Is it possible that the authorities still indulge in secrecy, how would we know?

Note: In this particular topic some of the stories have no proof of truth in them (chemtrails) so can’t be taken as fact. However I have (as always) listed links to sites you can visit and read up on them and see photos of conditions caused by apparrent complaint’s. I have also given you information from both sides of the argument and the hush hush nature of this argument to help you decide for yourself.                                                                                            

Connecting the dots…

Given the info we’ve gained from the mind control project’s of the CIA (apparently unknown to the government at the time who paid for them…..r-i-g-h-t, nod-nod wink-wink and we’ll say no more) we can  safely assume that the power’s that be are most definitely not to be trusted.  They are not trustworthy, or even worthy to be leader’s which is what they are unfortunately, and evidence could suggest that they are also puppets for the elite (them Bilderbergers again), here you might also like to look at this.   Bearing all this in mind do we really believe or even, are we supposed to believe that all of a sudden these people have come clean, learned about their mistakes, mended the error of their ways and are now completely reformed and so should be trusted once again. Or do they, to put it simply, still keep secrets from us. Hmmmm, I can safely assume that of course they  do without even wondering about it. I mean, even now the US government and the Pentagon are bragging about how they’ve been sending Atlas rockets into space carrying mysterious mini space shuttles on apparently secret (that word makes me shudder when mentioned by organisations of such high command) missions ie: Atlas V rocket with the Boeing   x-37    A, B and  C (now under control of  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency /DARPA) unmanned robotic space plane to name the latest few. . Each one of theses craft has carried out more than one  mission and the latest of these missions from x-37 c has so far lasted  for 2 months and it’s still there in orbit, the previous one lasted for over 200 days. Because these missions are secret  we haven’t got the foggiest idea what they’ve actually been doing up there all that time but we have been told that refueling satellites and delivering solar arrays to satellites have been part of their mission objectives (what for? did they forget to equip them with these arrays before they sent them up there in the first place? or could there be a more sinister side to these arrays that must be an extra compliment to the arrays they were built with? I’m thinking HAARP style stuff here for some reason ).   I happen to know from research that the cargo holds of these craft is about the size of a large car boot, not that big then. So why all that time in space if they can’t really carry that much cargo. Well it beats me. And why very little highlight about such groundbreaking technologies that the taxpayer is  funding. These missions are apparently so secretive that they get passed through several agencies to carry out, so each agency doesn’t know what gets conducted by the other agencies.. Shh! The results of these previous missions (x-37 A & B) apparently been that these curious pieces of kit can exit our atmosphere, glide and land again to be reused as they have been doing. All that money to prove such few result’s, incredible. Although they are apparently much more cost effective than the original space shuttle from NASA. So much is not known about these spacecraft but very little is,when you consider the cost and time involved on these missions. Why are we not informed I wonder. Anyway the main point being that THEY still openly keep secrets and expect us to believe what they tell us is the truth. They haven’t even told us what they intend to do about all the junk in this link and they won’t because it’s a secret that they don’t intend to do anything about it. Ok so its not just the US but about 70% of it is, and if there was just one world government it wouldn’t matter anyway, can’t see any other governments complaining about space junk can you?.  Another secretive mission (at the time and only until people started asking questions) of respectively recent times was the “Cloud of CARE” project. CARE being Charged Aerosol Release Experiment.  And now read this – this is NASA’s explanation of what was going on, as I’ve mentioned they never told anyone at the time, it was secret. The “Black Brant”  rocket was to disperse a gas to create a noctilucent cloud for the military to monitor and fathom out how clouds work and stuff, yeah right . There doesn’t appear to be much info even on the internet concerning the CARE project so I’ll let you discover the other sites for yourself, there’s hardly any mind you, so be careful of disappointment. Funny really, the net is literally usually awash with all sorts of info on almost everything, unless I’ts classified. Why they want to know  about the clouds I don’t know any reasonable answer to that either, but plenty of people have come forward complaining of a condition that they have where some kind of synthetic fibers have actually been growing from random mystery lesions in their skin. They all blame this condition on an increasing spate of chemicals (barium, aluminium, sulphur and oxides to name  just a few of the many chemicals reported to have been deposited,,,mmm nice!) apparently being introduced to our atmosphere from aeroplanes; jumbo jets under military command  and military jets rather. Weird. These chemicals, they claim, come from the trails these planes leave behind and are commonly known as chemtrails as opposed to contrails which planes do actually leave behind. Contrail derived from trail of condensation expelled from the planes jets at high altitudes as hot expulsions meet freezing temperatures causing the thin lines of condensate we see so often in our skies. Chemtrail derived from the so called chemical trails that some of these planes are supposed to have left behind. Apparently chemtrails don’t disperse as quickly as contrails do, they hang around for long periods of time and thin out to cause thin wispy clouds across the skies Personally I don’t know what to make of the Chemtrail idea, or if I’m convinced or not,  but the use of chemicals via atmospheric distribution by the US actually goes back quite a long way so they do have previous experience and history regarding this concept  Looking at the history of the powers that be and their evil capabilities and intentions, secrecy being the norm for the establishment and it’s agencies at times, seemingly and blatantly, maybe we’ll know years down the line if they come clean like they have been known to in the past under mounting pressure. It is no surprise that people should and do get worried. Download  this PDF file (HR 2977 The Space & Preservation Act of 2001) – here the US openly admits the use of chemtrails and weather manipulation tools as well as Mass mind Control Weapons and Techtronic Lasers. You can say that the evidence could be stacked against them. You may also like to check this nugget of info also released by the US government to USA today newspaper –   This type of project has been put forward by the US as being for our own good, to protect from global warming (that old chestnut, it is known fact that our little planet goes through natural cycles of weather change over millennia and that global warming and ice ages are as natural as having hind teeth) and or for defense purposes against radar and they also put forward lots of waffle waffle blah blah meh123! The fact is that chemicals ARE being introduced to our air supply and the public had no say in the matter.  