they be detrimental to our health? (probably). Check these links for the patents of such projects from the US patent ofice –   Patent #1619183 –  Patent# 204586 –Patent# 2591988 –Patent# 3437502 – Patent# 3531310.    Without testing and experimentation we could never know, but if testing and experimentation has been done who did they do it on? it would surely have had to have been on a very large and diverse group of people and did they know it was being carried out? I for one am very suspicious here. I mean other theories could come into play here like the perfect demolition of the twin towers on 9/11 has got 80% of Americans (give or take a few) convinced of a setup crafted by these powers that be but thats an entirely different story in this rabbit hole of secret operations. I recently heard an interview where a professional demolition expert said that in terms of controlled demolition using explosives, and considering the environment and built up surroundings of the twin tower vicinity, things couldn’t  have gone better if that was one of his job’s. Could be another coincidence of course. Again, who knows. Keeping your people in fear of enemy attacks whilst at the same time coming to their rescue after such an attack is a great way to gain confidence from your people you could assume. It would certainly make one feel grateful that your country supports you and wants the best for you. Anyhow, one of the conditions that has apparently arisen from these chemtrails has been given the name “Morgellons” disease/syndrome. This condition has been reported from thousands of people and has resulted in random lesions in the skin from where random synthetic fibres have grown. Weird. On close microscopic inspection of these fibres letters or numbers have been discovered, perfectly embossed onto them. When these fibres have grown out, crystals have remained from where the root’s of these fibres had been, usually blue in colour. Some people have reported removing clumps of these mysterious synthtetic fibres so where did they come from? http://www.morgellonsexposed.com/RevelationsOfaMan.htm The end result of this condition supposedly being a slow painful death. One woman has said both her and her  dog  have been suffering from these lesions that seem to simply secrete these strange fibres. Doctors and scientists have on the other hand reported that these symptoms  have been the result of mass hysteria, delusion and that these people have been suffering mental illness and have imagined these lesions and growing synthetic fibres into existence (that dog must have been a mad dog). Other doctors have reported that these fibres have been left on their wounds by clothing. All healthcare professionals setup to deal with this case have reported that this condition is not really a condition at all and is just a result of imagination.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgellons  What do you think. http://www.morgellonsexposed.com/ and/or  http://usahitman.com/ccmnad/  Other symptoms have been reported as being flu-like (but not flu) leaving one feeling lethargic with aching muscles and joints. There have been areas, where the use  of these supposed chemtrails, have supposedly had a flu-like symptom  epidemic (again, not a flu epidemic, a flu-like symptom epidemic, whatever a “like” epidemic is). In some areas of complaint across the States reports of thin threadlike, almost web like substances have been claimed to have simply  fallen out of the sky, these claims are also numerous and not restricted to just one person or place. Authorities, either through doctor’s, scientist’s or other professionals have claimed infestations of baby spiders on silks that have been distributed amongst the wind’s and high up in the thermals appearing en masse across peoples gardens, vehicles, trees, houses, streets and even people in thick clumps for this. Maybe so for all I know. The public are indeed claiming a cover up anyway due to the lack of transparency and the willingness to dismiss this subject as nothing more than insanity and vivid imagination of the public willing these symptoms and effects into existence. Sounds like magic doesn’t it. In my research on this subject via the internet I can also tell you that I have encountered websites (no pun intended) that simply no longer exist  or with links that redirect to other sites explaining how indeed  “Morgellons” isn’t a real condition, funny how its been made impossible to access some of the sites that have complaints demanding answers. See for yourself, just type “Morgellons” disease into your searchbar to see where it leads you. Some of the sites Iv’e also previously visited and viewed strangely no longer exist and neither do their links.???

Now you would think that the deep skies of the world would have similar rules to the deep oceans of the world in that nobody owns them and so any government wishing to further pollute these skies intentionally, by use of harmfull chemicals, would have to have consent from all the other governments of the world (or at least the league leaders in the international league of governments, of which there are quite a few these days). So are they all in it together or not? You will have to use your own judgement here.

images (29)  download (4) U.S. Patent #3899144 for Powder Contrail Generation inventors: Donald K. Werle, et. al.220px-X-37_spacecraft,_artist's_rendition images (26) images (36) images (35) 220px-Boeing_X-37B_after_landing_at_Vandenberg_AFB,_3_December_2010 images (27) images (31) images (40) 300px-Boeing_X-37B_inside_payload_fairing_before_launch download (3) images (30) images (33) images (28)                  images (38) images (34)                                                                      images (37) images (32) images (41) <this pic is of a supposed combined CARE and  ionospheric heater operation near the EISCAT facility over Norway. Thousands of people witnessed it though the powers that be denied it was even there at first, could this also have holographic properties, it seems to look like it. You can view this on youtube also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5_8MVctp30 Youtube literally has a plethora of clips on this (Norway spiral) with almost as many assumed explanations but no concrete answers.             Next pic is of a CARE release verified by authorities.

images (39)

Presidents all related. Keep it in the family eh?


