Presidents all related. Keep it in the family eh?

Presidents all related... harumph.

A 12 year old girl reveals how she uncovered the lineages of all but 1 us presidents, and their all related to King John of England. s-t-r-a-n-g-e. so whats going on? as you’ll discover also at least 14 of the 43 presidents were also freemasons, some investigators have touted as many as 25 so yeah, whats going on? Maybe a coincidence eh? just a complicated one, yeah, we wouldn’t understand anyway so just let it be shall we? FUCK NO we shouldn’t! are bloodlines being kept pure to take on all the leadership roles of the west? Why would the presidents all be related? And why is freemason , mysterious secretive brotherhood apparent in monarchies, politics, presidential candidacies, celebrity circles (where Cabbalism is becoming fashionable as is numerology).

Now apparently there have been 14 presidents that are definately verified as being freemasons (owned up to it, you dont have to advertise your a freemason although some people like to). Rumours have suggested 20+ on the grounds of willingness of presidents to let people know or don’t mind people knowing and because of the masonic symbolism evident in and around some of these presidents lives, who knows. Also known masonic signs, handshakes and the like have also encouraged people to suggest as much as 26 and even more than that still in some cases, who knows for sure? I don’t, I am just trying to provide solid evidence to suggest that at least some presidents where masons and have admitted to it. Some of these presidents clearly being some of the most influential people in the history of  America and some of the most powerful people in the world. Anyway, we should also recognise that out of the 20+ assassination attempts on presidents with the perpetrators apparently ranging from crackpots to suspected professionals and who knows what other types of person and under who’s or what authority we can only guess at,  that 2 of these attempts were fatal and imposed on 2 of the most radical presidents to date ever. Namely Lincoln and Kennedy, I’m sure you know the stories there. Also, Reagan was a very near miss that seems to have been forgotten about. Reagan did apparently let the public know of Americas desire to weaponise space and that a one world government would be the ideal situation for the world to be in if such an idea could be brought about. He even jokingly once said on a tv interview how an “alien invasion” whooaaa! would be a good thing for us because it would surely bring that circumstance about and that we the people would be grateful for it. really? Funny how now in the 21st century we’re suddenly discovering more and more planets in our galactic vicinity that are indeed capable of harbouring intelligent life. I mean, there have been a number of documentaries on this subject, and our lovely media and entertainment industry have implanted in our minds that aliens might not necessarily be nice people, they probably are evil we’ve learnt. Can you see where I’m going here. Far-fetched perhaps, but so is mind control, brainwashing and remote/radio controlled people, and clearly other types of controlled people. Anyway this president was shot at. Maybe he was being warned not to let the cat out of the bag, who knows.                                                                                          Dean_Franklin_-_06.04.03_Mount_Rushmore_Monument_(by-sa)-3_new how masonry works on a legal scale.