You might like to save this youtube for later viewing as it’s quite long. It too put’s forth arguments and apparent proofs for both sides of the argument (or you could convert to mp3 and listen through your mp3 player whilst out and about or at work or something). I find it very interesting as it concerns the health of our actual planet as a living organism. Suppose these chemicals  are an excellent solution to global warming (doubtful), are they also good for our health? could they be detrimental to our health? (probably). Check these links for the patents of such projects from the US patent ofice –   Patent #1619183 –  Patent# 204586 –Patent# 2591988 –Patent# 3437502 – Patent# 3531310.    Without testing and experimentation we could never know, but if testing and experimentation has been done who did they do it on? it would surely have had to have been on a very large and diverse group of people and did they know it was being carried out? I for one am very suspicious here. I mean other theories could come into play here like the perfect demolition of the twin towers on 9/11 has got 80% of Americans (give or take a few) convinced of a setup crafted by these powers that be but thats an entirely different story in this rabbit hole of secret operations. I recently heard an interview where a professional demolition expert said that in terms of controlled demolition using explosives, and considering the environment and built up surroundings of the twin tower vicinity, things couldn’t  have gone better if that was one of his job’s. Could be another coincidence of course. Again, who knows. Keeping your people in fear of enemy attacks whilst at the same time coming to their rescue after such an attack is a great way to gain confidence from your people you could assume. It would certainly make one feel grateful that your country supports you and wants the best for you. Anyhow, one of the conditions that has apparently arisen from these chemtrails has been given the name “Morgellons” disease/syndrome. This condition has been reported from thousands of people and has resulted in random lesions in the skin from where random synthetic fibres have grown. Weird. On close microscopic inspection of these fibres letters or numbers have been discovered, perfectly embossed onto them. When these fibres have grown out, crystals have remained from where the root’s of these fibres had been, usually blue in colour. Some people have reported removing clumps of these mysterious synthtetic fibres so where did they come from? The end result of this condition supposedly being a slow painful death. One woman has said both her and her  dog  have been suffering from these lesions that seem to simply secrete these strange fibres. Doctors and scientists have on the other hand reported that these symptoms  have been the result of mass hysteria, delusion and that these people have been suffering mental illness and have imagined these lesions and growing synthetic fibres into existence (that dog must have been a mad dog). Other doctors have reported that these fibres have been left on their wounds by clothing. All healthcare professionals setup to deal with this case have reported that this condition is not really a condition at all and is just a result of imagination.  What do you think. and/or  Other symptoms have been reported as being flu-like (but not flu) leaving one feeling lethargic with aching muscles and joints. There have been areas, where the use  of these supposed chemtrails, have supposedly had a flu-like symptom  epidemic (again, not a flu epidemic, a flu-like symptom epidemic, whatever a “like” epidemic is). In some areas of complaint across the States reports of thin threadlike, almost web like substances have been claimed to have simply  fallen out of the sky, these claims are also numerous and not restricted to just one person or place. Authorities, either through doctor’s, scientist’s or other professionals have claimed infestations of baby spiders on silks that have been distributed amongst the wind’s and high up in the thermals appearing en masse across peoples gardens, vehicles, trees, houses, streets and even people in thick clumps for this. Maybe so for all I know. The public are indeed claiming a cover up anyway due to the lack of transparency and the willingness to dismiss this subject as nothing more than insanity and vivid imagination of the public willing these symptoms and effects into existence. Sounds like magic doesn’t it. In my research on this subject via the internet I can also tell you that I have encountered websites (no pun intended) that simply no longer exist  or with links that redirect to other sites explaining how indeed  “Morgellons” isn’t a real condition, funny how its been made impossible to access some of the sites that have complaints demanding answers. See for yourself, just type “Morgellons” disease into your searchbar to see where it leads you. Some of the sites Iv’e also previously visited and viewed strangely no longer exist and neither do their links.???

Now you would think that the deep skies of the world would have similar rules to the deep oceans of the world in that nobody owns them and so any government wishing to further pollute these skies intentionally, by use of harmfull chemicals, would have to have consent from all the other governments of the world (or at least the league leaders in the international league of governments, of which there are quite a few these days). So are they all in it together or not? You will have to use your own judgement here.

images (29)  download (4) U.S. Patent #3899144 for Powder Contrail Generation inventors: Donald K. Werle, et. al.220px-X-37_spacecraft,_artist's_rendition images (26) images (36) images (35) 220px-Boeing_X-37B_after_landing_at_Vandenberg_AFB,_3_December_2010 images (27) images (31) images (40) 300px-Boeing_X-37B_inside_payload_fairing_before_launch download (3) images (30) images (33) images (28)                  images (38) images (34)                                                                      images (37) images (32) images (41) <this pic is of a supposed combined CARE and  ionospheric heater operation near the EISCAT facility over Norway. Thousands of people witnessed it though the powers that be denied it was even there at first, could this also have holographic properties, it seems to look like it. You can view this on youtube also Youtube literally has a plethora of clips on this (Norway spiral) with almost as many assumed explanations but no concrete answers.             Next pic is of a CARE release verified by authorities.

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