Presidents all related... harumph.

A 12 year old girl reveals how she uncovered the lineages of all but 1 us presidents, and their all related to King John of England. s-t-r-a-n-g-e. http://www.comicvine.com/forums/off-topic-5/12-year-old-girl-discovers-all-us-presidents-are-r-620874/ so whats going on? as you’ll discover also at least 14 of the 43 presidents were also freemasons, some investigators have touted as many as 25 so yeah, whats going on? Maybe a coincidence eh? just a complicated one, yeah, we wouldn’t understand anyway so just let it be shall we? FUCK NO we shouldn’t!     http://www.mastermason.com/wilmettepark/pres.html are bloodlines being kept pure to take on all the leadership roles of the west? Why would the presidents all be related? And why is freemason , mysterious secretive brotherhood apparent in monarchies, politics, presidential candidacies, celebrity circles (where Cabbalism is becoming fashionable as is numerology).

Now apparently there have been 14 presidents that are definately verified as being freemasons (owned up to it, you dont have to advertise your a freemason although some people like to). Rumours have suggested 20+ on the grounds of willingness of presidents to let people know or don’t mind people knowing and because of the masonic symbolism evident in and around some of these presidents lives, who knows. Also known masonic signs, handshakes and the like have also encouraged people to suggest as much as 26 and even more than that still in some cases, who knows for sure? I don’t, I am just trying to provide solid evidence to suggest that at least some presidents where masons and have admitted to it. Some of these presidents clearly being some of the most influential people in the history of  America and some of the most powerful people in the world. Anyway, we should also recognise that out of the 20+ assassination attempts on presidents with the perpetrators apparently ranging from crackpots to suspected professionals and who knows what other types of person and under who’s or what authority we can only guess at,  that 2 of these attempts were fatal and imposed on 2 of the most radical presidents to date ever. Namely Lincoln and Kennedy, I’m sure you know the stories there. Also, Reagan was a very near miss that seems to have been forgotten about. Reagan did apparently let the public know of Americas desire to weaponise space and that a one world government would be the ideal situation for the world to be in if such an idea could be brought about. He even jokingly once said on a tv interview how an “alien invasion” whooaaa! would be a good thing for us because it would surely bring that circumstance about and that we the people would be grateful for it. really? Funny how now in the 21st century we’re suddenly discovering more and more planets in our galactic vicinity that are indeed capable of harbouring intelligent life. I mean, there have been a number of documentaries on this subject, and our lovely media and entertainment industry have implanted in our minds that aliens might not necessarily be nice people, they probably are evil we’ve learnt. Can you see where I’m going here. Far-fetched perhaps, but so is mind control, brainwashing and remote/radio controlled people, and clearly other types of controlled people. Anyway this president was shot at. Maybe he was being warned not to let the cat out of the bag, who knows.                                                                                          Dean_Franklin_-_06.04.03_Mount_Rushmore_Monument_(by-sa)-3_new

http://science.howstuffworks.com/dictionary/awards-organizations/freemason.htm how masonry works on a legal scale.

The Big Corporations are taking over everything of value, including the world, read on for info on how this is possible.

NOTE: I have done and will continue to do extensive research, which can easily be verified by a little digging around, on all my topics for conversation, except of course for a few where no evidence can be found to either prove or disprove the argument, but mostly these are not theories or misguided stories, they are truths and the ones that cannot be proved are just so radical, have such extremely strong argument for themselves that I felt as  though they should be brought forth to peoples attention (given the nature of the accused) so the people can be informed, be aware and judge for themselves, because these matters do essentially affect every living thing on this planet including the planet itself. FACT! Our future is not some theme park with an admission fee that can be manipulated by it’s controller’s.

Robert Gaylon Ross Sr of Ross International Enterprises  is a very notable and successful figure of finance, enterprise and industry and describes in his latest book  how the elite ( Bilderberg Group http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg_Group ) can, are, and will continue to absorb the world until there’s nothing left and how they will do it (his book is called “the elite don’t dare let us tell the people” –http://4rie.com/). By doing so it will create a vacuum for the worlds elite  to fill with whatever means necessary. The Bilderbergers by the way, own most of the major and significant Banks, TV companies, Newspapers, military installments and Real estate contracts. Giving themselves the right and means to do whatever they want, to whoever they want and tell us whatever they want, however they want, these people cant be human,,,,,,,can they?? ( More food for thought and reassurance in another fantastic book “the value of nothing” by Raj Patel  http://rajpatel.org/2009/10/27/the-value-of-nothing/ ) Also, Walt Disney, a fine Freemason from Kansas was one of the Bilderbergers and today as inheritor of Disney Corps his son is one of them too. Disney Corps is the 2nd largest corporation in America http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assets_owned_by_Disney it is just unbelievably massive and even more powerful than it is massive.. Now this post’s title being about the Big Corps i think I should at least try and explain about s a couple of the bigger ones but all the info that Iv’e learnt and wanted to share about them can be found in the link http://4rie.com/ Disney is pne of the biggest businesses in America today, the 2nd biggest in fact (we all know who the biggest is dont we). Yup Disneyland being a mass people programming military installation. It was taken over by the military during world war 2 and filled with rocket launchers and anti aircraft wea[ons and the like to defend against a Japanese air attack following the decimation by the attack on Pearl Harbour. They were the only tv studio to have this happen to them.  After the war the military remained a part of Disneyland having been interested in Disneys propoganda techniques, (yer,,”Donald duck got the Americans to pay more taxes than any other mean” to quote one of Disneys famous liness). Disney also shared these techniques with the Nazis either wittingly or unwittingly  in his anti-nazi film ” Hitlers children” (which was actually banned, why?  was it pro Nazi then? I dont’ know) to educate children on how a dictatorship brainwashes children,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl9U8DoRMAY lol, bit of Irony there or maybe humour for old Walt, who knows,,,..The power that Disney corp has in the modern world is unfathomable, it’s almost as though they are steering a ship, our ship, we are the passengers (or the cargo) and we have to go wherever they want to take us. We might might hink well at least I know about that so they won’t get me now. Mistake, they dont want you, you’re beyond repair (or disrepair), you’re tainted, it’s your children they want, you’re children are hooked. All disneys production’s have subliminal messages and ulterior stories told in such a way that they atually look delightful. That is Disneys skill, his lifelong career. Tak e the more recent “Cars” production. We can blatantly see it’s a propoganda ploy with it’s intention to plant in the mind of our kids they idea that to get along you HAVE to obey the powers that be or you will be punished. But ok , it’s not that bad, as part of your punishment you will be rehabilitated by the state and soon come to think their way and once again become an active part of modern civilization as long as you OBEY don’t question and just go alongSpeaking of Nazis you’ll also find that the reputable company of  SIEMENS designed,  (has its  name and logo on if you’re not sure) and sponsors a lot of major attract with the mainstream without any ideas of your own. Remember lightning McQueen being assimilated against his will into the community of radiator springs? eh? and then forced to go along with the new rules against his WILL he actually made some useful friends, new friends, that didnt have their own ideas, servants, obeyers.ions/rides at Disneyland, one of them would be “Spaceship Earth” which tells us the story of our World/American history the way they told us at school (or programmed us lol) which as you know, the story of our history always seems to keep changing to fit the current paradigm, “Spaceship Earth” also tells us the history of our future where we love to work and have all the toys we want (or they want us to have)? Hmmm the way they want it to be for us. “Spaceship Earth” link @  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Dtk-Xym-k0 . “”Space ship Earth” is just one of the rides and the representative (massive geodesic dome thing) of  the “EPCOT” centre (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow – or many people say the City of Tomorrow, I’d rather say civilisation of tomorrow to quote Freeman Fly from the Freeman perspective. Freeman is way out there and goes too deep for me quite often but he does have some  watertight cases with solid argument even if he does get far fetched with some of his ideas. It’s worth watching some of his interviews  on youtube if only for entertainment, he actually interviews real notable figures  quite often). Siemens and the Walt Disney Company entered into a 12-year strategic alliance in 2005, bringing together a premier global technology and infrastructure company and the worlds leading family entertainment company. The alliance includes Siemens sponsorship of several shows and attractions, including “Spaceship Earth”,– an “Epcot” icon – as well as “Epcots” nightly fireworks program, “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth,” sponsored by SYLVANIA, a Siemens company. Another Siemens design was the Canadian “Expo 67” (apparently a big influence on the “Epcot” design, a blueprint even) in 1967 in Walt Disney’s name for Canada. The 1967 International and Universal Exposition (or Expo 67) in Montreal, Canada was the “most successful World’s Fair of the 20th Century”. The total visit count: 50,306,648. This, contrasted with Canada’s resident population of only 20 million, landed the 6 month fair with a per-capita attendance record. On the third day of the fair a single-day World’s Fair attendance record was set with 569,000 visitors, so why wouldn’t you want to build a more static version, lets say like “Epcot” with these figures. Anyhow  I’m sure you’re all familiar with “Epcot” even if only by word of mouth or advertising. I can’t imagine anyone in the world who has a tv not knowing anything about “Epcot” all very hi-tech wonderful achievements of engineering non the less.  SIEMENS, the same company that designed (had its name and logo on  these too) built and sponsored Aushwitz and other Nazi gas chambers of world war 2. Just keep an eye out next time you watch your world war 2 history documentaries, you’ll be surprised.   http://www.usa.siemens.com/en/siemens_in_the_usa/disney_alliance.htm   Siemens labour camp in Nazi Germany. http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/media_ph.php?ModuleId=10005189&MediaId=653       hmmm wonder why they changed the logo?    Epcot centre, the vision of tomorrows civilisation. Really?    can you spot the freemasons  compass and square symbol?  maybe this picture is a bit OTT, you decide. There are many facts and theories concerning the intentions of Disney Corp all over the internet for you to study, however, I find that if you do so with a cynical, skeptical view, you may start to understand how controlling it really is, and our children love it. DANGEROUS! we might think. Whatever, as long as theres plenty of toys for us to buy, then we have to keep working to buy them. If we keep working and keep spending big corporations can expand and theres only so much room left before only a few corporations exist to control everything. All this made possible by the biggest Corporations of them all, the ones that make money rather than take money-THE BANK!   The First Bank of the United States was a bank chartered by the United States Congress on February 25, 1791, Officially proposed by Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury, to the first session of the First Congress in 1790 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Bank_of_the_United_States

Could the modern American dream really be Disney’s dream? And does Disney’s dream look the same as the Nazi ideal to you? It does to me. Look at this link to see how scary thing’s have gotten over the past few decades.http://www.policymic.com/articles/6047/general-electric-walt-disney-corp-and-the-6-big-corporations-which-influence-media-in-u-s And remember, all of this could only be made possible by having a financial market and modern economy like the one we have. The one that is made possible by, styled by and run by our Banks. We pay, they play. Keep spending, keep working or playtime is over.

Project “Bluebird”


Americas bad dream. Not for the faint hearted. See how mind control has been tested, used, and abused to advance  understanding of the human brain and it’s functions in secret. Evil at it’s worst. I can only really refer to the above link so you can discover what evil pursuit’s the CIA chased after and witness accounts of their achievements in the name of medical science. The madness that allowed these brutal thing’s to happen and the extent to witch they went. And to be truthful, I don’t believe they stopped there either. Possibly a Nazi legacy in itself.

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We mustn’t forget how the Americans took control of the Nazi scientist’s after WW2, and instead of trying them for war crimes like you would expect, decided to Nationalize and keep them under the then secret operation paperclip,  for their own ends. One of whom was (i’m sure you’ve all heard) Wernher von Braun, seen by many nowadays as being the godfather of rocket science. He had invented the first long range ballistic missiles for the Nazis (technology that the rest of the west didn’t have at the time) including the V2 rocket which he had worked extensively on and perfected. He subsequently went on to live in America along with select members of his rocket team and develop, perfect and receive appraisal for many more missilles and rockets for the US military and NASA (where he worked as director of the then newly formed and slightly secret Marshall Space Flight Center) including the Saturn V booster rocket which helped the first men land on the moon. He received  The National Medal for Science for his achievement. What other hi-tech scientists, in what areas of science, did they glean from the Nazis?

Project “MKULTRA” and the Mind control experiments.

images (14)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

Why we can never trust the American government, or indeed perhaps our own if the “Tavistock formula” is anything to go by – http://tavistockagenda.weebly.com/introduction.html . I mean our world in the modern day has absolute madmen controlling it and I sincerely believe that the ultimate goal of humanity on Earth is not one of divinity but one of control. We are constantly being bombarded with advertisements at the suggestion of the powers that be. Within these advertisements are carefully placed and tweaked hidden messages that are present and function mainly within the realms of frequency waves, sound. It is known fact that frequency waves other than the ones that our brains are comfortable with are evident in our popular music and thus tv commercials and other jingles. I see commercials everywhere I go, I cant escape them they are imprinted on society and on my brain and I know exactly what most of them mean although they are not part of any religion, or cult, are they? who knows. I do also because of these advertisements have imprinted on my brain thousands of pieces of junk data, it’s getting to the point where when I think of something like a resource, or a tool or almost any other commodity I immediately connect to an Image that I am automatically aware of, or a sound, a tune, a jingle that I am automatically familiar with. It’s madness, when I take time to step out of the norm and think about this it just seems totally crazy. I feel like my mind is surreptitiously, and subliminally and blatantly being controlled to some degree. It’s also depressing. Them musical notes ARE depressing, that’s why they’re not played to us at our brains natural, comfortable frequency (5400hz). I think the image of mankind being projected to mankind is one of which man himself will look, and therefore mentally prove to be out of control and in need of help, guidance, we will be made to look desperate and crazy, like we’re not even worth bothering with by the PTB (this is an illusion that’s being projected to us) We are violent, aggressive, greedy, self ingratiatedlayed and all the other bad things that you can think a person could be..and we are without God and wisdom. We need help. And one day a savior WILL come to gather us and help us. He is the Pope. He loves us like his own children (let me warn first though that the first ever Pope “emperor Constantine” murdered his own wife and children in the name of and to protect the belief of the 1st Christian church which is a religion that he had devised himself using information from lot’s of other already established beliefs and religions and then conveniently arranged his new belief system around one of the radical messiahs of the time, the one the populace we’re calling the Christ, the new manufactured religion was centred around Jesus the Christ. Constantine had taken all the relevant bits from various other religions in order to catapult himself to the position of a deity and at the same time consolidate the empire under one religion which he could then control easier than lots of different radicals from lots of different religions that wouldn’t have recognised the Roman Empire. He had thus created -“The Catholic church”). Dont believe any of it, we are being played like a fiddle by people that are on the fiddle, through every means at their disposal too, advertising being just one small method in a mass arsenal (our education is a big player in controlling us as we only then really know what we get hammered into us at school/college etc). The world has to look like hell on Earth in order for our saviour to come and get us, and we need to be made to feel desperate enough for this to happen. Altering the brain, or our minds natural frequency 5400hz which is the frequency of love, positivity and goodness to a higher or lesser frequency, one of fear and hate and negativity will tend to make us think that we are in need of only divine intervention at this moment because it doesn’t matter what our loving government does for us we are not happy. We are ungrateful scum aren’t we. That is what’s being portrayed to us Well, again i’ll have to say don’t beleive it. People are loving, generous, kind and generally very good. We also recieve negativity from the little box in our rooms in our pigeon holes, we are literally assaulted with it and we are compartmentalized in such a way that community spirit is defunct, it no longer exists where it used too, we depend on the market (who even invented that anyway), the economy, and the established powers that be through these economical systems that control us too. Not to mention the police, what would we do without them, we would probably communicate and build allies and ties to other communities, sure we’d have crime but probably not on the scale of the mass organisation controlled international mafia based government backed crime system that’s so effective at the moment.
You know when the English went to China in 1839 during the Qing dynasty to trade, the Emperor of China said “no thankyou, you have nothing that we want or need, we have everything, we don’t need your fancy weapons or trinkets”, but the English at the time wanted China’s tea. China didn’t want to trade, didn’t want to enter the world economy and was perfectly capable of being self sufficient and wanted to stay that way but the English wanted tea, the English had tasted China’s tea and craved it at nearly all costs. The English kept returning with different modern gadgets and trinkets and cloths but China had it all, even if not quite as sophisticated their own things were practical. The English however had during their sorties into China discovered that some Chinese individuals had a liking for the popular opium that some of the English where partial to so the English obliged these individuals with as much opium as they could handle in a trade for the much loved teas that they had to offer. Frightened that it’s people where going to become too dependent on this highly addictive opium the Chinese quite rightly so started to confiscate opium from the English whenever they discovered it and in the end threatened the English with war and the English obliged (the first opium war). China having the biggest navy in the world entered into battle confidently. However England had an ace up it’s sleeve here, it had technological advantage with steamships whereas China only had inferior Junks to offer for battle. Even as the Chinese heavily outnumbered the English their Junks were no match for the battle steamers which were much more highly maneuverable in battle, much faster and had much more powerful weaponry, the Chinese were decimated and the lovely English took control of Hong kong after which they mounted a powerful propaganda assault on the Chinese public offering opium (which the English had an endless supply of dirt cheap in Burma where it harvested it’s own opium for varying reasons) in return for tea. The Chinese public where happy to accommodate although the Chinese government we’re not at all happy about this. So by the time the government in China had opened it’s doors to trade teas with the English to stop this opium business, a large part of the population of it’s country where now opium (or you could just say heroin) dependant, hooked, at a time where Chinese politics was a very fragile beast undergoing turmoil somewhat anyway it now had to deal with a country where pretty much a massive portion of it’s inhabitants had become smackheads thanks to the Lovely English, tally ho. And thus China was forced to enter the global economy and the international market there was another opium war also around the time of 1859 still during the Qing dynasty but before which there was lots of politics and treaties and the like as you might imagine including a demand from China that the only thing they we’re willing to release their tea for was silver, this would have been of great expense to the English when you consider the distances involved, transportation fees and all that. This was one of the first instances of organisation controlled crime, clearly backed by the British government who were clearly guilty of wanting to amass major profits from the sale of teas to it’s own inhabitants whilst paying the minimum charge that it possibly could have. Why do you now feel that the English government would feel anything for it’s own inhabitants if it’s capable of this sort of thing to 1/2 of a massive country worth of innocent people in pretty much modern times? it doesn’t know it’s own inhabitants, personally. It needs to control them though or revolution could potentially set in, people would think for themselves and political turmoil would ensue.
Whenever I meet people in the street they are all generally kind, really helpful nice people on a one on one basis but we are being told that humanity is evil so the PTB can promote the idea that personal security is a must and instill in us the idea of fear. hey will continue to sell us this idea to create individual segregation and lower our faith in the community. You see compartmentalization of the masses helps to create stresses within the household also, you know people confined in small areas don’t all tend to agree on everything so you have arguments and such, I have noticed how modern new build properties are getting smaller and smaller over time also and this helps to add fuel to the fire as developers get greedier and greedier, the government must love this, whilst they are selling us the idea of affordable housing, families are imploding due to cabin fever and in turn you have rebellious teenagers who stalk the street in the only form of security and identity they feel they can know, outcast from the world they are the hoodies and the youths and the teenage gangs that seem to maraude the streets nowadays and that creates more fear and puts our faith in the police and the PTB that little bit more. We now seem cutoff from the outside world in our mini castles (yeah who said an Englishman’s home is his castle, mine is a fucking box, but I still love it because it’s my home) and at war with the only people we personally and really love and who love us too, nevermind eh? we do have our negative soundwave box in the corner of our room, our negative attitude enhancer to fall back on. Great. Divide and conquer, isn’t that the greatest strategy ever devised to defeat your enemy. I hear lot’s of arguments coming from peoples houses in the housing estate I live on but when people are out in the open they’re great. Apart from when drunk, and I’ll say no more about alcohol, because we all know the negative effects and affects that alcohol can have on some people and yet it’s touted worldwide as a great way to relax. In Britain it’s cheaper to buy than water (kerching for the taxman too), it’s toxic to people who can’t handle it (people with negative attitudes) and affordable to all the miserable negative people who feel they have nothing to live for anyway anyway and would like to be intoxicated, it drowns the sorrows as they say (I don’t say that, I just say it gets you pissed up) and you’ll feel better in the morning, WRONG. In the morning you’ll wanna drink even more, so here we have established another form of negativity, fear, loathing, hatred and further divided our beloved community.
The powers that be will always want to control, they will always want to be wealthy, and they will always want superiority. We the “Sheeple” will always look for guidance. We need to open our eyes a little wider, we need to read between the lines, all is not as it seems people. We are being guided into a lost state, by the state, we are the rats from the story of the pied piper of Hamlet, the PTB vision of our future is the rats demise. http://www.wanttoknow.info/050626mkultra

Project  “MKULTRA” –  Top secret (not anymore thanks to freedom of info act) CIA projects cataloging the insanely evil concepts and results of mind control technology, techniques involved in the even more evil experiments and the ways to implement these experiments into society. Just click on links to see for yourself. I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but all is not as it seems. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Gottlieb

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